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December 2018 Notes

Who’s in care with TinyKittens as of December 30:
♦ Shelly’s basement: Pregnant mama cat and her possibly pregnant daughter from a hoarding situation.
♦ Shelly’s home: Mason and Auracuda are in the main part of the house with the Teens and Cassidy
♦ Shelly’s sun porch:  Salia is back (and happier) on her own on part of the sun porch. The Bradner cats and kittens (Aunt May, Anelle, Jean Grey (Phoenix), Madelyne Pryor, StanleyGroot, and Herbie) are on the other side of the sun porch
At Kimsies’: Moustachio (aka Stashie Bumblepants — see Kimsies’ Leo, Bobbi, Bowie & Big Brother Jager Facebook page for updates)

→  Comparison weight chart from Firefly’s kittens to Princess Consuela’s Auto kittens ←

December 31

  • Lorelai and Rory went to Mountain View today for scans. (Mountain View is actually closed today, but Dr. F made a special trip in since Lorelei is so close to popping.)
    • Rory is definitely NOT pregnant. She will be spayed and will hang out with her mom until she is adopted. (In an ideal world, maybe she’d get adopted with her mama.)
    • Lorelai is definitely pregnant, due within the next week or so. (Shelly posted Lorelai’s x-rays. Looks to me like there are five kittens, but Shelly hasn’t yet confirmed how many they think there are.) They’ve confirmed that there are no anasarca kittens; all of the kittens looks small enough to easily fit through Lorelai’s pelvis.
    • They also have a ton of fleas, most of them dead now but some still alive. So they will get another treatment to kill what’s left.
    • Lorelai has blood type B. This is a rare blood type (occurring in only about 6% of non-purebred cats) and so there is a risk that one or more of the kittens may have a different blood type than Lorelai. If that’s the case, it isn’t safe for them to nurse from her for the first 24 hours or so. Shelly will be typing the kittens as soon as they’re born (using umbilical blood) and will bottle feed any with mismatched blood type until it’s safe for them to nurse. (One of the possible baby daddies is “in custody” and Shelly is checking to see if he can be blood typed before the kittens are born. She has also asked about the colours of the possible baby daddies — if the daddy is black, then the kittens would be black, grey, or tabby, with or without white; if the daddy is, say, ginger, then boys would be one of the previously noted colours because they would take their colour from mom, but the girls would be tortie or calico as black and ginger are both dominant traits and they would get one colour from each parent.)

December 30

  • Aunt May and Anelle have been relocated to the sun porch with the other Bradner cats and kittens.
  • Pepper Potts and Hera/Hela have gone to their new forever homes.
  • Something floofy this way comes.”

    • New intake on a pregnant mama cat and her possibly pregnant daughter from a hoarding situation. They are quite social, though the daughter is more skittish than her mother. Both are black with white lockets. (Shelly has put a lavender collar on the daughter.)
    • Mama is definitely pregnant — she’s distinctly round and Shelly can feel skulls and kittens moving about when she feels the mama’s low belly. Shelly’s trying to arrange a vet appointment ASAP. Don’t know if the daughter is also pregnant; if she is, she’s not nearly as far along as mama. (The dad was apparently hanging out with both girls so may be the father all any and all kittens.) The mama has had at least three litters and is estimated to be about 18 months old; Shelly feels the daughter has also had at least one litter before.
    • Shelly gave them both Revolution and killed virus vaccines. Mama weighs 3.99 kg and daughter weighs 3.22 kg.
    • Mom is a door-dasher; she’s going to be trouble. LOL
  • The new cats have been named Lorelai (mama) and Rory (daughter). Yes, it’s a Gilmore Girls theme!
  • Kim T posted pictures and video from her trip to the Happy Forest today.

December 29

  • Kathryn Jane posted pictures from her trip to the Happy Forest today.

