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Feral colony naming conventions

The cats in the four main colonies that TinyKittens has worked with generally are given names that follow a convention that is particular to that colony. (Note: Cats/kittens who were named after coming to TKHQ usually have their own themes and so don’t follow the conventions. For example, the Down Under kittens or Nova’s Weather kittens.)

Happy Forest Names

The ferals at the original Happy Forest colonies are generally given names based on their coat colour(s). (A few of the cats catalogued before the naming convention was put into place do not fit the convention.) Most of their names were also initially taken from the Star Trek universe. However, given the starting letter limitations of the naming convention, they quickly started running out of easily pronounced Star Trek names. Thus many of the later cats do not have Star Trek names.

**** Names starting with…

  • C = Ginger and white
  • D or E = Black and white
  • H or N = Brown tabby and white
  • M = Brown tabby
  • P = Grey tabby
  • Q = Grey and white
  • R = Black
  • S = Tortie or Calico
  • T = Ginger

Nano’s Colony Names

The ferals at Nano’s Colony are generally given names based on their coat colour(s), but using slightly different conventions than in the original Happy Forest colonies.

**** Names starting with…

  • A or J = Calico
  • B or C = Tortie
  • D or E = Black and white
  • F = Ginger
  • M, N, or O = Tabby
  • R = Black

Lion Colony Names

The ferals at this colony, which is located at a horse farm, are generally given names based on their coat colour(s). (There are no calicos, torties, or non-ginger tabbies at this small but adorable colony.) The floof is strong here.

*** Names starting with…

  • E = Black and white
  • R = Black
  • T = Ginger

Colony of the Dolls Names

The ferals at this colony, which is located at a dairy farm, are named after (mostly dairy) cattle breeds. Coat colour doesn’t play any part in the names. Note: The ginger flows strong in this colony with 15 of the 20 adults in this colony being ginger (with or without white) and only two cats having no ginger at all.

Bradner Colony Names

The cats at the Bradner colony who spent any length of time in care at TKHQ were given names in honour of comic great Stan Lee, who had recently passed away. Their names were not related to their coat colours at all. Note: The ginger also flows fairly strong at this colony, with 25% of the catalogued cats being adorable gingers.

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