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The various LAPS and TKHQ Twitter feeds are especially great to follow if, like me, you don’t have a smartphone or tablet capable of installing/running the Periscope app and you have to watch Periscope videos on your computer — I subscribe to SMS notifications for these accounts so that I get a text message on my phone alerting me whenever a Periscope session is starting (important because Persiscope videos are only available for replay for 24 hours).

Shelly frequently Periscopes from the feral cat colony when she’s on feeding duty; she’ll also sometimes Periscope at home. Kayla (and possibly others) will sometimes Periscope from LAPS or from home if she’s currently fostering kittens. And Alicia Periscopes videos of the lovely (and very pregnant) Calla Lily, who Alicia is fostering for LAPS, as well as videos at LAPS when she’s volunteering there.

TinyKittens Twitter Feed

LAPS Twitter Feed

Alicia McLeod (currently fostering Calla Lily)

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