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May 2018 Notes

Who’s currently in care with TinyKittens:
At TKHQ: Sable, Rula , Saratoga, and Cub are hanging out together in the Spice Girls room.
At Shelly’s: Mason is upstairs with the Teens and Cassidy; feral mamas Chloe and Ramona are in the downstairs maternity suite with their litters (plus Rula’s remaining kitten).
At Kimsies’: Moustachio (aka Stashie Bumblepants)

→  Comparison weight chart from Firefly’s kittens to Chloe’s Cheese Wedges ←

May 31

  • Shelly expanded the nest again and added in a kitten-sized cat tree and more toys and beds.
  • Chloe may have to be separated from the kittens as she is too diligent at nursing them (and she keeps getting at least partly out of the weaning onesie.)

May 27

  • Nicole posted pictures from her visit with Sable, Saratoga, Rula, and Cub.

May 25

  • In a week or so (after all the kittens have had their vaccinations), the big kittens will likely have their first visit with Grandpa Mason.

May x

  • Pansy’s pathology results came in. She had diffuse lymphoma everywhere, which explains the range of symptoms and issues she had been having over the last several months. She was still negative for FeLV.

May xx

  • Rollins went back to the colony.

May 17

  • Pansy went in to Mountain View today for a biopsy. Something happened while she was under and she was transferred to the ER, where she passed away. 

May 4

  • Riska and Hannity have been adopted together. They go to their new home tomorrow. Their new Facebook page is Hanna Tea & Riska Biskit. (I love the name.)
  • Saratoga has returned to TKHQ. Though they tried hard to make it work, Saratoga just wasn’t a good fit for her new family. So she’s now looking for her perfect home after her vacation on the farm. She is now hanging out with Rollins (and Riska and Hannity until they go home).
  • Rollins is not the same happy, human-loving cat inside that he was outside so he may end up going back to the happiness of the Happy Forest.
  • The three feral boys had their neuters today. As well:
    • Tom had an injured eye. It has long since healed as well as it can so there is no point removing it.
    • Cub had terrible teeth — 17 of them were extracted during his dental surgery today. He will get to hang out with Saratoga and Rollins in their room after Riska and Hannity leave.

  • Sierra has returned to the Happy Forest as she was not loving it inside with humans.
  • Aura has a sore on her lip that is being treated. She is gaining some weight and breathing a bit better through her nose.

May 3

  • Three more male cats were trapped at the colony and will be going for their neuters on May 4. One was on the “hit list” because he needs a dental; one of the others has a bad eye, like Rollins and Skye. Per the TinyKittens list of Happy Forest cats, it looks like two of the cats are Mariano (a tabby) and Cub (the ginger who was on the hit list and in need of a dental).

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