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Feral colony DNA notes (unofficial)

In January 2018, TinyKittens started a new project with the Veterinary Genetics Lab at UC Davis to perform genetic testing on the cats from the Happy Forest and Nano colonies. (These two colonies are close to one another and many of the cats at both colonies travel back and forth between them.) TKHQ grads from the forest whose humans wish them to take part as well as current guests and any new cats trapped from the colony will have genetic testing done. This will be a unique opportunity to learn about who is related to whom at the colony and hopefully learn more about any genetic issues present in the colony bloodlines.

Shelly will be compiling all of the information properly once all of the results are in, but in the meantime I wanted a place to keep track myself of everything as it is publicly revealed.

[Last updated: January 21, 2023]

Relationships confirmed by DNA testing

  • Per a mention in chat (Brae, Fraser and Petra’s meowmy, I believe), Savina’s Fort Langley kittens (Brae, Fraser, Hudson, and Chas) all have the same father and so are full siblings
  • Per the same mention in chat, Neelix’s Famous Skaters kittens (Petra, Elvis, Tessa) all have the same father and so are full siblings
  • Doe is Maravel’s mama. (See announcement here.)
  • Calvin and TigerBuffy are brothers. (See announcements here and here.)
  • Elf (of NoElf) and Amelia Hayloft Flyer are sisters. (See announcement here.)
  • Enara is Emi’s mama. (See announcement here.)
  • Riska is Macey’s mama. (See announcement here.)
  • Flower, Bambi, and Rollins have the same dad. (See announcement here. Flower and Bluebell’s human wrote in one comment that they only shared dads but in another said they are full siblings. Don’t know the second statement could be possible if Sisko was born in 2014 per the PO and Rollins was about a year old when his eye was removed in April 2015.)
  • Per Flower and Bluebelle: Bluebelle, Daisy, Walt have the same Dad (a ginger or Daisy wouldn’t have been ginger), but he hasn’t been swabbed yet. So that means that Owl and Thumper have a different dad or daddies.? [See Ginger Root’s March post]
  • Kilo and Zepto have different fathers. (See announcement here.)
  • Zepto and Harley are brothers! (See announcement here.)
  • Charity is Mason’s daughter. (See mention here.)
  • Ryker is the daddy of three of Serenity’s kittens: Iris (now Brooklyn), Tulip (now Teddy Tulip), and Tiarella Ninja. Floofy ginger William Clover’s daddy is currently unknown, at least by the general public. (See announcement here.)
  • Mega is the daddy of Nelia’s kitten Atlas (now Tag). (See announcement here.)
  • Mirage‘s mama is Montana and his daddy is Rigoberto. (See announcement here.) Montana is also the suspected mama of Nevada, who was adopted by the same people who adopted Mirage.
  • NEW Nyla‘s daddy is Trent. (See announcement here.)

Presumed relationships based on PO anecdotal information and TK guesses:

  • Per the PO, Sisko is one of Scout’s 2014 kittens. Shelly explains why she thinks Sloane and Sisko are related in that same post: “1. The property owner is familiar with Scout (pictured), who has been on the property for at least 3 years and has had many kittens in those years. 2. The property owner informed me that Sisko is one of Scout’s kittens from last year. 3. Scout looks a LOT like Cricket. I have not seen any other cats that look like the two of them at our side of the colony, although the property owner says Scout has a twin sister. 4. Sloaney produced Cricket, who is Scout’s doppleganger.
  • Shelly thinks Gallico, Crusher, and Rhodes are brothers.
  • Per Shelly, “P.P.S. It is very possible that Skye is related to Starling. We suspect Eliann is Starling’s mom, and Eliann bears a striking resemblance to Skye’s kitten Justin (now Luke). She is also likely related to Sloaney, as the recessive gene for blue eyes was carried by Sloaney and passed along to Katydid.
  • RE: Rula’s kittens: “Okoye and T’Challa, likely had the same dad (a different dad than Nakia had, based on color genetics). We trapped one of their three possible babydaddies this week (along with two handsome gingers) and all three were neutered and swabbed for DNA yesterday.
  • Henley and Starling — Were the same age when they showed up at the feeding station together; presumed littermates.
  • Sloane and Soren – Were very bonded when Sloane was still at the forest. Thought by TK to be sisters.
  • Shelly remarked that Sloane’s Junebug “has the same fine white nose stripe and teency white upper lip spots as Tiberius, Quark, Eliann and Emi, among others.”

Related based on bromances and bondings? (pure speculation on my part)

  • Horizon and Gallico – SERIOUS bromance while at colony. (Not observable at TKHQ because Horizon shuts down when inside.)
  • Gallico and Doctor – Look very similar.
  • Satine and Shiloh – Look nearly identical. Were pretty bonded when they were brought in to TKHQ.
  • Coridan and Chapel – Look very similar, both in colouring and size/shape; bonded bromance both at the colony and at TKHQ.

Other potentially relevant notes from TinyKittens’ site

  • Nova and Nori look like twins, per Shelly’s notes on Nori’s page.
  • Nova has a curly tail like Nash and Elkins
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