December 28

  • Both live streams went down for a couple of hours this morning.
  • Hela and Hera went in for their spays today. They have been adopted and will be going to their new forever home together sometime on Sunday. Pepper Potts will also be going to her forever home on Sunday. Adoptions and tiny suitcases will start at around 11:00.
  • Stanley now weighs 1.88 kg, which is up 200 grams from when he came in (and 225 grams since he was weighed on Christmas Day). It shows that his treatment is already working, that he’s now absorbing nutrients better, and also means than FIP is a less likely culprit for his illness.
  • The big news is that they are now 100% sure that Aunt May is NOT pregnant, though she may have been at one point. She will be scheduled in for her spay probably next week and then will return to the colony. They will wait awhile before doing more scans on Anelle to see how far along she is IF she’s pregnant. Shelly may move her upstairs after Aunt May leaves — and may put Salia downstairs instead.
  • The remaining five cats at the Bradner colony will be TNRed over the next week or two.

December 27

  • Aunt May went in for x-rays and an ultrasound today to see if they can tell how far along she is and how many kittens there are. No update from Shelly about the visit today; she says she’ll give a full update tomorrow.
  • Stanley is looking much better. He now weighs 1.765 kg and has a good appetite. He’s also been seen playing, though he’s still sleeping a lot. (His little cousins have been giving him many spa treatments in the nest while he naps.) No test results yet.

December 26

  • Kathryn Jane posted pictures and video from her trip to the Happy Forest today.

December 25

  • Stanley weighs 1.655 kg. (He was 1.68 kg on intake.)
  • Shelly is still trying to figure out the nest situation in the maternity room downstairs. There’s only the one newer Ikea cabinet nests available for the room (the one already there) — the other nest is with the kittens on the sun porch. And all EverBlocks are in use. There is the other nest, the one that Evolene (and others) used, that she may be able to put in here, though it’s smaller.

December 24

    • Stanley went to Canada West Veterinary Specialists see an internal specialist early this morning. (Pepper Potts went with him as his support animal on the trip there. )


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      Stanley and his therapy kitten Pepper Potts getting snuggles in the waiting room before his specialist appointment at Canada West. 😻

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    • Shelly brought Pepper Potts home a bit later by herself as Stanley was staying at Canada West for an ultrasound and some tests. When Shelly went back to pick Stanley up at about 15:30, she took Hela and Groot as his emotional support kittens for the trip back to TKHQ. They arrived back at TKHQ at around 18:00:
      • They are narrowing his diagnosis down, but don’t have anything concrete right now. They are waiting for more test results to come back. His GI system (small intestine) is abnormal but they don’t yet know why. They’re going to start him on another round of deworming (five days of Panacur) and start him on an anti-inflammatory antibiotic (two weeks of Metronidazole) as his issues may be the result of a combination of parasites and a weird virus that makes him unable to properly absorb nutrients (hence his stunted growth). His other organs all look good.
      • There are other things is could be, e.g. FIP or lymphoma, but they need to wait on the test results. He is not in pain or suffering, though he probably feels some discomfort (like you would if you having digestive issues).
      • The cam watchers are officially on Christmas Poop Cam watch, looking for timestamps when Stanley uses the litterbox so that Shelly can get a good sample to take in on Thursday. (They’re also on play watch so that Shelly can get video of Stanley playing, if he ever does, as the specialist would like to see how he moves.)
    • Merry Catmas Eve from Aura.


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      Merry Catmas Eve! 🎄

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    • Stashie finally got his TK diploma.
    • Kimsies posted video from her trip to the Happy Forest colony today.

December 22

  • Charlie Brown and Violet went to their forever home a four-hour drive from TKHQ. Their tiny suitcases and adoption were off-cam. They will be getting a Facebook page.
  • After the adoption, Shelly gave an update on everyone else:
    • They had loads of adoption applications for Pepper Potts, including one from the people who adopted Cassidy’s brother Topper and Wee Pumpkin. They were selected and Pepper will be joining her new floofy brothers on Christmas Eve.
    • Stanley has an early morning appointment with an internist specialist on Monday, Christmas Eve. They have some ideas what is going on with him, but Shelly doesn’t want to speculate until they have more information.
    • Shelly is starting to see belly vision on Aunt May.
  • In the afternoon, Shelly moved Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor, StanleyGroot, Pepper Potts, Herbie, Hela, and Hera to the sun porch. They are now on the side of the porch that Hyatt and Salia were originally on, separated from the other side of the porch (and the rest of the house) by an EverBlock wall and door. (Sadly, the nest in this room does not have any camera bays for kittens to hide in.)
  • Kathryn Jane posted pictures and a video from her visit to the Happy Forest today.

