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Recap: Friday, December 11, 2015

Note: Page is still being updated.


Whiskey and Sambuca

  • Their Livestream is down, I presume because it was needed for the Star Wars litter. Hopefully we’ll get the occasional Periscope or something with them.

Star Wars Litter

  • This litter is mama Queen Amidala and her five 7-ish-day-old kittens. They came in from another shelter that has no foster system. Mama is very gorgeous, with incredible golden eyes. And she is very chatty. (Jayne is never going to get any work done. LOL)
    • Princess Leia: tuxie girl with black goatee, wearing a pink collar.
    • Luke Skywalker: tuxie boy who looks like Leia but without the goatee, wearing a blue collar.
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi: tuxie boy with more white on his left cheek, wearing a green collar.
    • Chewbacca: Tiny black boy, looks like Han Solo only smaller, wearing a yellow collar.
    • Han Solo: Black boy, looks like Chewbacca only bigger, wearing a red collar.
      (Mama’s not a fan of the collars and managed to easily remove Han’s collar while grooming him. She didn’t have the same luck with Leia’s.)
  • They are currently on Livestream from Jayne’s office at http://livestream.com/accounts/14083503/starwars. (Good luck getting any work done, Jayne. 😉 )

Other New Litter (currently unnamed)

  • This family is a tortie mom with two remarkable-looking tortie girls and an all-black boy. Mama is not nearly as outgoing as Queen Amidala so they are being kept in a quiet, darker space to ease mama’s stress. The kittens are slightly older than the Star Wars kittens, but they came from the same shelter, which is restructuring and doesn’t currently have a foster system in place. They will be heading to foster mom Dawn’s house tomorrow.

  • Added on December 29, 2015: The names have officially been chosen. The litter is the “Toast to the Holidays” litter, with drink-related names. Mama is Campari and the kittens are Advocaat (mostly black kitten), Kahlua (tortie), and Baileys (tortie with half-orange face).

Jewel Litter

  • Jet and Sapphire are still waiting for their forever homes — the other three kittens of their litter (the little ones of the Jewel Litter) were adopted very quickly (today, I presume).


  • Diamond, Ruby, and Gem from the group of larger kittens are still waiting for their forever homes at the LAPS Satellite Adoption Centre at the Abbotsford Petsmart.

Christmas Decorations Kittens

  • Alicia had a Periscope session with the kittens. Star weighs 278 grams, Glimmer weighs 456 grams, Tinsel weighs 505 grams, Bow weighs 542 grams, and Ribbon weighs 330 grams.
    (Note: I finally sorted out the issues that were causing the video to stutter so I’ve re-recorded this Periscope and uploaded it again.)

TinyKittens HQ:

  • No updates yet today

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

Feral Colony

  • Kimsies was on feeding station duty today. She took a bunch of videos, which you can see in a separate section near the bottom of the page.

Holly, Comet, Mistletoe, and Joy

Note: The “Big Kids” room is currently only viewable on the TinyKittens VIP cam, which you can access for either a monthly or annual fee.

  • Suzanne visited the kittens in the morning. The sound was off for a large portion of her visit and so I don’t really know what happened beyond her snuggling whoever was willing to be petted.
  • Shelly also visited, shortly after Suzanne, to do meds and paw-soaking and the usual.
  • Shelly posted a video and update on Holly, Comet, and Joy.
  • Kimsies visited later.

Ringworm Romper Room with Jingle, Elf, Nicholas, and Noelle

  • Suzanne visited.
  • Shelly visited.
  • Kimsies visited. She got to play with Noelle, who is looking and acting so much better — what a difference nine days of good food, warm/dry shelter, ample deworming and meds, and a lot of TLC will make. Hard to think that she’d probably not have survived much longer if left out in the forest. Kimsies took a bunch of videos — see her section below for all of those.

Kimsies’ videos/pictures from TKHQ:

Kimsies’ videos/pictures from the feral colony:

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Suzanne’s visit in RW room

Tiny Kittens Ginger Nick being playful

Tiny Kittens Shellys late night visit in RW room with black light

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