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Recap: Sunday, January 17, 2016

Note: Page is still being updated.


Star Wars Litter

LAPS staff and volunteers have been very good about posting the videos of the various visits with Queen Amidala and the kittens to their Livestream page, so if you miss any visit, you can go to http://livestream.com/accounts/14083503/starwars to watch them. (Note: It’s not always easy to tell what day a video is from — Livestream uses relative time, i.e. “xx days ago”, for posts and Zulu Time, which is currently eight hours ahead of PST, for comments — but they are in reverse chronological order on the page.)

Christmas Decoration Kittens

Alicia tries to broadcast a Periscope with the kittens every night at around 20:00 PST. Because Periscope videos are only viewable on/in Periscope for 24 hours, I record the videos and upload them to YouTube.

  • (Updates to come)

TinyKittens HQ:


  • Just the standard, that Cassidy is doing his physio and that he and his entourage will be heading to North Carolina on Sunday, January 24, to visit with Dr. Marcellin-Little in person.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

Feral Colony

Feral Recovery Ward

Current residents:

Satine and Shilo

Note: Satine and Shiloh are currently only viewable on the TinyKittens VIP cam, which you can access for a monthly or annual fee.

  • The girls have found the catio and even though it was pouring rain today, both spent most of their time out there so visits primarily consisted of talking to them outside and cleaning up inside. (In the time that I watched, I saw Satine come inside periodically but Shiloh had hunkered down at the top of the catio, under the eaves.)
  • The Visits:
    • Shelly visited in the morning. Seeing that the cats were spending most of their time outside, She set up one of her old cameras outside of the house, pointing down at the catio.
      Satine on catio 1130 PST 2016-01-17
      (As of the time I headed in to work tonight, that camera was slowly tilting — I imagine the duct tape just wasn’t holding up in the dampness.)
    • Alicia visited in the early afternoon. Both cats were outside at the time, so Alicia just put out new food and cleaned up. Her only “socializing” came from seeing and talking to them on her way past the catio when she was coming in and leaving.
    • Lawana visited in the afternoon.

Formerly-Feral Mega Romper Room

  • Holly and Joy are still in the room (or at least were when I left for work). Holly is still pretty grumbly and growly — sometimes downright fractious — at the other cats, Jingle most of all. (It would be easy to say it’s just the boys that make her growl, but it seems to be any cat who gets too close or is too rambunctious or is just on her wrong side.)
  • The Visits:
    • Shelly visited in the morning. She put out less high growth kibble. (They’d been getting a kitten formula kibble originally, which is more than they need now.) She decided to leave Holly and Joy in the room as Holly had tolerated Jingle in the cat tree penthouse overnight — Holly then proceeded to spend the rest of the day proving Shelly wrong by growling and spitting rarely regularly. Shelly put drops (Auriderm?) in Joy’s ear (to help with the soreness and ozzing she can see near the tattoo site) and gave Elf her meds. Both Holly’s and Joy’s spay incisions are healing well and the scratch on Nicholas’s belly looks better. Shelly has received one pair application so far and a number of single applications (mostly for Jingle but also one that is open and maybe one for Noelle).
    • Alicia visited around lunch time. She stopped to take some pictures of Satine and Shiloh outside on her way in. She cleaned up the room, put out more food. She brought a wire brush with her and gave Comet, Jingle, and Nicholas a good brushing. (She tried it with the others but they were less accommodating.) She also did upside-down hover kitten with Elf and Jingle. And she had a really active play session that literally had Jingle bouncing off the walls and cat tree. Holly was very growly and spitty during the visit.
    • Lawana visited in the early afternoon.

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Shellys morning visit

Tiny Kittens Alicia’s visit

Tiny Kittens Lawana’s visit

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