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Recap: Sunday, October 16, 2016

TinyKittens HQ

The cams and Livestream feeds

Today there are four live streaming webcams at TKHQ:

  • The Starling, feral and pregnant stream: This stream shows Starling in the white room.
  • The Amelia, Wilbur and Orville: The Hayloft Flyers! stream: This stream shows the Hayloft Flyer kittens (and their roommates du jour) in the purple room.
  • The TinyKittens VIP cam stream: When there are only two (or fewer) rooms of cats/kittens, this stream is usually showing an alternate view of one of the rooms. Other times, it may show the only view of a completely different room. Wherever it’s pointing at any given moment, this special stream/feed is only accessible for a monthly or annual fee. (Consider it a way to donate to TinyKittens monthly, with the VIP cam feed as a perk.) Today this stream showed the Metric Kittens in the office en-suite bathroom.
  • Nano’s Feral Fix-a-thon stream: This streamed the trapping and intakes yesterday and the activities at Mountain View today.

Nano’s Feral Fix-A-Thon: Day 2

Surgeries at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital

[You can also view the day’s videos on Livestream: part 1, part 2, part 3]

Highlights of the day:

  • Enzo turned out to be a girl!
  • Enzo also broke free from her handlers and made a bid for freedom. Shelly (with help) managed to wrangle her in.
  • Oliver was determined to be only about five months old.
  • Extra surgeries and treatment (above and beyond the spays and neuters):
    • Mason’s foot was fixed up.
    • Calvin’s eyeball was in the process of rupturing as they got him into surgery so they were just in time.
    • They removed necrotic tissue the size of a walnut from Radley’s ear and treated the lingering infection.

    • Beatrix’s uterus turned out to be infected and “funky”. (Her uterus is the very large one in the centre of the collection picture below.)
    • Fiona’s eye turned out to be already gone; they just had to clean out the socket and close it up.
  • Shelly posted a picture of the collection of parts removed during the various surgeries:
  • Food for the volunteers was provided by Angie Quaale and Well Seasoned.
  • The Jedikittens‘ mom gave the volunteers massages.
  • Kimsies was bitten by Rowan aka Mama Rose. She was also peed on at some point and had to change clothes.

Starling and her kittens

  • Suzanne visited with Starling and the kittens in the afternoon.

The F1 Colony Kitten Brigade

Otherwise known as the Hayloft Flyer kittens (Amelia, Wilbur, and Orville), the Metric kittens (Nano Wolverine the Late, Zepto, Pico, Kilo, Gram, and their mama Zetta), the extremely sweet Faith and Hope, and newcomer little Charity. I have them combined into one section because the presence of ringworm, viruses, and other Bad Things means that they have been or are combined together in the same room.

Ringworm Romper Room

  • Lawana visited with the kittens in the early afternoon.
  • Suzanne visited with the kittens in the late afternoon.
  • Shelly visited with the kittens in the evening.

The Ringworm-Free Nursery

  • The Metrics are still enjoying their time in the ensuite bathroom off Shelly’s office. Zetta has access to the whole office, but comes in to snack and open up the milkbar periodically. They’re first ringworm PCR test came back negative. They’ll be retested two weeks after the first test and will be officially ringworm-free if that second test is also negative. There were no other updates today.

F1 Colony Feral Recovery Room

This is the small feral room downstairs, where the ferals who need longer recovery time and medication are being housed.

  • Shelly and Gwen got the cats who will be recovering at TKHQ settled into the downstairs rooms.


The cams and Livestream feeds

LAPS is currently having some technical issues with their computer and their Internet/WiFi and so they’re generally unable to broadcast a full-time live stream at this time. Their current intermittent streams are:

  • A Day in the Life At LAPS: This is the main general event for LAPS. It’s the stream where intakes are usually streamed along with other shelter residents/rooms.

Whimsy and her Wonderland Kittens

  • Alicia had her nightly Periscope with Whimsy and the kittens.

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Fixathon Sunday Dr F DR S Shelly MV Morning meeting

Tiny Kittens Fixathon Mason & Chanel

Tiny Kittens Fixathon Finishing up Calvin’s eye rupture & others

Tiny Kittens Fixathon More Surgery & speuters then lunch

Tiny Kittens Lawanas visit w flyers & F&H

Tiny Kittens Lawanas visit w flyers & F&H part 2

Tiny Kittens Fixathon Speuters & Surgeries completed yay

Tiny Kittens Suzanne’s visit in flyer room

Tiny Kittens Shelly tries to get Mason settled in

Tiny Kittens Shelly in flyer room & Hope chows down on kibble yay

Tiny Kittens Shelly bandages Mason post op stuff

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