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June 2018 Notes

Who’s currently in care with TinyKittens:
At TKHQ: Sable, Rula , Saratoga, and Cub are hanging out together in the Spice Girls room.
At Shelly’s: Mason is upstairs with the Teens and Cassidy; feral mamas Chloe and Ramona are in the downstairs maternity suite with their litters (plus Rula’s remaining kitten).
At Kimsies’: Moustachio (aka Stashie Bumblepants)

→  Comparison weight chart from Firefly’s kittens to Chloe’s Cheese Wedges ←

June 27

  • Chloe’s blood sugar is at the high end of normal (but still lower than Calvin’s were). Shelly will keep monitoring.

June 26

  • Chloe had her spay and dental surgeries today. She had five teeth removed and her ovaries showed signs that she was heading into heat again already.
  • Adoption applications being accepted now for Chloe, Ramona, and most of the kittens (Brie, Cheddar, Colby, Fontina, Nakia, Ribsy, Huggins, and Beezus) — Aura won’t be available for adoption for awhile. 
  • Mona and Ann, who were trapping at the Harvie colony, brought in two cats from an auto repair shop. One of the cats and her five kittens went to another rescue; the other cat, Consuela, is pregnant and was brought to the TKHQ nursery. She is not currently on cam.

June 23

  • As of last night, there were 17 cats and kittens in the care of TinyKittens from the Harvie Colony.
  • The Harvie Colony kittens have names, in honour of the band The Kinks (due to their kinked tails): Avory (black-faced black and white tuxie), Arthur (black and white cow kitten), Ray (grey and white tuxie)
  • Rula went back to the Happy Forest colony.

June 21

  • Three three-week-old black and white kittens were brought in from the Harvie Colony, mama unknown. (Only one female in need of spay has come in so far and she was already in heat and not producing much milk so Shelly doesn’t think she was the mom of these kittens. She came in three days ago and Shelly doesn’t think the kittens are quite hungry or dehydrated enough to have been without their mama for three days.) Gwen will be taking these three home with her tonight.
  • Per Shelly, there are now 10 cats at TinyKittens from this colony (plus the three kittens). Two trappers still out at the colony trapping.
  • Beezus, Huggins, and Ribsy had their speuters today. (Nakia was supposed have today’s spay appointment but she’s still not quite big enough so Beezus took her place.)

June 19

  • Four cats are newly resident at TKHQ after their caretaker/property owner passed away. Two are apparently social, two are feral. One is apparently ill. I don’t have any more details.
  • Ramona will be having her spay on June 28. Chloe will be getting her dental that same day — she probably won’t be getting her spay then as that would require her being under anaesthesia for too long.
  • The tabbies (Ramona’s kittens) will be going for their speuters on June 21.
  • Aura ate four kibbles on her own!

June 6

  • Aura is scheduled to have an endoscopy today at 13:30 “Endoscopy procedure for Aura today 1:30 pm. Less invasive than surgery, does require sedation. Tiny scope with grippers at the end, hopefully they will be able to remove tube segment.”

June 5

  • During her evening feeding, Aura bit completely through her feeding tube, resulting in about 4-5 inches of tubing to remain in her. After consulting with Dr. F, Shelly took Aura to Canada West Veterinary Specialists. They did an x-ray.

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