December 21

  • Charlie Brown and Violet have been adopted. They will be packing their tiny suitcases and heading to their new home tomorrow.
  • Stanley went to the vet today for a checkup. The results will take a few days to come back. (Shelly didn’t elaborate on anything else.) She gave him some subQ fluids at her late evening visits.
  • All kittens are still getting eye drops, but their eyes look much better.
  • Kimsies posted pictures and video from her visit to the Happy Forest today.

December 20

  • Shelly and Aura were on Global BC this morning.
  • Jean Grey, Groot, Pepper Potts, and Herbie had their spays/neuters today. Jean Grey’s rear right leg stump was also x-rayed and everything is fine with it.
  • There was a major wind storm in the Lower Mainland (and Vancouver Island) today. Power was out all over, including in Fort Langley. When the power was finally restored at TinyKittens HQ, the kittens were in full comfort nursing mode on Aunt May. (She hasn’t really let them nurse on her up to this point, so it was a delightful surprise to see that on the cam’s return.) Shelly thinks that Aunt May might be two weeks further along than Anelle.

December 19

  • Stanley has been under the weather since his neuter surgery. He has a URI and his strong reaction to the anaesthesia from his neuter surgery plus the stress of the new environment may have just wreaked havoc with his immune system, but they will be taking him to see the vet on Friday for a checkup (and a SNAP test for FIV/FeLV since he hadn’t gotten one of those yet) to make sure.
  • Jean Grey, Groot, Pepper Potts, and Herbie will be going in for their speuters tomorrow (Thursday).
  • Hela, and Hera will be going for their spays on December 28.
  • Shelly thinks Aunt May and Anelle are sisters, and she thinks that BA-21, Jean Grey, and Stanley may all be part of the April litter (making them all about 8-months-old).
  • BA-21 has continued to be grumbly and hissy at the other cats, but she allows Shelly to pet her and she purrs. She has now been named Madelyne Pryor (after the supervillainess clone of Jean Grey…nice one, Shelly) but Shelly isn’t sure what to do about her or Jean Grey. (Jean Grey also allows pets, but she’s still somewhat skittish and unsure.) Translation: They may perhaps, possibly, conceivably be up for socialization. At the moment, Madelyne Pryor is listed as adoptable on the TinyKittens site; Jean Grey and Stanley are not.
  • Shelly would like to move all of the other cats and kittens out of the downstairs room so that it can just be the nursery for Aunt May and Anelle, but where to put the others. (Anelle will sometimes let Shelly feel her belly, but Aunt May moves away pretty much immediately. Shelly thinks she can see some movement in Aunt May’s belly.)
  • Stashy got a lovely present from a fan: a Bumble stocking and a Bumble blanket, both of which Julie made herself.
  • Shelly was named one of the Cats and Cat People of the Year (“These cats and cat-loving humans made the world better place in 2018!“) by CatCon.

December 18

  • Shelly posted a video of the Bradner cats and kittens on the ledge in the basement room at TKHQ, along with thanks to Otter Co-op for their long-time and ongoing support of TinyKittens.

December 17

  • Overnight: Jean Grey was down on the floor and playing with the kittens for a long time last night. It was lovely to see her so very kittenish herself.
  • Hera is now wearing a pink collar.
  • The spayed females were returned to the colony today.
  • BA-21 was spayed today. She was brought down to the downstairs kitten room in the evening. where she picked up where she left off a few days ago, getting cranky at all of the other cats and kittens. (She is very vocal and very “hands-on” with her crankiness.)
  • Shelly and Aura will be appearing on Global News on Thursday morning. In preparation, Shelly has been getting Aura used to wearing a harness “so she doesn’t escape and take down all the cameras.” People may be able to watch it live online at https://globalnews.ca/live/bc/ but I don’t know that for sure.

