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February 2018 Notes

Who’s who in the new communal room?

Round tortie/calico → Saratoga
Round tabby & white → Hannity
Dark tortie → Sable
Dilute torbie → Pansy
Black with bald patches → Riska
Grey & white tuxie → Quarren


February 28

  • Moustachio (Stashie) went for a major dental today. All of his remaining teeth except for his canines have been removed.

February 26

  • Riska went to Mountain View this morning for her spay and a skin biopsy. Afterwards, she came back to Shelly’s house for recovery rather than going back into the room with the other girls.
  • Mountain View had a big dental cancellation today so Quarren’s appointment was moved up to today. She had nine teeth and a growth under her tongue removed. Her injured foot is healing well. Shelly’s update on Quarren also includes a little update on Tiberius.
  • Amanda added more to the Wall of Love: a starfish, Marvel, Rocky Raccoon, and a ratty.

February 23

  • It’s a snowy day in the Vancouver area. Riska’s vet appointment was postponed until Monday. Quarren will be going in on Wednesday for her dental. And Pansy is getting a dental on March 7.
  • Kimsies posted some pictures from the Happy Forest.

February 19

  • Still sunny (but cold) here so Amanda made some additions to the Fence of Love mural today: Shepherd Moose, Chickenwhale, Mali, and Jaguar and Siberia. She included some close-ups of the new additions in the comments on her post so click through to view the post on Facebook.

    (I’ve uploaded an annotated version of the picture in case you want to know who’s who and what’s what in the artwork.)
  • The privacy hedge at the back of the TKHQ property was cut down today. Very sad.

February 18

  • It was sunny (but cold) today in the Langley area so Linda cleaned up the mural. (The paint, especially the red lettering of “LOVE”, had started to run in the previous days of snow and rain.) She uploaded some pictures (including a before picture prior to her fix-up work) to the TinyKittens Unite group.

February 17

  • Shelly uploaded a great time-lapse video of the tree razing and subsequent mural painting. Feel the Love, spread the Love
  • Henrietta was returned to the Happy Forest today. She is feeling better now but is still really not happy being around humans. The team will continue to work with her at the colony.
  • The other six girls (Sable, Pansy, Hannity, Saratoga, Riska, and the now lice-free Quarren) have been moved into a single communal space in the white room upstairs (where the BC Fire Ferals were until they were adopted). They have a better view from the window (second floor view, and there are still trees on this side of the house) and more things to explore, including a nest box to hide in if they are channeling Elliott.
  • Riska doesn’t appear to be pregnant so they will work on getting her spayed and trying more treatments for her allergies/overgrooming. They still don’t know what’s going on with Pansy, but they are working on that. Because some of the cats now in this communal room are on a special kidney disease diet, the food left out for free-feeding will only be the special kidney food; the cats who don’t need that special diet will get supplemented with regular food.
  • More pics were uploaded from the mural painting.

February 16

  • Yesterday, all of the trees at the north side of the TKHQ property were cut down and chipped up, leaving the area open and kind of barren. Today the ladies of TinyKittens got together to spread a little  at TKHQ in the form of an awesome mural painted on a wall near the missing trees.
  • Kimsies posted a number of photos and videos from the Happy Forest: Rollins lap time, iPad play, Caprice & the iPad, eagles, welcoming committee

February 13

  • Riska is visibly posturing while trilling so definitely in heat. That doesn’t rule out the possibility that she might also be pregnant.
  • Mason (and his emotional support cat Bartlett) went to Mountain View Veterinary Hospital to have an ECG, to follow up on the finding of a heart murmur at his last checkup.
  • Quarren is apparently feeling much better, and the lice are almost all dead.

February 12

  • Lorie trapped Quarren at the Happy Forest colony. Quarren had been on the TinyKittens’ priority list because of poor body condition and possible mouth/teeth issues. On intake, she was found to be infested with feline lice. Some of her teeth are bad and she has a wound on her right back foot. She hasn’t been grooming herself so she is very dirty. She was put into isolation (presumably in the large feral room) downstairs at TKHQ until they can get the lice infestation cleared up. (As with human lice among humans, feline lice is spread very easily to other cats.)

  • Riska is very vocal today, sounding very much like she is in heat.
  • Shelly posted an update on the TinyKittens DNA project — the first batch of samples is at the University.

February 10

  • Pele, Birch, and Elliott — the last of the BC fire ferals at TKHQ — finally went to their forever home together today. [Their new Facebook page is Three Amigos – Elliott, Pele & Birch.]


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  • Nicola February 18, 2018, 8:49 pm

    Hi, I just found this site and it’s awesome. I always wanted to do a list of all the cats that have come through the TK doors since I started watching (Palindromes) and you’ve already done it. Thank you so much. Do you know where I can find a list of FDJ’s fosters and dates?

    Thanks again

    • Kitty February 18, 2018, 9:46 pm

      Unfortunately, no, I don’t know where the master list of FDJ’s fosters is. Perhaps on the Critter Room Facebook page?

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