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October 2017 Notes

October 21

  • Gwen was on trapping duty this morning. She managed to trap Marcus in the early afternoon. They took him to Canada West Veterinary Specialists. It turns out he has an infected bite wound, not a broken leg. He will be rooming with Mustachio until he is healed.

October 20

  • Kimsies noticed that Marcus, a Happy Forest feral, is limping and appears to have a broken leg. They will attempt to trap him tonight for treatment. He isn’t one of the more socialized ferals so it should be fun.

  • Moustachio’s blood test results were not good. His kidney values were two to three times as high as normal, much worse than Mason’s were. This means advanced kidney disease. (The FIV/FeLV tests and ringworm PCR came back negative.) Because of his current physical condition, they can’t do dental surgery on him at this time. He is getting pain meds, antibiotics, Semintra (an angiotensin receptor blocker  for the reduction of proteinuria in cats with chronic kidney disease), Mirtazapine (appetite stimulant), and Cerenia (antinausea). The treatment goal is quality of life.

October 17

  • Tiberius is back at TinyKittens temporarily after he showed up at the feeding station with a limp. A visit to Mountain View on October 18 showed it to be a soft tissue injury to one of his toes; he’s staying at TKHQ while receiving treatment, after which he will return to his happy ever after as a loved outdoor former feral with neighbours at the colony.

October 15

  • Shelly visited at around 11:30. All kittens made gains, mostly small ones though Runt gained 28 grams. His butt is inflamed, and apparently has a definite prolapse, like Patty.
  • Gwen brought in a cat who was struggling at the feeding station. Don’t know who, but she was telling Shelly about mouth pus while Shelly was sending her pics of Runt’s tiny prolapsed rectum.

October 14

  • Shelly started up new stream on YouTube at 14:00 for a mama and her four kittens: one black, one grey, and two grey tuxes. About four weeks old. Think mama was born feral but property owners have been working with her. (They will be taking her back.)

October 10

  • Gabby and Cordelius are being adopted by the people who adopted Calvin (see Calvin’s Quartet)

October 9

  • Saratoga is ready to come in from the Forest if a home can be found for her.

October 7

October 6

  • Sweetie has been adopted, and will go home on Saturday, October 7, 2017.

October 3

  • Cache and Luca need a home together.

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