December 16

December 15

  • Bradner Colony updates:
    • BA-08 now has a name: he is Stanley.
    • The Bradner property owner said that she saw five cats left at the barn after the others were trapped. Shelly has added five new placeholders for them in the catalogue (B-22, BA-23, BA-24, BA-25, and BA-03, who turned out to be the same cat as B-12 so she is re-using that number). They will try to trap them next week.
    • All of the neutered males have gone back to the colony. The girls will likely go back tomorrow.
    • Jean Grey‘s spay is scheduled for Thursday. (Shelly didn’t say when the other ginger’s spay would be scheduled.) She will most likely go back to the colony after she has recovered. Stanley will likely also be returned to the colony unless he shows a desire for socialization over the next few days.
    • Shelly did a second round of deworming on the cats and kittens with Profender this time. (Revolution works on fleas, mites, and some worms, but it doesn’t work on tapeworms and a tapeworm segment was found on Anelle. Both are safe for pregnant females.) Shelly didn’t have enough of the kitten-sized doses so she had to pull the right amount for kittens out of the adult doses with a needle — she inadvertently stabbed herself with the needle at one point.
    • The kittens are still getting eye drops (and Herbie is getting eye serum for his small corneal ulcer) several times a day, but their eyes are looking much better.
  • They are still looking for adopters for Salia, Violet, and Charlie Brown. Shelly thinks there may have a couple of applications in the last few days but everyone has been too swamped to really look at them.
  • Aura got her first nasal flush, in the hopes of getting a handle on her chronic and persistent, antibiotic-resistent nasal infections.
  • Kathryn Jane posted pictures and videos from her visit to the Happy Forest colony today.

December 14

  • BA-20, the ginger female with the missing foot, now has a name: she’s Jean Grey (Phoenix).
  • Shelly took Aunt May and Jean Grey to Mountain View for ultrasounds and x-rays. Mountain View had a little extra time today so Gwen took the other two females (BA-18 and BA-21) for ultrasounds and x-rays today.

    • Aunt May was a bit too full of poop to really tell on the images, but everyone feels that she IS pregnant. She will be staying at TKHQ and will go back for additional scans in a couple of weeks.
    • Jean Grey IS NOT pregnant so her spay will be arranged. Once she’s recovered from that, she will return to the barn colony. Her missing foot has healed nicely and has calloused over so there is no need to subject her to more of being trapped inside than needed.
    • They are 90% sure that BA-18 (now named Anelle)  IS pregnant, and BA-21 (the other ginger) IS NOT pregnant. BA-21 will be spayed and returned to the colony once she has recovered.
  • A little after 16:00, Shelly brought the eight-month-old ginger boy (BA-08) back downstairs after his neuter. He was very high and uncoordinated after the anaesthesia. She gave all of the kittens eye drops while she was there. Everyone who was trapped has now been neutered or spayed, except the four females and young kittens in this room.
  • In the evening, Shelly removed the other ginger female (BA-21) from the room. (The sound was off at the time, but presumably it was because she is particularly crabby and her anxiety was stressing out the others, much like Savina had to be moved to a separate room because she was setting off Neelix and the others when they first came in.)

