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April 2018 Notes

Who’s currently in care with TinyKittens:
At TKHQ: Pansy, Sable, and Rula (Hannity is currently visiting Saratoga at her farm home). Sierra is temporarily there, in another room (?), awaiting her spay. I believe Rollins is still at TKHQ, but I don’t know where. (He is no longer in the room with the girls.) There are also several males from the colony in for their neuters. (TK seems to have trapping days every couple of weeks, determined by when they can get neuter appointments and how many of them they can get.)
At Shelly’s: Mason and Riska are upstairs with the Teens and Cassidy; feral mamas Chloe and Ramona are in the downstairs maternity suite with their litters (plus Rula’s remaining kitten).
At Kimsies’: Moustachio (aka Stashie Bumblepants)

→  Comparison weight chart from Firefly’s kittens to Chloe’s Cheese Wedges ←

April 29

  • Rula was moved over to TKHQ this afternoon to hang out with Sable and Pansy in the Spice Girls room so that TK can get her on the special kidney food. Her milk has dried up and she will be scheduled for her spay soon. (Rollins was moved over to the bachelor pad at TKHQ, which I presume is one of the downstairs feral rooms there. He gets to hang out with the temporary TNR guests and others, like Ranger, who are hanging out for awhile while they recuperate.)

April 28

  • Eyeballs are starting to make their appearance. (I’m sure there are others, but I only saw Ribsy’s nearly completely open ones.)
  • Speaking of eyeballs, Brie has an eye infection that TK is treating. It’s not uncommon for kittens to develop eye (or other) infections due to the URI viruses going around the colony. (A few of the kittens in previous TK litters have had to receive eye ointment treatments before their eyes were even open fully.)

April 27

  • The boys who were trapped on Wednesday were neutered.

April 26

  • Rula’s black panther boy, T’Challa, passed away this morning. ❤ Both he and his sister Okoye had congenital defects that they couldn’t surmount. Their sister Nakia still appears to be robust and healthy — per Shelly, she had a different father so it’s likely that the black male who fathered T’Challa and Okoye contributed to their congenital defects.

April 25

  • Lorie N. was doing TNR trapping today at the colony. She apparently trapped two black males and one ginger male. All three will be going for their neuters on Friday. (We don’t yet know which boys these are — they may be currently uncatalogued or just in need of identification whenever Shelly gets a free (ha!) moment. Added: The ginger appears to be Tyson. One of the black cats appears to be Ranger. Colton is also noted as having been neutered on April 27, 2018 — if that’s correct, then who was it that Kimsies found and buried at the colony earlier this month.)

April 24

  • Rula’s kittens have been given a Black Panther name theme.
  • Rula’s panther girl, Okoye, passed away early this afternoon after rapidly losing weight. ❤ Her brother T’Challa is still struggling. Their sister Nakia appears to be healthy and robust.

April 23

  • Ramona’s boy Quimby has not been gaining weight at all really since birth so Shelly has been tube feeding him to supplement. This morning, between feedings, he unexpectedly passed away. 
  • In the evening, Shelly took advantage of Rula being out of her nest to check on the kittens in there. (Ramona’s Beezus as well as Rula’s three kittens.) Everyone seems fine and gained weight except for the little black panther girl who lost 10 grams since this morning. She seemed hot so Shelly gave her some fluids, checked her temperature (which was OK), and then fed her some formula.
  • Chloe’s kittens have names now, with a cheese theme (the Cheese Wedges, in a play on Chloe’s love of the Wedge of Denial): tortie #1 (“arrowhead”) is Brie, tortie #2 (“cowlick”) is Fontina, lighter ginger boy is Colby, darker ginger boy is Cheddar, and the tortico tuxie girl is Aura.

April 22

  • Chloe went into active late last night and gave birth to five kittens — two tortie girls, two ginger boys, and a tortico (tortie/calico) tuxie girl — quite quickly beginning early this morning. Instead of making use of the other IKEA cabinet nest, which Shelly brought over from TKHQ, Chloe had her first kitten in the wedge and then the rest of them in Ramona’s nest with Ramona playing midwife/dula/masseuse/pillow. The torico has a cleft palate so Shelly has been tube feeding her. She’s holding her own for now, but Shelly will consult a dental specialist about her future.

April 19

  • Since Chloe is still basking in the Wedge of Denial, Rula decided now was a good time for her to go into labour, somewhat earlier than expected. In Chloe’s Wedge! *gasp* Shelly was due to be at a gala event tonight and had to delay her departure to provide some assistance. Rula was not thankful, but everyone else is. Gwen took over midwife duties in Shelly’s absence. Rula’s kitten #1 is a black panther boy with special feet, and was put in with Ramona temporarily. Rula relocated to the pink nest. Chloe decided to stake out a corner of Ramona’s nest to wait out Hurricane Rula. Rula subsequently gave birth (off-cam) to a tortie girl and a black panther girl. (Shelly’s intention was to upload the birth video later after she’d had a chance to add narration, but the camera unfortunately did not record.)

April 18

  • The Little Prince, Ramona‘s purple-collared kitten, unfortunately did not make it and passed away this morning.  (He was named by chat, before the litter theme was announced.)
  • Ramona’s litter follows a Beverly Cleary theme (because her books feature a character named Ramona Quimby):
    • Green-collared tabby girl is Beezus (after character Beezus Quimby)
    • Yellow-collared tabby boy is Huggins (after character Henry Huggins)
    • Classic tabby boy is Quimby (after Beezus’ and Ramona’s surname)
    • Mackerel tabby boy (light blue collar) is Ribsy (after Henry Huggins’ dog)

April 16/17

  • Chloe began showing signs of being in pre-labour on April 16. Not to be outdone, Ramona decided to go into active labour in the early morning of April 17. She gave birth to five adorable little tabbies. Her milk is slow to come in, but TK has everything in hand.

April 15

  • We are officially on kitten watch as Chloe starts showing signs of being in pre-labour.

April 12

  • MontrealTanner , and a cat initially named Mingo (who actually turned out to be Milo) were trapped and brought in. They will be neutered on Friday and then TNRed back to the colony. Kitten Sierra is also showing on the TinyKittens site as being “at TK” but we don’t have details yet on why or where. (We later found out she’d been brought in because they thought she might be pregnant; she thankfully wasn’t yet so is scheduled for her spay.)

April 11

April 9

  • Kimsies found Colton at the colony. He’d been hit by a car and is now buried at the colony with the other beloved ferals who passed before him.

April 7

  • Rollins was brought in from the Happy Forest for a dental. He is hanging out with the Spice Girls at TKHQ.

April 3

  • Pregnant feral Rula was brought in from the Happy Forest. She is all true black with a stockier build, rounder face, and denser-looking fur (including her two chin/cheek muttonchops). She is thought to be about a week behind the other pregnant cats.

April 2

  • Pregnant feral Ramona was brought in from the Happy Forest colony by Gwen. She is a lovely rusted or brownish black colour and is about as far along in her pregnancy as Chloe is; she is missing a toe on her right front foot (injury is healing well). She is new to the feeding station.

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