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Recap: Saturday, January 16, 2016

Note: Page is still being updated.


Star Wars Litter

LAPS staff and volunteers have been very good about posting the videos of the various visits with Queen Amidala and the kittens to their Livestream page, so if you miss any visit, you can go to http://livestream.com/accounts/14083503/starwars to watch them. (Note: It’s not always easy to tell what day a video is from — Livestream uses relative time, i.e. “xx days ago”, for posts and Zulu Time, which is currently eight hours ahead of PST, for comments — but they are in reverse chronological order on the page.)

Christmas Decoration Kittens

Alicia tries to broadcast a Periscope with the kittens every night at around 20:00 PST. Because Periscope videos are only viewable on/in Periscope for 24 hours, I record the videos and upload them to YouTube.

  • Alicia did her nightly Periscope, again with just Ribbon and Star.

TinyKittens HQ:


  • Just the standard, that Cassidy is doing his physio and that he and his entourage will be heading to North Carolina on Sunday, January 24, to visit with Dr. Marcellin-Little in person.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

Feral Recovery Ward

Current residents:

Satine and Shilo

  • Satine was out and exploring a lot during the times they were alone. Shiloh came out once or twice, but mostly stayed in the carrier.
  • The Visits:
    • Amanda visited. She had a really good, extended snuggle session with Shiloh.
    • Alicia and Gwen also visited with them. (I didn’t get to see this on the cam as the feed had reset before I got home.)
    • (Not sure who else — if anyone — visited at the moment.)

Holly and Joy

  • Holly and Joy were still in Mary’s old room. Shelly has tried periodically to bring Holly in to see how things go, but she’s generally growly, where she’s not really growly at when she’s in the separate room. Gwen mentioned that Holly growled a bit when Gwen gave her a pill in the afternoon but that she forgave quickly and started purring.

Formerly-Feral Mega Romper Room

  • The six cats/kittens in the main room have been enjoying themselves. At one point this morning (or early this afternoon), Comet took a flying leap at the ceiling-mounted camera that was pointed at the top of the cat tree and just about took it down completely.
  • The Visits:
    • Amanda visited.
    • Shelly visited in the early afternoon. She was able to just walk up to Elf and pet her, something she usually can’t do as Elf will scamper away. She thought she saw something on Nicholas so she took him out of the room briefly and then came back in with her headlamp on. (Whatever it is doesn’t fluoresce and doesn’t seem like a lesion, but it looks “interesting” — Gwen thinks it’s probably a scrape.)
    • Gwen came in just before Shelly left and made the very interesting suggestion that they try clicker training with Jingle, since he’s so outgoing and first in line to check out or try anything. She’s going to bring a clicker from home and they’ll give it a try, hopefully on cam. Gwen weighed everyone and gave them their deworming medication.
    • Alicia visited in the late afternoon.
    • Shelly visited in the evening.

Kim T’s videos and pictures from the feral colony:

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Shellys random visits

Tiny Kittens Alicia visits

Tiny Kittens Shellys late night visit

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