December 13

  • Shelly posted a time-lapse video of some of the trapping at the Bradner colony yesterday.
  • Gwen is at the Bradner colony trapping today, with a goal of trapping another four cats. (TinyKittens is using a different vet for this fix-a-thon, one that works with other high-volume rescues in the area and was able to allocate up to ten slots today and more tomorrow for spays/neuters. TinyKittens is hoping for a total of 16 over the two days. All of the females will be checked for pregnancies before being put under for their spays — since this is a new-to-TinyKittens vet, they’ll have to be told how TinyKittens “does things”.)
    • DAY #2 TRAPPING: Gwen has trapped an additional seven cats at the Bradner colony:
      • BA-05, the ginger mackerel tabby female with a “saggy milkbar belly” that Shelly had initially thought she’d trapped yesterday, is now showing as being “at TK”
      • BA-17, a brown mackerel tabby male
      • BA-11, a brown tabby male
      • BA-18, a mackerel torbie female
      • BA-19, a brown mackerel tabby male
      • BA-20, a ginger mackerel tabby female
      • BA-21, a ginger mackerel tabby female
  • Shelly visited the kittens to give eye drops. They’re all looking better, especially the older ginger brought in yesterday. There’s still something going on with the short-haired black kitten so she thinks she’ll start him on autologous serum. She’s also considering more deworming with a different product.
  • Shelly thinks all of the females trapped yesterday are yearlings (i.e. about a year old or possibly younger) and have never had kittens before. The only classic tabbies seem to be that age or younger so daddy may have just been passing through. The cats are well cared for in a huge barn and she thinks that’s why there are so many yearlings. (Without such good care, typically only a very few of any litter would survive to a year old.)
  • The property owner has also said that there are one or two really small kittens in every litter (like the tiny tabby of the kittens brought in or the eight-month-old ginger kitten).
  • Shelly’s still not quite sure if the ginger female she trapped near the end of yesterday is the same as the one that was seen with a saggy nursing belly so she brought her down to the downstairs room in the afternoon with Auntie and the kittens to observe her better. (The upstairs sun porch is pretty crowded.) She also gave the kittens more eye meds at that time.
  • Shelly says that this colony is very dramatic. When she was driving back from the colony yesterday, there was a lot of mournful meowing/yowling from all of the cats. Not very cat-like.
  • WE HAVE SOME NAMES! The colony will be getting names in honour of Stan Lee, who passed away recently: the adult tabby (BA-01) is now Aunt May, the floofy black girl (BK-01) is now Pepper Potts, the ginger boy (BK-02) is now Groot, the short-haired black boy (BK-03) is now Herbie, the larger of the two tabby girls (BK-04) is now Hela, and the tiny tabby girl (BK-05) is now Hera.
  • AURA UPDATE: Shelly posted the results from Aura’s last nasal infection culture, showing that Aura has a strain of e-coli that is super resistant to antibiotics, limiting the number of meds that can be used to treat it. (Aura has been on antibiotics for a large chunk of her short life so far.) Shelly will do daily nasal flushes and Fortiflora, and will keep an eye on Aura. Aura is doing great other than the “snot rockets”.
  • Gwen came by the downstairs room in the late evening  (just before 21:00) to pick up BA-16 (ginger female) and BA-08 (ginger teen) to take them back upstairs — they’ll be going in for their surgeries tomorrow and need to be fasted overnight.
  • Between 00:20 and 00:40 (December 14 technically but still part of today’s events), Shelly brought down two adult female ginger tabbies (one with ginger muzzle puffs and the other with light muzzle puffs) and an adult female torbie. They are not lactating but seem to be more solidly pudgy than some of the others and may be pregnant. The vet they are using for this string of speuters is not well versed is doing non-sedated pregnancy checks and so Shelly would prefer to observe these three for now and then take them in to Mountain View for ultrasounds and spays later. Ginger #1 has lighter muzzle puffs and ginger #2 has ginger muzzle puffs. Shelly did not tell us which cats these were but  I suspect they are BA-18, BA-20, and BA-21. (All three were trapped today — Shelly would have brought any likely candidates from yesterday’s trapping down earlier if she’d been wondering. BA-20 and 21 are both mackerel tabby gingers, BA-18 is a mackerel torbie. BA-05 is also a possible candidate for being one of the gingers.) Ginger #1 is pretty unhappy to be there and is prone to growling even when the human is gone more than any of the others who have been in there. Note: The ginger female with the ginger muzzle puffs is missing her right back foot.

December 12

  • Today is trapping day. Shelly is at the Bradner colony, and Gwen is at the “Complicated Situation” colony. The goal for today is 10 cats at the Bradner colony and the five kittens from the “complicated situation”. (Per Shelly, the kittens will be going into foster care, but we don’t have more details than that at this time.)

