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Recap: Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Lots of kittens coming in today — 19 kittens total. The kittens have been (or will be) dispersed to four different fosters (the Charlie’s Angels litter with Lorie, the 6 larger Jewels with Tanya Z, the 5 smaller Jewels with Janet W, and the Remembrance Day litter with Anna).

Charlie’s Angels Litter

  • Four kittens were brought in at around 10:30AM PST. They were found on a couple’s property. Their mother was trapped and is at Dolphin Vet getting spayed. (She’ll be returned to the property after that as she’s pretty feral.) The kittens were then caught and brought in to LAPS.
  • They’re about 8 or 9 weeks old, but pretty underweight for their age. They’ve all got an upper respiratory infection (URI), one of them worse than the others. There’s a classic brown tabby girl (she’s the one with the nastiest URI), a brown mackerel tabby girl, a calico girl with one yellow eye and one blue eye, and a black boy.
  • The chosen name theme is Charlie’s Angels. The names chosen are a mix of character and actress names: Bosley for the black boy (after the character), Jaclyn for the calico girl (after Jaclyn Smith), Farrah for the classic tabby girl (after Farrah Fawcett), and Kelly for the mackerel tabby girl (after Jaclyn Smith’s character).

Jewel Litter

  • A gentleman (I’ll call him the property owner or PO) brought in 11 kittens (six kittens between 3.5 and 4.5 months old plus five kittens that are probably around 9 to 12 weeks old) at around 2PM PST. Both groups of kittens are a mix of black and white (cows and tuxies) kittens and all black kittens. Per the PO, there are 9 females and 2 males.
  • The PO had found the largest kitten, a tuxie with a diamond-shaped black mark on her nose, all by herself when she was no more than a few days old; he bottle-fed her and named her Princess (hereafter known as Princess Diamond). He says she is actually two or more weeks older than the other larger kittens (she’s at least a pound heavier than them so she could be anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks older than them) and he thinks she’s from the previous litter of the mom of the smaller kittens.
  • This is technically multiple litters from two sister cats, left behind the PO thinks by the previous property owners. The mother of the smaller kittens (and probably Princess Diamond) was killed, likely by a coyote (the PO’s property is 20 acres but only 3 are fenced in sufficiently to keep coyotes out and there are several packs in the area), and one of her kittens was killed by an eagle in front of him. He saw two eagles eyeing the other kittens after that, and that’s when he decided to bring them in.
  • The PO is still trying to trap the remaining mother so she can be spayed, but she’s wily.
  • He’s very much a cat person and a nice man. He has five cats of his own and is clearly attached to all of the kittens. (In fact, he offered to take any back who couldn’t find homes.) He’s especially attached to Princess Diamond and it was a little heartbreaking to watch him cuddle her. He made sure that he passed on all of the information he had and knew about the kittens. (Noor’s Periscope below includes a lot of this, as she focused on him and the kittens that were not getting their exams at the time.)
  • About the names:
    • The five smaller kittens are Sapphire (short haired black girl), Onyx (fluffy black boy), Jet (tuxie boy with black chin), Garnet (black and white boy with black nose), and Amber (fluffy black and white girl with mostly black face). (Identification updated on Dec. 2 after pictures were posted on Facebook.)
    • The three larger black kittens are Topaz (boy), Stone (boy), and Opal (girl, orange collar); the three tuxie/cow kitties are Gem (the really frisky girl who kept climbing out of the box, yellow collar), Ruby (the other frisky girl with a little black goatee or soul patch on her chin, red collar), and Diamond (the tuxie girl with the diamond on her nose). (Thanks to Tanya Z for the updates on the names of the larger kittens, as the naming was unfortunately on the portion of Livestream video that was lost.)
  • About the videos: I was only able to record about 43 minutes of the Jewel Litter intake on Livestream before I had to leave for work. Unfortunately, by the time I returned home, the feed had reset (presumably unintentionally as the video of the first part of this intake did not post to the Livestream page) so I wasn’t able to watch or record the rest of that first part. The second part (which is the part posted to the LS page) is a little over an hour long — Lneya mentioned that the entire intake was three hours so it seems that a little over an hour of the Livestream footage is missing from the videos below. However, there is some partial coverage of that missing timeframe in the Periscope video embedded below so there appears to be about half an hour or so that is completely without any coverage.

Remembrance Day Litter

  • Four more kittens, all female and all grey and white, were brought in around 4:30PM PST. The woman who brought them in had an uncle in his 80s who’d been taking care of a lot of cats and she took these four to bring to LAPS with his permission. They’re all pretty friendly and appear to be about 3.5 months old, like the older Jewel Litter kittens. The names chosen for the kittens are Victory, Valour, Memory, and Honour but I don’t know which name has been assigned to which kitten. [Added November 20: Ha, turns out the order of the names above matches the order of the kittens through intake so kitten #1 is Victory, kitten #2 is Valour, kitten #3 is Memory, and kitten #4 is Honour.]
    Remembrance Day kittens cropped
    (In the picture in the LAPS post embedded below, kitten #1 is at the bottom right, kitten #2 is is at the top right and bottom left, and kitten #4 is at the top left; kitten #3 is missing.)


  • Purdy has been adopted. Tonight is her last night at Hotel Jules. She goes back to LAPS tomorrow and then to her new furever home on Thursday.

Rolling Stone + Grace Litter

  • Ronnie and Grace are now at the LAPS Satellite Adoption Centre in Abbotsford, looking for their forever homes.

CallaLily Litter

  • Alicia had her daily Periscope session with Calla and the kittens. She was off today so she also had an earlier session with them.

TinyKittens HQ:

MountainView and DreamWorks Litters

  • Flower and Bluebelle had their spays today. They did great. Dr. F delivered them to TKHQ rather than Shelly picking them up as they had a TK board meeting tonight. The girls are in the playroom with Tip (separated out from the rambunctious boys while they recuperate). Dr. Henderson has been talking to the specialists about Flower’s pus situation and they think that her spay might solve that problem as they’re thinking it may have been a uterine infection brewing and not a UTI.
  • Flower and Bluebelle and Thumper and Hiccup may be going home on Monday. But Shelly’s not sure.
  • Tip and Puss in Boots may be leaving for their forever home in LA on the weekend of November 21/22. They’ll be the last to go.


  • Shelly spoke with Dr. Marcellin-Little today. Cassidy needs to spend several hours a day with his legs being stretched in the right direction so Shelly has to come up with a rig to do that. (Manual stretching by Shelly just isn’t enough to counteract the pull of the hyperextension in the wrong direction.)
  • Shelly did not have time to bring Cassidy over to the TKHQ playroom to be on cam.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

Mr. T and Pinecone

  • Someone has applied for the boys. Shelly (and I assume Kimsies) will be talking to them this evening.
  • Shelly still hasn’t had a chance to set the laptop back up downstairs. (She’d used it for the gala on Saturday.) She doesn’t have an ETA for that. She can’t run four Livestream feeds from TKHQ so can only have three of Cassidy, Mr. T and Pinecone, and Tip’s regular and VIP cams running at any given time.
  • Note: Kimsies calls this day 15 because she counts from their first full day, but I include the day they arrived at TKHQ as day 1 so for me this is day 16. 🙂

The Mr. T and Pinecone Experience! — Day 16 Visits:

  • Kimsies visited.

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Shellys brief visit with Tip and kittens

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