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Recap: Sunday, December 6, 2015


General Notes

  • Santa was at LAPS today, taking pictures with pets by appointment.
  • The LAPS Satellite Adoption Centre at the Abbotsford Petsmart is full of kittens looking for their forever homes: Val, who came in to LAPS with his brother Maks on November 13 (Maks was adopted on December 2); Diamond, Gem, and Ruby from the Jewel litter (also known as the Precious Stones litter), who came in to LAPS on November 10; Adrien Brody; and Hoot and Pumpkin, who came in to LAPS with their brother Casper on October 25.


Whiskey and Sambuca

  • Sambuca got his ear medication this morning. He’s loose in the room today, while Whiskey is in the cage. They are both such people cats, very sweet.
  • Suzanne visited with them in the early afternoon. During her visit, Sambuca decided he’d rather be in the cage so he and Whiskey swapped places.

  • Lneya visited with the boys later in the afternoon. This visit has been posted to their Livestream page at http://livestream.com/accounts/14083503/Whiskey-Sambuca/videos/106462565. She’ll be visiting them again at 10:30 PST tomorrow morning.

Jewel/Precious Stones Litter

  • Fun with laundry, with Onyx, Jet, and Sapphire.


  • Jules had a Periscope session with Shiraz. Shiraz is off all medications. Her wounds are pretty much healed, and her hip is on its way to healing. (Shiraz can kind of walk, though she shouldn’t, and she can use her back legs to scratch herself now.) She’s scheduled to go in to Mountain View on December 22 to be spayed and to have her tail amputated. Jules has to go away over Christmas so Shiraz will be having a sleepover with Alicia (exact dates to be determined).

TinyKittens HQ:


  • Shelly posted an awesome picture of Tip licking Cassidy. D’awwwww….

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

General Notes

  • Lorie N will be stopping by to snuggle kittens.
  • Holly and Jingle have been at TKHQ for a whole week already.
  • Ringworm baths are happening tomorrow. Amanda (Cricket and Katydid‘s human) and Gwen will be here for that.

Holly and Comet

Note: Holly and Comet are currently only viewable on the TinyKittens VIP cam, which you can access for either a monthly or annual fee.

  • Overnight notes: Holly was pretty quiet. Comet loves to play. And he really loves the CatIt, his white rat, and that poor, flattened tent. Their food got knocked off the top of the bin and onto the floor at some point.
  • Shelly visited at 11:40. While there was some caution from both kittens, they both were out in the open and seeking/allowing pets from Shelly. Huge progress just since yesterday. Shelly refreshed the food and water and scooped the litter boxes. Then she got down to meds and soaking Holly’s paws. Lots of pus. And lots of growling, especially when the needle came into play. Holly’s temperature is down to 38.8 C. Shelly put drops in Holly’s left eye, which is still goopy.
  • Lorie N visited at around 15:25. (She arrived while Shelly was checking on Noelle.) Comet rolled himself right off the top of the black bin, knocking over the bowl of kibble, and sending Holly running for cover behind her nest. (Lorie remarked that it was just like Mr. T and it really was just like Mr. T stretching himself right off the window ledge. Maybe they really *are* related. LOL)
    Comet rolls off bin 2015-12-06
  • Shelly visited at around 22:15. She put out fresh food and water, gave meds and cuddles, and cleaned Holly’s paws.

Ringworm Romper Room and Snarfletorium with Jingle, Elf, Nicholas, and Noelle

  • Overnight notes:
    • There was play, sleeping, snarfling, nomming. The usual. Alas, the gushy food plates were empty this morning. It was all very sad.
      Noelle and Jingle in search of fudz 2015-12-06
    • I don’t know if it’s a first, but it’s the first I’ve seen: Jingle managed to climb to the top of the second black bin. He didn’t do it the easy way, up through the various Kuranda tower levels. No, he climbed between the bins and the tower instead. Still, it worked for him. And it stumped poor little Nicholas. (He did come down through the Kuranda tower, though.)
      Jingle climbing to the top black bin 2015-12-06 Nicholas asks: How did you do that, Jingle? Maybe he went up this way
  • Shelly visited at 12:45. More food. Noelle weighs about the same as yesterday (Shelly didn’t give the actual weight today). Her temperature is 39.1 C and her gums are still pale. Jingle weighs 1.75 kg. Elf is particularly snarfly today; Shelly gave her eye drops and meds; her temperature is 39.4 C. (I just realized what Jingle reminds me of — a harlequin.) Shelly cleaned out Nicholas’s ears.
  • Shortly after Shelly left, Noelle started favouring her front left left/paw. No idea what happened — she didn’t fall off anything or get nibbled by anyone or use the litter box in the intervening time. Added later: Shelly came back and checked her out. She doesn’t think it is an injury. She mentioned that some URIs cause limping and mycoplasma (caused by fleas) can cause limping. Or it could just be growing pains. She’ll keep an eye on it. [Comments from Kitty: Chef, from the multi-generational roundup litter, had been suffering from mycoplasma since before she was brought in and it made her very lethargic — it wasn’t until she started limping that they diagnosed the mycoplasma and once that was treated, Chef was a different cat, she had so much vigour. Given how Noelle has been and the parasite load in general she’s had, it wouldn’t surprise me if she had that as well.]
  • Lorie N visited with the kittens after her visit with Holly and Comet. Noelle is still limping, but then it had only been an hour or since Shelly left. Everyone was super cute and Lorie doled out loads of snuggles.
    Lorie with ringworm kittens 2015-12-06 Lorie with ringworm kittens 2015-12-06

  • Shelly visited the kittens at around 22:45. Noelle weighs 612 grams now, up 137 grams in the four days since she was brought in. (That’s a HUGE gain.) She’s not limping nearly as much, but Shelly’s still going to take her in with Holly tomorrow to Mountain View. Elf’s gums are a little pale, but she’s not dehydrated. Shelly gave everyone their meds and put out more food, one bowl with some water added that she then put in the nest bin.
  • Late night shenanigans: After Shelly left, someone (Elf or Nicholas) took out the nest cam and the room cam was shifted so it became a litter box cam. Ultimately, the room cam got taken out by Elf and Nicholas. (They are two scampy, scampy kittens.)

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Microfloof Noelle grooming herself

Tiny Kittens Shellys afternoon visit in RW room

Tiny Kittens Shellys PT session with Cassidy

Tiny Kittens Lorie visits RW room

Tiny Kittens Cam Takedown by something ginger

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