      • BA-12, a ginger spotted tabby, was apparently the first one trapped (as of December 13, his catalogue page said he might be BA-03 — they both do look like they have the same Resting Feral Face ;-))
      • BA-06, a small young torbie female — Per Shelly, not lactating and thus presumed not mama to any of the current 6-to-7-week-old kittens.
      • BA-02, a brown tabby male
      • BA-08, a small ginger classic tabby male (may end up in with the kittens that are currently at TKHQ)
      • BA-09, a ginger male
      • BA-10, a brown classic tabby female — Per Shelly, not lactating and thus presumed not mama to any of the current 6-to-7-week-old kittens.
      • BA-13, a tortie female — Per the TinyKittens catalogue, she is also confirmed to not be lactating.
      • BA-14, a torbie female — Per the TinyKittens catalogue, she is also confirmed to not be lactating.
      • BA-15, a brown classic tabby
        (BA-05, a ginger mackerel tabby female with a “saggy milkbar belly” was originally flagged as having been trapped around this point in the day but isn’t flagged that way now; perhaps it was BA-16 that was actually trapped.)
      • BA-07, a tortie female — Per the TinyKittens catalogue, she is also confirmed to not be lactating.
      • BA-04, a ginger ticked tabby male
      • BA-16, a ginger female
  • Shelly brought the small, 8-month-old ginger boy in to hang out with the other kittens downstairs. The PO says he was born in April 2018 but he’s much smaller than his litter mates. She gave him his vaccines and Revolution already but weighed him (he weighs 1.68 kg) and gave him eye drops once in the room. (He has sore and goopy eyes, worse than the others.)
  • The intakes for the 11 adult cats brought in were done upstairs off-cam as Shelly was unable to set up a cam in the area at the moment. She confirmed that there is no sign that any of the females she trapped have been nursing kittens in the last couple of weeks (not lactating, no discolouration of the fur around the nipples from kittens nursing, etc.) so none of them are likely to be the mama of the original five kittens.
  • Tomorrow will be another day of trapping as well as ferrying eight of today’s trapees to and from Mountain View for their surgeries. There will be further surgeries on Friday, and TinyKittens will finish trapping the remainder of the cats next week.  Shelly says there are another 10 to 15 cats left to trap, most not yet catalogued as Shelly hasn’t seen them or hasn’t gotten close enough for decent pictures.
  • Shelly will be taking BA-01, aka Auntie, to Mountain View on Friday for her ultrasound and x-rays, to see if she is pregnant. (Auntie is still somewhat skittish among humans, but Shelly got some good skritches in during her evening visit.

December 11

  • Gwen was in with the kittens in the morning. She weighed them all, but spoke so softly (and was wearing a rustling bunny suit) that it was difficult to really hear the values. Hopefully there will be a weight chart or something.
  • Suzanne came by for a socialization visit with Violet, Charlie Brown, and presumably Salia upstairs as well as with the Bradner colony crew downstairs.
  • Shelly visited the Bradner crew in the evening to give eye drops and rearrange the cams a bit.
    • She is sill pondering names. She is hoping someone will come up with a theme that will cover the whole colony so that they can name everyone at the colony, not just the ones at TinyKittens. She is hopeful that she will have a naming theme chosen soon.
    • Tomorrow is going to be a big trapping day.
    • She confirmed the sexes of the three new kittens:
      • The two tabbies are both girls.
      • The short-haired black panther is a boy.
      • She thought she something odd about  one of the panther boy’s eyes (a corneal scar, or maybe just an odd play of the light on his eye).
  • The TinyKittens cat catalogue currently includes five additional kittens from the “complicated situation” colony with the note that they are all at TinyKittens HQ. Don’t know if that’s just due to mis-flagging (or if they are indeed at TKHQ at the moment.) We haven’t officially heard anything yet (and I can’t imagine where Shelly would be able to put them, but who knows.)

December 10

  • Suzanne had her first visit with the new cat and the first two kittens brought in from the Bradner colony.
  • Gwen brought in three siblings — two tabbies and a short-haired panther — of the ginger and floofy kitten already at TinyKittens. She did their intake in the main room attached to the kitten room with the door between the two room closed. (Cam viewers could just hear her murmuring and the sounds of packages being opened.) After she completed their intake, she brought them into the kitten room and put them into the nest with some food. (She tried to get the earlier two in there, too, to re-introduce them but then pretty everyone fled to the ledge.)
    • There is at least one female kitten and one male kitten. (Gwen told the first tabby who escaped the nest to “Go back with your brother and sister.” And shortly after that Gwen said “Sorry, sweet girl” to either the adult cat, floofy girl, or escaped tabby; and then “Is that your sister” to either the ginger, floofy panther, or escaped tabby. I get the sense that the escaped tabby is a girl, which would mean there are two girls and one boy in the new group. We’ll get confirmation one way or the other from Shelly whenever she gets a chance.)
  • Kathryn Jane posted pictures and videos from her visit to the Happy Forest colony today.

