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Recap: Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Val And Maks

  • Val and Maks, who were initially brought in to LAPS on November 13, are now available for adoption at the LAPS Satellite Adoption Centre in the Abbotsford Petsmart.

Jewel Litter

  • Gem, Ruby, and Diamond, who were initially brought in to LAPS on November 10, are also available for adoption at the LAPS Satellite Adoption Centre in the Abbotsford Petsmart.
  • The smaller Jewel litter kittens (Jet, Amber, Onyx, Garnet, and Sapphire), who also came in on November 10, will be available for adoption after December 7.

Charlie’s Angel Litter

  • The kittens, who were originally brought in to LAPS on November 10, are doing great in foster care. A number of photos of them were uploaded to the LAPS Foster Kittens Facebook page today.

TinyKittens HQ:


  • A special garment has arrived for Cassidy and Shelly spent several hours today putting it together and configuring it. (Not sure what this garment is — I presume it’s to try to get his knees flexing properly, but I’m a bit behind on Cassidy-related news as I’ve been watching the new kittens.)

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

Feral Colony

  • Per Shelly’s evening visit with Jingle and Holly, the TNR team is going to be trying to trap and bring in more kittens tomorrow — since the room is already contaminated, they might as well take advantage of it.

Jingle Bell and Holly Belle

Note: Shelly posted the full DVR of the first 39 hours of the kittens’ experience at TKHQ (up to about 8AM PST) to their Livestream page at http://livestream.com/tinykittens/bells/videos/105854618.

  • Morning notes:
    • There was some litter box usage by Holly at around 2AM — she also seemed to eat a little of the litter and then lie in the litter box for awhile.
    • By around 4AM, they were both playing out in the open. Jingle is all over the place, distracted by anything and everything, but he played a lot with the pink soccer ball. Holly (possibly because she still doesn’t feel 100% and her paws probably hurt a bit) mostly played with the Petstages ring toy. Ever since then, they’ve been in and out of the nest a fair bit, unlike the yesterday or the first day when they were mostly sleeping in the nest. It’s great to see them playing — with toys and with each other.
  • Morning visit at around 10:45 PST:

    • Shelly cleaned out the litter box, found pee and well-formed, dead-worm-riddled poop.
    • She gave Holly her eye drops and soaked and cleaned both of Holly’s paws. (She’ll be soaking the right one in particular twice a day.)
    • Holly’s temperature is 39.6 C, which is what it was when she came in. A bit on the high side.
    • Shelly’s pretty confident that Jingle has ringworm, though PCR test results still won’t be in for a day or two. If he does, it could take up to two months for it to clear.
    • Shelly is rounding up snugglers to help socialize the kittens.
    • Holly is surprisingly good about all the medical poking and probing, though she’s still quite fearful about strange noises and the human coming into the room.
  • Evening visit at around 18:45 PST:
    • Shelly blacklit Jingle’s “glowy bits” again.
    • She soaked Holly’s paws and cleaned up the drainage. The right paw is draining well.
    • Both of them are still sneezing, but their eyes are looking much better. (Shelly gave them more eye drops.)
    • Holly’s temperature had dropped down to a more normal 38.9 C.
    • Holly is still quite bloated, but that will probably take a couple of rounds of deworming to fully clear up. (She has a really heavy parasite load.)
    • She cleaned out Holly’s ears some more. They’re less itchy. Holly is really so very good about having all of this done to her.
    • Shelly gave both kittens a lengthy cuddle massage, which both seemed to enjoy a great deal.
    • Master snuggler Suzanne will be stopping by tomorrow for cuddles and socialization.

Random TK/LAPS Alumni Updates:

  • Treasure and Picasso CallaLily are now known as Precious and Gimli and are doing great in their new home.

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Shellys morning visit with J & H fudz meds RW tails etc

Tiny Kittens Shellys evening visit with J & H paw soaks eye drops cuddles etc

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