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Recap: Monday, December 14, 2015


General Notes

Showcase of adoptable cats

Laura Mayes posted pictures today of several cats — primarily seniors — who are at LAPS waiting for their forever homes. I’ve been following some of these for some time, so I wanted to include them here as well:

  • She posted several pictures of Frodo, who was brought in to LAPS on October 14 in terrible shape and who is now looking for his forever home.
  • And several pictures of Lucky, a lovely ten-year-old black cat who is looking for his forever home.
  • And more pictures, of Hazel, a lovely dilute tortie senior.
  • And my favourite guys, Whiskey and Sambuca. (LAPS also posted their Santa visit pictures today.)

Christmas Decoration Kittens

  • Alicia had two Periscope sessions today with Star, Ribbon, Tinsel, Glimmer, and Bow — one in the late morning before she headed for work and one quick one in the evening. Star weighs 336 grams, Ribbon weighs 413 grams, Glimmer weighs 567 grams, Bow weighs 561 grams, and Tinsel weighs 596 grams.

TinyKittens HQ:

  • No updates yet today

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

General Notes

  • Since midnight this morning, the “Big Kids” room is broadcasting on the non-VIP stream and the Ringworm Romper Room is broadcasting on the TinyKittens VIP cam, which you can access for either a monthly or annual fee. (This swapping of the feeds is to give the non-VIP viewers a chance to see Holly, Comet, Mistletoe, and Joy — especially their stay at TKHQ will hopefully be shorter than the younger kittens’ stay.)
  • Ringworm baths were supposed to happen today, but didn’t. (I didn’t catch the reason, but I know they were out of shampoo and hoping for it to arrive today; I’m presuming it didn’t arrive in time.) They’ve been rescheduled for Tuesday.

Holly, Comet, Mistletoe, and Joy (non-VIP cam)

  • Shelly had a visit with the big kids shortly after the cam feeds swapped at midnight. (A nice side effect of the swapping was that it was really easy all day to know what time it was in Kitten Time because the DVR times were the same as actual time.)
  • Amanda was in  at around 10:20 to clean the room and visit. She pet and actively played with almost everyone (Mistletoe being the partial holdout). Comet letting her chase him and then flopping in front of her was hilarious to watch.
  • Shelly visited at around 13:00 to give everyone their meds. She started Joy on Panacur as well since Joy has gotten gassy.
  • Kimsies visited at around 15:00.
  • Gwen visited at around 17:40, to give meds and administer snuggles. She even pulled Mistletoe into her lap for an extended cuddling session.

Ringworm Romper Room with Jingle, Elf, Nicholas, and Noelle (VIP cam)

  • Gwen visited a bit while she cleaned the room.
  • Amanda visited at around 11:40, after she left the other kitten room. She played with and cuddled everyone — even Elf. (She got good purrs from Elf with ear strokes.) She also gave Jingle a pawdicure. Elf seems less snarfly.
  • Shelly made a quick visit at around 14:20. She showed the TinyKittens in the Classroom “Joyfulness” video and gave meds to everyone.
  • Kimsies visited the kittens at 16:00.

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Shellys late night visit with Comet and Co. switched cams feeds so more can see

Tiny Kittens Amanda visits Comet and company

Tiny Kittens Shellys visit with Comet and Co. and updates

Tiny Kittens Kimsie’s visit in with Comet and them

Tiny Kittens Shellys late night visit with Comet and Co

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