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Recap: Sunday, January 3, 2016

Note: Page is still being updated.



  • ❤️❤️❤️ I learned today that Stella, the lovely but very sick senior cat who was brought in on December 23, passed away two days ago. Jayne made the sad announcement yesterday on the Star Wars litter Livestream. (I didn’t see/hear the announcement live and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have been on any of the saved/posted videos from yesterday.) Jayne said she was in heart failure on top of all her other health issues. But she was warm and loved and fed at the end. ❤️❤️❤️

Star Wars Litter

LAPS staff and volunteers have been very good about posting the videos of the various visits with Queen Amidala and the kittens to their Livestream page, so if you miss any visit, you can go to http://livestream.com/accounts/14083503/starwars to watch them. (Note: It’s not always easy to tell what day a video is from — Livestream uses relative time, i.e. “xx days ago”, for posts and Zulu Time, which is currently eight hours ahead of PST, for comments — but they are in reverse chronological order on the page.)

Christmas Decoration Kittens

Alicia tries to broadcast a Periscope with the kittens every night at around 20:00 PST. Because Periscope videos are only viewable on/in Periscope for 24 hours, I record the videos and upload them to YouTube.

  • Alicia had her nightly Periscope session with the kittens tonight. Glimmer weighs 924 grams (up from 916), Star weighs 697 grams (up from 674), Ribbon weighs 847 grams (up from 836), Tinsel weighs 1017 grams (up from 1002) and Bow weighs 1079 grams (up from 1071). There was more fun with the hexbug. (The hexbug made it out under the door into the main living area, and Miss Vickie was not impressed at all.) Alicia also brought out the Weazel Ball for the kittens — they were interested, but not sure what to make of it. (Pretty much the same reaction that Calla Lily and her kittens had.)

TinyKittens HQ:


Note: At around 2am (Jan 3), the feed that was on Comet and co’s room was switched to Mary’s room. (The Livestream in Comet’s room ended some time before that — I’m guessing either the computer or the camera in there is out for the count, hence the switch to Mary.)

  • Suzanne visited Mary today. She did her best to angle the camera to give us a good view of Mary, but it’s hard to tell how things are aimed when you can’t see the result on a screen. (Little Darling uploaded a recording of this video — along with others from today. See her section at the bottom of this page.)
  • Alicia visited Mary in the mid-afternoon. She did a little Periscope broadcast while she was there.

The feed was switched back to Comet and co at around 12:40, while Suzanne was still visiting them.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

Holly, Comet, Mistletoe, and Joy

Note: At around 2am PST (possibly earlier), the feed that was on Comet and co’s room was switched to Mary’s room. (The Livestream in Comet’s room ended some time before that.) The feed was switched back to this room part way through Suzanne’s visit. Per Shelly’s later update, the computer in this room restarted after installing updates last night, and Shelly couldn’t remote into the computer to restart the stream. (The VIP camera did the same thing tonight, but it was only out for an hour or two at most.)

  • Suzanne visited the big kids around lunchtime, after her visit with Mary. Unfortunately, because there was no cam feed in there for much of her visit, just the last 30 minutes of it.
  • Alicia visited in the afternoon. Lots of cuddles and snuggles.
  • Shelly visited at around 22:30 PST.
    • She set up a little toy train on a track. (I seem to remember seeing it before.) The kids were more interested in the white Christmas tree that came with it. (She also reminded everyone that the duct tape on the cat teaser/mouse track toy was from when Pip and Siris were recuperating from their URI at TKHQ and she needed something to keep Pip occupied; the toy got the bad end of that deal.)(And the fish bed is a “loan” from Cassidy. ;-))
    • Joy got her dose of doxyclycline, and then Shelly broke out the headlamp someone sent her and did a very thorough job of cleaning everyone’s ears. (She remarked that Joy’s ear gunk is different from the others, white instead of the usual black/dark.)
    • Joy’s and Holly’s spays are tentatively scheduled for January 12, pending a second negative PCR test for both.
    • Both Holly’s and Mistletoe’s paws look really good.
    • Shelly mentioned that she might switch the feeds around again, maybe tomorrow, so that non-VIP viewers can see the newly-clipped kittens in the ringworm romper room downstairs.
    • Shelly’s received an application for Mistletoe and Comet and one for Holly and Joy. (She also received an application for Mary but it was of the “if you can’t find her a home” variety so they’re still actively looking for an adopter for her.)
  • (Note: There are two videos of the visit embedded below — the first contains the majority of the visit. The second contains the couple of minutes after Shelly tried to sneak back in to take some pictures after saying goodnight. I’m too lazy to splice them together. ;-))
    ||| Part 1 |||

    ||| Part 2 |||

Ringworm Romper Room with Jingle, Elf, Nicholas, and Noelle

Note: Jingle, Elf, and Nicholas, and Noelle are currently only viewable on the TinyKittens VIP cam, which you can access for a monthly or annual fee. (Think of it as a way to donate to TinyKittens monthly, with a pledging award of the VIP cam feed.)

TinyKittens Cat Pack Facebook group posted a number of cute pictures from Suzanne’s and Alicia’s visits with Jingle and company.

  • Suzanne visited at around 12:45. (Details coming.)
  • Alicia visited in the late afternoon. (Details coming.)
  • Shelly visited at around 23:30. (Details coming.)

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Mary at TKHQ [Suzanne’s visit]

Tiny Kittens Shellys late night visit

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