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August 2018 Notes

Who’s in care with TinyKittens as of August 17:
At TKHQ: Coridan (ginger mackerel tabby with a lot of white), Chapel (ginger mackerel tabby and white like Coridan but bigger), Shelby (tortie with nose stripe), and Sigma (tortie with ginger face and ginger leg) are upstairs in the “Kidney Room” aka the white room (although now that all the kidney cats are gone, it should be called the “Dental Room”)
♦ At Shelly’s: Mason is upstairs with the Teens and Cassidy; Aura and the Kinks kittens are upstairs as well; Princess Consuela and her Auto Kittens are downstairs.
At Kimsies’: Moustachio (aka Stashie Bumblepants)
At Quinnbunny and Macey’sSable (tortie)

→  Comparison weight chart from Firefly’s kittens to Princess Consuela’s Auto kittens ←

August 18

  • The Kinks (Arthur, Avory, and Ray) went to their forever home together today.

  • Sable went to live with Quinnbunny and Macey. (It was supposed to be a foster situation, but she got her tiny suitcase, including her graduation cap and the fuzzy red ladybug tent. Her new family later confirmed — as did Shelly — that they’ve actually adopted Sable. Yay!)

  • Gwen got some video of Billings and a happy Ramona at the colony today. (More videos from Shelly in the comments of that Facebook post.)

August 17

  • Billings‘ mouth has healed nicely so he and Ramona went back to the Happy Forest today. (Ramona had a really promising play session with Suzanne earlier today so hopefully she’ll turn in her feral card sooner rather than later, but she — and Billings — seems happy to be back in the colony for now.)

August 15

  • Huggins and Ribsy went to their forever home together today. Their Facebook page is Ribsey and Huggins.

  • Coridan went in for his dental today. He had 10 teeth removed (including 1 canine), 3 of which were abscessed. Per Shelly, “Bloodwork shows he is anemic and has some borderline kidney values, but he also has been having bloody diarrhea plus his mouth inflammation, which could be a factor.” He will start on Panacur (fenbendazole, a dewormer) tomorrow and is getting metronidazole (an anti-inflammatory antibiotic) and (like all cats/kittens who have surgeries) lots of pain meds.
  • Sable will hopefully be going to her foster home this weekend.
  • Sigma *was* supposed to go in this Friday, but will be going in next week (August 21) instead. Ramona, Chapel, and Billings are still expected to be returned to the colony sometime this week. Coridan, Shelby, and Sigma will be at TK for at least another couple of weeks while they recover from their dental surgeries.
  • There are openings coming up for four more dental surgeries, though TK is not sure which four cats are most in need. (They will have to trap and check likely suspects to determine who will get those appointments.)
  • The Kinks are going to their forever home together on Saturday.
  • A difficult-to-socialize Harvie colony female has joined the four “roof cat” boys in the downstairs room to see if she will get along with them. They are all going to be going to a great barn home tomorrow morning. (The boys have been here for 57 days so far.) After that, that will just be two Harvie cats in need of fostering prior to eventual adoption. (Not sure which two cats that is — there are six cats in the Harvie colony catalogue who are listed as being at TKHQ, but none of them are available for adoption. Perhaps Shelly means adopted into a barn home.)
  • Aura has three surgeries coming up over the next few months: her spay, a surgery to create a dental flap, and then the surgery to fix her cleft palate.
  • A month from today, TinyKittens has to be completely moved out of the current TKHQ to be run (at least for now) out of Shelly’s house.

August 14

  • Shelby had her dental today and had 10 teeth removed.

August 13

  • Chloe goes to her forever home today.
  • Ramona, Chapel, and Billings will be going back to the colony this week, likely on Wednesday. Shelby, Coridan, and Sigma have their dentals scheduled for this week. Aura’s spay is scheduled for next week. The Harvie boys will hopefully be going to a barn home next week.

