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Recap: Friday, February 17, 2017

February Feral Fix-a-thon

Links for current fix-a-thon

Links for October 2016 fix-a-thon

Day #1 Trapping Notes:

  • Potential target list is 37 cats (not counting the several from Nano’s Farm colony — Dana, Deacon, Floyd, Muppet, Nell, Osborn, Rupert, and Rafferty — who were not trapped during the last fix-a-thon and are presumably still intact but are not on the target list for this fix-a-thon).
  • It’s a pretty nice day in the Fraser Valley today. It’s supposed to get messy later on the weekend, though it looks like most of the downpour we were expecting is due to hold off until Monday.
  • At 12:50, Shelly went live at the Lion Colony on the Fix-a-thon Livestream event. She has a couple of cams set up — one outside currently featuring the floofy, gingery goodness of Middle and Wee Pumpkin (and some bees with aspirations to fame and a penchant for teasing the gingers), and one inside the barn.
  • At around 13:00, Shelly came on cam to mention that she and Gwen were doing some pre-trapping there because they were concerned about the weekend weather and wanted to make sure they’d trap enough cats. Shelly squirted tuna and sardine juice around to draw in some cats, and is baiting traps inside the building.
  • At around 16:30, Shelly came on chat and mentioned that Gwen is trapping at Nano’s colony.
  • At 17:27, Shelly said she was leaving.
  • At 18:10, Shelly shut down the feed to head home. She posted the full video to the Livestream page.

The trappees:

  1. [13:28] – Middle Pumpkin walked into the trap. [Male]
    He freaked out a bit at first, but Shelly got him quickly covered. She reset the trap — only Middle and Wee Pumpkin have been out and about today so far and should be easy to trap.
  2. [13:46] – Wee Pumpkin is caught. (He is snarfly and has a goopy eye in need of some TLC.) [Male]
  3. [time unknown] Rocky (a previously uncatalogued black cat) was trapped off cam [Male]
    [Shelly says the cats are used to being fed at around 16:15, so hopefully they’ll start to come around soon.]
  4. [15:58] A shorter-haired ginger, identity currently unknown.
    [Added later] Cat has been identified as Tate. (Note: There was already an entry for a ginger named Tate in the catalogue; Shelly has since removed that cat completely from the catalogue.)
    [Added even later] Tate’s a girl and has been renamed Terra [Female]
  5. At some point after 16:30, the list of cats was updated to show that Gwen had trapped Addison at Nano’s colony [Female]
  6. …along with Merrit [Female]
  7. …and Nala’s kitten Mali [Female]
    [As she was bringing the traps back into the barn and closing things down for the day, Shelly mentioned that they were going to try to do intakes tonight on the five cats trapped at the Lion Colony and the five cats trapped at Nano’s Colony.]
    [During Wee Pumpkin’s intake, she corrected that to Gwen having trapped 9!! cats at Nano’s and Shelly having trapped 5 at the Lion Colony.]
  8. The Great Catermelon (Later renamed the Floofermelon) [Female]
  9. Nala, Mali’s mama [Female]
  10. Marcel [Male]
  11. Racer [Male]
  12. Floyd [Male]
  13. Previously uncatalogued Esmerelda [Female]
  14. Previously uncatalogued Marcella [Female]

Day #1 Intake Notes:

Lion Colony Intakes

  • The Floofermelon‘s intake appears to have been done before the stream started back up again. (Or else was done by Gwen quietly off cam while Shelly was doing Wee Pumpkin.)
  • The intake broadcast started streaming at 19:51, with the Wee Pumpkin, who has some of the dirtiest, most mite-ridden ears we’ve seen at TinyKittens. (In chat, Kimsies said that Dr. F said ears don’t need to be cleaned but Shelly loves to clean ears. LOL) Gwen was in the room at the start — Shelly occasionally talked to her, but she wasn’t on-cam.
    [The stream reset at 20:10.] Shelly mentioned off-hand that she didn’t think Wee Pumpkin would be going back to the barn. He has some scarring on his cornea, persistent pupillary membranes. He has a URI, but she says he doesn’t seem as snarfly as he did before. He’s about 5 months old (younger than Foo). Still has baby teeth.
  • The second on-cam intake was Middle Pumpkin. Shelly felt him up and found definite testicles. 😉 Did basic intake stuff, no ear cleaning. Put him back in his trap because of his manly testicles.
  • Black panther Rocky was next. He seems to be in pretty good health so his intake was pretty quick.
  • Short-haired Tate was last. Turns out Tate is a girl. Her intake was off-cam. She has been renamed Terra.

Nano’s Colony Intakes

  • The intakes on the nine cats brought in from Nano’s Colony were not broadcast.

General Intake Notes

  • Lion Colony cats are upstairs at TKHQ, and the cats from Nano’s Colony are downstairs. Gwen went downstairs to work on the Nano’s Colony cats while Shelly finished up with the Lions. There’s hay from barns in the room and in their traps.
  • They aren’t doing ear cleanings on everyone on intake — they’re saving that for recovery since it’s kind of a bonding task that can aid socialization attempts. (Wee Pumpkin was a special case because his ears were just so bad.)
  • Before she left the room, Shelly put two traps together, end-to-end, so that Wee Pumpkin could have company — he joined the Floofermelon in the double-length trap with its coordinating blue and pink covers. He’s a very scampy kitten and Shelly came back in at 23:00 to put down a comfy blanket for him and to fix the cam that he’d been messing with.

TinyKittens HQ

The cams and Livestream feeds

Recently, Shelly has been switching cams and feeds around fairly randomly so I am just going to note what cams were viewable when. Generally there is a VIP stream and a public stream.

  • The VIP stream showed highlights of past litters.
  • The regular (“floofy”) stream showed highlights of past litters in the morning.
    Once trapping started at the Lion Colony in the early afternoon, the old regular stream was shut down and the fix-a-thon stream became the new “regular” (i.e. public) stream. It showed the Lion Colony location (including some bees and horses) until Shelly ended her trapping there for the day. Then it switched over to showing past litter highlights for awhile. Once Shelly was ready to do intakes, she switched the feed to the white room upstairs at TinyKittens HQ, where the Lion Colony cats are being held.  She left the cam on Wee and Floofermelon in their double-length trap overnight.
  • Nothing was streaming live on YouTube.


Calvin is temporarily at Shelly’s house.


Mason is at Shelly’s. He has the run of the house, though Shelly says he mostly hides under the couch.


The cams and Livestream feeds

LAPS is currently having some technical issues with their computer and their Internet/WiFi and so they’re generally unable to broadcast a full-time live stream at this time. Their current intermittent streams are:

  • A Day in the Life At LAPS: This is the main general event for LAPS. It’s the stream where intakes are usually streamed along with other shelter residents/rooms.


  • Hubert has been adopted, from the LAPS Satellite Adoption Centre at the Abbotsford Petsmart.

Belle and the Beauty and the Beast Kittens

  • The Abbotsford Petsmart is having an adoption event this weekend, which will feature the Beauty and the Beast kittens. (They’re not quite ready for adoption yet, but they’ll be there for viewing.)


  • Tempest was adopted today.

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Intro to Feb Fixathon Pre TNR weekend getting head start due to weather concerns

Tiny Kittens Feb Fixathon trapped first one yay

Tiny Kittens Feb Fixathon Trapped 2nd one offcam heard snap on cam

Tiny Kittens Feb Fixathon Trapped 3rd one ginger

Tiny Kittens Feb Fixathon last trapping for 2 17 2017

Tiny Kittens Feb Fixathon Intake one wee pumpkin

Tiny Kittens Feb Fixathon Intake two and three middle pumpkin

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