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Recap: Saturday, December 5, 2015


Whiskey and Sambuca

  • Again, I missed any morning visits (at the very least, someone had to come in to give Sambuca his ear meds), though I did see some visits from members of the public later in the day. (The feed keeps resetting unexpectedly.) Today, Whiskey spent the day loose in the room and Sambuca was in the cage. Whiskey loves people so much, loves to be petted. He has such a quiet, raspy meow. They’re both so cute. At the end of the day, Whiskey was put in the cage and Sambuca was loose in the room.

TinyKittens HQ:

  • No updates yet today

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General Notes

  • More snugglers scheduled to come in starting at around 10:00 or 11:00. (Shelly wasn’t sure who — Suzanne and maybe Lorie?)

Holly and Comet

Note: Holly and Comet are currently only viewable on the TinyKitten VIP cam, which you can access for either a monthly or annual fee.

  • Suzanne visited at around 10:15. She brought fresh water and more food, and she administered many snuggles. Holly is easily startled by sudden movements or sounds, but she actually pressed up against Suzanne towards the end of the visit so she’s definitely making huge progress. Comet is still skittish, but he allows himself to be picked up and petted, although he has a limited tolerance for it. (Baby steps, Comet, baby steps.) Suzanne noted that Holly’s eyes are running (Holly came in with a URI, if you recall) and one eye seems to be sore/injured.
    Holly and Comet eating morning 2015-12-05 Holly and Suzanne 2015-12-05 Suzanne pets Comet 2015-120-05
  • Shelly visited at around 13:30, primarily to give meds to both kittens. Holly’s left eye is gunky and red — Shelly cleaned her eyes and put in eye drops. Both of Holly’s paws are looking worse — the left one (the one that has the ligature indentation on it) now has pus as well and a new pocket of pus has opened up on the right paw — and there’s more swelling. Her temperature is 102.8 F (39.3 C). Shelly repeatedly soaked Holly’s paws and cleaned out the pus. She’ll take her in to Mountain View on Monday. (Holly is such a sweet kitten — even after all the painful poking and prodding, she still forgave Shelly.)
    Shelly works on Holly early afternoon 3 2015-12-05 Shelly works on Holly early afternoon 2 2015-12-05 Shelly works on Holly early afternoon 2015-12-05 Comet watches Holly and Shelly early afternoon 2015-12-05 Holly forgives Shelly early afternoon 2015-12-05
  • Shelly visited again at around 18:45. Holly’s temperature has gone up a bit. (Shelly used Cassidy “fast” thermometer, but didn’t say the actual temperature.) Shelly consulted with Dr. Ferguson by text and got confirmation that they’re doing all they can for now; she got the OK to try removing pus with a needle and to give Holly some pain meds. Even with the pain meds, the needle aspiration was not a hit with Holly and so it was abandoned. Comet was super cute in his tent during the entire visit — at the end, just after Shelly left, he played hard with two of his favourite toys, his tent (which he flattened) and his white rat.
    Shelly's early evening visit with Holly 1 2015-12-05 Comet in his tent 2015-12-05 Comet playing 2015-12-05
  • Shelly visited again at 23:00. She gave Holly eye drops. She tried to take Holly’s temperature but the thermometer wasn’t working properly. She gave both kittens meds. And she soaked and cleaned out Holly’s paws. (She tried with the needle again, but it’s just too hard to do with only one person.) Holly is such a good patient — lots of growling during the long, long process of paw cleaning, but she never bites or scratches. Comet is getting bolder — by the end of the visit, he was coming up to Shelly for pets with just a little beckoning and was arching his back up to meet the petting hand. He’s also playing a lot with the Catit Design Senses Circuit toy, his white rat, and the flattened tent. (He’s very cute.)
    Shelly working on Holly late night 2015-12-05 Comet gets bolder 2300 visit 1 2015-12-05 Comet gets bolder 2300 visit 2 2015-12-05 Comet gets bolder 2300 visit 3 2015-12-05 Comet playing late night 2015-12-05

Ringworm Romper Room with Jingle, Elf, Nicholas, and Noelle

  • Overnight notes: More playing from all three larger kittens. More stationary cuteness from Noelle. Lots of scampiness and sleeping and just being kittens on the road to recovery. And no cam takedowns.
  • Suzanne visited at around 11:20. She brought fresh water and more food, and she administered many snuggles here as well.She made the mistake of bending over on the floor and Jingle took full advantage to climb up on her back and shoulders.
    Suzanne snuggles Noelle 2015-12-05 Jingle, Nicholas and Noelle eat morning 2015-12-05 Noelle during Suzanne's visit 2015-12-05 Elf in the bin morning 2015-12-05 Jingle gets up close and personal with Suzanne 2015-12-05
  • Shelly visited the kittens at around 14:30. Noelle is now 568 grams, up from 475 at intake three days ago. Her gums are still pale. Shelly gave her metronidazole again. She also gave Jingle, Elf, and Nicholas their meds. (She weighed Elf and Nicholas but didn’t say their weights out loud, just said “OK, good”.) Nicholas’s ears are looking good, but she cleaned them a bit and gave him eye drops. Noelle got a butt bath. Her ears are also looking much better. (Note: The picture in picture setting on the cam covered much of Shelly and whoever she was holding during the visit so I didn’t bother with screencaps.)
  • Shelly visited with the kittens at around midnight. She fixed the cam that Nicholas took out while she was in with Holly and Comet.
    Nicholas on way to cam takedown 2015-12-05 Nicholas on way to cam takedown 2 2015-12-05 Nicholas after cam takedown 2015-12-05
    She did the usual ear cleaning, meds giving, and snuggle applying. Noelle’s butt is still clean. (Yay!) Shelly put out more food with Fortiflora. (Noelle is not a fan of Fortiflora, but she’ll dig in eventually.) (Again, the picture in picture was covering up much of what was going on in Shelly’s lap.) Everyone was cute, but Noelle and Elf were particularly cute.
    Jingle, Noelle, and Elf in the background 2015-12-05 Noelle and Elf after midnight visit 1 2015-12-05 Noelle and Elf after midnight visit 2 2015-12-05

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Suzanne visits RW room

Tiny Kittens Shelly visits RW room baff for microfloof Noelle

Tiny Kittens Cam takedown by Nick

Tiny Kittens Shellys late night visit in RW room

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