August 12

  • Shelly got some Chapel elevator butt while waiting for Lorie to show up with Sigma.
  • Sigma (Cassidy’s and Topper’s mama) was trapped by Lorie this afternoon. She’s very small and very skittish. She got Revolution and Gabapentin. Got her ears checked out. (They’re dirty but not terrible.) She weighs 3.16 kg, or just under 7 lbs. Body condition isn’t too bad. Shockingly, she only has three teeth left — upper right canine and two lower premolars (one on each side). Shelly doesn’t think it was trauma or disease, and she doesn’t think Sigma would have had a dental during her spay without Shelly knowing about it or that the neighbours or another group would have done it. So the likely scenario is that the teeth just fell out.
  • The Kinks have been adopted together and Huggins and Ribsy have been adopted together. More details to come.

August 10

  • The Kinks (Arthur, Avory, and Ray) had their neuters today. They have no heart murmurs and tested negative for FIV/FeLV.
  • While they were under, xrays were taken of their kinked tails.

August 8

August 7

  • Billings went for his dental surgery today. He had three teeth removed. After retesting, his blood work turned out to be all fine.
  • Two more feral cats have been brought in: a VERY fractious Chapel (sounds a lot like my lovely, docile cat used to when we were at the vet LOL…I call it “feral bobcat”) and Shelby. Shelly gave them both some Gabapentin to help mellow them out a bit.
    • Chapel weighs 7.75 kg minus 0.54 kg for the towel, so 7.21 kg or 15 lb 13-ish oz! (Big boy!) He has an ear infection, like Coridan. Body condition and teeth appear good, though. He was originally TNRed on June 18/19, 2015.
    • Shelby weighs 4.235 kg with the green towel. (She was initially trapped on April 1, 2015, and taken to LAPS. Her kittens were born there on April 16, 2015 — 3 boys Sherlock, Shia, and Sheriff (2 ginger, 1 black) and 3 girls Shayla, Sheridan, and Shelly (1 grey, 2 dilute torties). Unlike some of the other mamas, she was able to nurse her kittens until they could be weaned and was returned to the colony on May 21, 2015, along with Hera.) She’s a bit on the thin side. She has an abscess, which puts her ahead of Coridan for the remaining dental appointments.
  • Currently, the plans are for Shelby to have her dental next Wednesday, Coridan next Thursday, and hopefully Sigma next Friday (if they can trap her).

August 6

  • Billings was brought in this afternoon from the Happy Forest to have his teeth worked on as well. (He was originally trapped and neutered in mid-April 2015, in the same batch of TNRs as Pinecone. His name doesn’t follow the usual colony naming convention as he was catalogued before that naming convention was put firmly in place — as a ginger tabby and white cat, he would normally have been given a name beginning with the letter “C”.) Per Shelly, Billings has worse stomatitis than Coridan, though his extrusions (bone loss) aren’t as bad — he will be taking the dental appointment tomorrow. He weighs 4.785 kg (5.38 kg with the towel minus the weight of the towel .595 kg), or 10 lbs, 8-ish oz. (Chloe is not particularly welcoming to him on the catio, offering up much growling, hissing, and punching.)
  • TK has one dental appointment available for tomorrow, which Billings will be taking because his periodontal disease is worse than Coridan’s. TK also has three more appointments available next week, for Coridan plus two others in need of dentals.
  • Jennifer (Jedikittens’ mom and soon-to-be mom to Chloe) visited with Chloe, Sable, Ramona, Coridan, Ribsy and Huggins, and the Kinks at TKHQ. Snugglers Amanda and Cathy were also there. It was an fun, nearly-three-hour visit. Jennifer uploaded a short video of her petting Chloe.

August 5

  • Shelly did on-cam intake of a new cat in the “kidney room” at TKHQ. (They need to do a round of dentals on Happy Forest cats — this is the first of them. Kathryn had been trying to trap all weekend. Cassidy’s mama Sigma is on the hit list but is so far eluding the traps.) This cat is Coridan, a lovely ginger and white boy. (Coridan was one of the first ten males neutered at the colony back in March 2015. He appears to be best buds with Chapel, who looks like his twin so they are possibly related.) One of his ears is infected, likely from ear mites. He has “special” incisors, like many of the other cats at this colony, along with other dental issues; his body condition is pretty good, all things considered (though a bit thin). Shelly gave him some ear meds and Revolution. He weighs 4.725 kgs or 10 lbs, 6-ish oz.

August 3

  • Cheddar and Colby went to their forever home together. Their Facebook page is Cheddar.Colby.
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