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September 2018 Notes

Who’s in care with TinyKittens as of September 12:
Shelly’s sun porchSalia (tortie girl with a ginger triangle over her left eye), Hyatt (brown tabby with white boy), and Tom (floofy ginger boy)
♦ Shelly’s: Mason, Auracuda, and Princess Consuela are upstairs with the Teens and Cassidy; and her Auto Kittens are also generally up there or downstairs in their nursery.
At Kimsies’: Moustachio (aka Stashie Bumblepants)

→  Comparison weight chart from Firefly’s kittens to Princess Consuela’s Auto kittens ←

September 30

  • Allie and Bentley went to their new forever home in the San Francisco area this morning. Their new Facebook page is The Royalty and Their Minions.
  • Shelly posted a sweet little video on Facebook of Princess Consuela snuggled up with the Auracuda after Allie and Bentley went to their new home.
  • Shelly posted a video from her evening meds visit. Tom is proving to be much mellower than Hyatt by enjoying ear rubs and scritches from the human. (If only Hyatt would give it a chance…)

September 29

  • Kathryn Jane trapped a ginger cat at the Happy Forest colony today whose eye is in bad shape. (By his tattoo, he was neutered in May of this year. Possibly Tom.) Shelly tried some fluorescein but saw no adherence of it on anything in his eye, maybe has persistent pupillary membranes, no obvious signs of ulcers and he has an eyeball (it hasn’t ruptured), but there is definitely some kind of infection going on. Shelly put some of Pantsaroo’s autologous serum in his eye. He’s got some ear puss and inflammation. His teeth don’t look too bad.
  • Aura’s fever was caused by mycoplasma. She is being treated for it, but now Cassidy has a fever of 40.2 as well. They are being kept separate.
  • Kathryn Jane posted pictures from her Happy Forest visit today.
  • Allie and Bentley’s adoption was officially announced. They will be going to their new home in San Francisco, California, tomorrow morning.

September 28

  • Salia had her echocardiogram this morning. They won’t have the report for a day or so. Her CT is scheduled for October 2.
  • Shelly posted a video of Hyatt getting his ears cleaned. He was surprisingly docile for that, but very adverse to taking his medicine afterwards.
  • Kimsies posted pictures from her visit to the Happy Forest.

September 27

  • Shelly posted a video of her evening visit with Hyatt; he seems to be seeing better this evening, and is particularly feisty.

September 26

  • Aura was due to have her CT scan today, but had developed a bit of a fever last night. She had a visit to Mountain View instead and her CT scan will be rescheduled.
  • Hyatt got a home visit from Dr. F. He was his usual fractious self, but she thinks he is able to see more than he could before.

September 17

  • Kimsies posted pictures and videos from her visit to the Happy Forest today.

September 15

  • Kimsies posted pictures and videos from the packing up of the old TKHQ house.

September 12

  • Salia had a follow-up visit at Mountain View. Dr. F said she looked much better (the polyp is smaller) so they will continue with her current treatments (antibiotics, ear drops, and Assisi Loop) and follow up again in 10 days.
  • Salia and Hyatt moved over to Shelly’s just after noon today. They are now on the sun porch (in a section separated from the rest of the porch by what sounds like an accordion door), and Consuela and the kittens are back downstairs in their original room (I think).

September 11

  • Chapel went back to the colony this afternoon.
  • Shelly posted video of Gallico’s and Horizon’s “bromance”. (We didn’t get to see this while they were in TK care recently because Horizon was so shut down and unhappy being inside. It’s lovely to see it in its natural environment.)

September 8

  • TK has started using the Assisi Loop on Hyatt as well, in the hopes that it might help with his inflammation. (They’ve been using the loop on Salia for a couple of days now, to try to reduce the inflammation in her ear.)
  • Salia goes back to Mountain View for a follow-up visit on Wednesday.
  • Allie and Bentley go in for their speuters on September 20.
  • Aura goes in for her CT scan on September 26.
  • Kathryn Jane posted some pictures and videos from her visit to the Happy Forest today. All of the cats who were recent guests at TKHQ showed up for dinner and look great.

September 7

  • Chapel had his dental appointment today and had one tooth removed. His blood test results were great. He’s pretty stoned from his meds, but that’ll wear off by tomorrow.
  • Shelly posted a great video of Hyatt’s journey so far, including some video of him taken at the colony 10 days before his intake, when he could still see fine.

September 6

  • Hyatt‘s titre test results are back showing that he has toxoplasmosis antibodies. (Skye and Chloe both also previously tested positive for toxo antibodies.) Toxoplasmosis can cause eye problems, including blindness, and there’s a small chance that his sight could come back with treatment. They’ve started him on new “gross” meds (I presume clindamycin, perhaps with a corticosteroid, but Shelly didn’t elaborate on-screen). He’s on a four-week course of meds, after which another titre test will be done. (This does not completely rule out other causes for Hyatt’s blindness, but toxoplasmosis is the most likely cause given all of the test results.)

September 4

  • All of the Harvie cats are now either in barn homes or in foster care.
  • The last of the four kittens from the “complicated situation” are now in foster care.
  • Gallico and Sigma were given the all-clear and went back to the colony today.
  • Chapel‘s dental appointment is Friday.
  • Still waiting on the blood titre results for Hyatt. He seems to have a little bit of light/dark. Salia is getting new ear meds but if those don’t work, she’ll need to have surgery on the ear polyp.

September 1

  • Coridan and Shelby got their golden tickets and a ride back home to the Happy Forest. Chapel does not seem to mind not having to share his cat tree crow’s nest with them at all.

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