December 9

December 8

  • Surprise kitten and cat intake. This is from a new colony — the colony’s property owner (PO) had approached TinyKittens a few months ago for help getting the colony TNRed, so the current estimated 30 cats don’t become 100 in the spring. (The colony is very well cared for, with food twice a day and ample shelter.) TinyKittens was busy with moving and other cats at the time, but they have time and some space now. Shelly and Gwen went there today to scope it out and talk to the PO, but the opportunity to trap a couple of cats presented itself to them and they took advantage of it. They hope to TNR the entire colony over the next month, bringing in any pregnant females and kittens for socialization and adoption.

    • #1: Ginger male kitten, about 6 to 7 weeks old. Very wormy belly, pretty good ears, skinny. Weighed 706 grams on intake. They tried to trap his siblings but they are much more skittish than this one. (Shelly received a text from Gwen that she’d trapped one of this kitten’s siblings after Shelly left with these two.) Got Revolution and vaccinated.
    • #2: Tabby female, about 18 months to 2 years old. Possibly pregnant. Not the mama of the ginger kitten or his siblings as she has no ginger on her. Good teeth, ears look pretty good as well. Got Revolution and the killed vaccine.
    • #3: VERY floofy black girl kitten (looks a lot like Cassidy’s brother Topper or Henson of the Muppets litter). Weighs 943 grams. Little bit dehydrated. Both kittens have a bit of URI (goopy eyes, etc.) so are getting eye drops. Shelly trimmed the kitten’s nail and the kitten was really good about it. Got Revolution and vaccinated.
  • There are at least two other kittens in this litter — a short-haired black one and a tabby one (and possibly a third one) — but they are hunkered down with their mama and couldn’t be trapped yet. (They are apparently the only kittens currently known to be at the colony. Their mama must be a tortie, torbie, calico, or caliby (some colour combination that includes black and orange) in order to have produced both a ginger male kitten and a black kitten. The PO says there have been no fluffy cats at the colony until this floofy kitten appeared.)
  • TinyKittens is planning some big trapping days next week. The TNR cats will recuperate on Shelly’s porch for now, on the other side from Salia’s bachelorette pad.
  • Salia is back in her private digs on the sun porch. She wasn’t very happy being in the very busy and chaotic main part of the house with the other cats and began peeing inappropriately. She also wasn’t getting any more approachable. (She’s sweet when you’re petting her but skittish at first.) They thought she might be more comfortable with her own place, and she does seem to be happier there where she still gets daily visits from Suzanne.

December 7

  • Four of the Peanuts kittens have been adopted. (Violet and Charlie Brown are still waiting for their new forever homes.)

    • Linus and Lucy went to their new forever home this morning. Their Facebook page is on its way, but their Instagram page is already available at Cat Tales of Linus & Lucy.
    • Snoopy and the Red Baron went to their new forever home this afternoon. (Their adoption was not on cam — or rather the kittens and Shelly’s arm were visible on the cam, but there was no audio.)

December 6

  • Shelly posted pictures of the boys’ testicles from last week’s neuters.
  • Shelly posted a video of her trying to get a Christmas picture of the kittens with Mason.

December 5

  • Lucy and Violet had their spays today and Linus had his neuter.
  • Purring kittens.

December 4

  • Salia is still looking for her forever home.

December 2

  • The kittens had another field trip upstairs, and this time Grandpa Mason took part. (The kittens are spending most of their time upstairs now with Mason and the big cats.)

December 1

  • The kittens got to have a little field trip up with the big kids upstairs. Grandpa Mason pretty much stayed in his blue tent, but the kittens seemed to have fun playing with all the space and new toys.
  • Shelly said in chat that the Red Baron x-rays have all come back normal, with no issues.

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