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May 2019 Notes

May 20/2019: I have started a new job that involves a very long
of about 4 to 6 hours daily. So I will likely only be updating
the recaps
on the weekend. I’m a couple of weeks behind, but will get
caught up 
by the end of this coming weekend. Thanks for your patience.

Who’s in care with TinyKittens as of May 3:

 [basement nursery] Serenity and her four kittens (Clover, Tulip, Iris, and Tirella Ninja), Nelia and her three remaining babies (Atlas, Rhea, and Orion) plus Suri’s kittens Bits and Snap.
→ [main part of house] Mason and Auracuda are in the main part of the house with the Tiny Tuxies (aka the Teens and Cassidy)
→ [kitten enclosure somewhere] Flower Kittens (Snapdragon, Snowdrop, Azalea, Clary Sage, and Dahlia)
@ TKHQ 2.1:
→ [basement feral nursery] Suri and two of her four kittens (Dot and Dora)
→ [basement feral recovery room] Majid (male),  Tuesday (male). Per Shelly’s comment on Suri’s birth announcement post on April 3, one is being treated for ear infections and the other is getting dental surgery later this week; Marvin, Mega, and Royal since April 11.
→ [basement ringworm treatment room] Ridge
→ [upstairs room] Chester (also visiting Shelly’s house at times), Sasha (not to be mistaken for Sasha, the first feral re-homed to a barn in Feb 2015) — Sasha is also pregnant.
→ [@ Kimsies’] Moustachio (see Leo, Bobbi, Bowie & Big Brother Jager Facebook page for updates)
→ [Other fosters] Marcus, Echo

→  Comparison weight chart from the Country Superstars to Serenity ←
(Note: The chart now includes all of the TinyKittens litters from 2013 to now whose weight charts I could find. It doesn’t include Molly’s kittens, Sophie’s kittens, the Fairy Kittens, or Petunia’s kittens.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
→ NEW INFO PAGE:  Cat Genetics ←
(Basic cat genetics information and links to some resources where you can learn more.)

May 3

  • Ridge was neutered today and also had a dental, during which seven broken, abscessed teeth were removed.
  • Shelly posted an adorable video of the Flower Kittens.
  • She also posted a cute video of Suri’s kitten Bits, after he was moved in with his brother and Nelia’s kittens.
  • Love Meow posted an article about Grandpa Mason, Aura, and the Flower Kittens.

May 2

  • Shelly expanded Nelia’s nest, giving the kittens a little more access to the world outside the nest box. Nelia was not a fan, and encouraged her kittens to leave the nest via the rear hatch. Shelly came back later and closed off the hatch — Nelia is able to get into and out of the nest over the EverBlock walls, but the kittens can’t escape. (Yet!)
  • Serenity’s kittens are starting to open their eyeballs: Tiarella Ninja is starting to open hers, and both of Tulip’s eyes are about 60% open. The other two are still working on it.
  • Suri’s kitten Dora has an eye infection, which is being treated.
  • Serenity got stuck to her blanket earlier today, so Shelly gave her a nail trim when she came in to weigh the kittens. It went better than expected.
  • Evolene’s adopter posted an update on Evolene today, letting everyone know about Evolene’s recent issues with mammary gland cancer. Evolene is doing great and it looks like they were able to get all of the cancer in her recent surgery. ♥

May 1

  • Shelly posted video of Orion and Snap.
  • She also posted a video of Dahlia and Clary Sage wrestling.

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