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Colony of the Dolls graduates, guests, and losses

[Note: This page is for cats/kittens who came from the Colony of the Dolls feral colony. If you’re looking for cats/kittens who are related to the other colonies, head over to Happy Forest feral colony graduates, guests, and losses or Nano’s Farm feral colony graduates, guests, and losses.]

Since I created a page like this for the original Happy Forest colonies, I figured I might as well keep things going by creating one for each TK- or PFHC-managed colony. This colony is the fourth TNR project, on a dairy farm property where people keep dumping their unwanted cats.

As with the other pages, I no doubt split my lists up in a way that is guaranteed to be largely different from how Shelly is tracking them but should include all of the cats that Shelly might refer to:

  1. furry tail endings — a master list of all cats/kittens brought in from the feral colony or its surroundings who went on to find forever homes
  2. pending furry tail endings — cats/kittens brought in from the feral colony or its surroundings who (as far as I know) are still waiting to find their forever homes
  3. “sort of” furry tail endings — cats/kittens from the feral colony who were either re-homed as barn cats or who made their own happy place living outdoors with human companionship
  4. kittens born at TinyKittens HQ to mothers from the feral colony or its surroundings
  5. temporary guests — cats/kittens who stayed at TKHQ for a time while they recovered or while socialization was attempted with them but who subsequently returned to the forest
  6. RIPs — cats/kittens who passed away either at the colony or in the care of TinyKittens

With the exception of the RIP list, these lists are in chronological order from date brought in to TKHQ. The RIP list is, as closely as I can get it, in chronological order by date of death. (This colony was a TinyKittens project, not a joint project with LAPS.) The lists generally just contain brief information and key dates for the cats/kittens — pages with more detailed information are under construction.

(Note: In the lists below, “at TinyKittens HQ” or “at TKHQ” means at the actual TinyKittens HQ house, at Shelly’s house, at a foster, or at a veterinary hospital while in TK care.)

Furry Tail Endings

These are cats and kittens who were trapped at the colony or were taken in temporarily and/or socialized to some degree by neighbours of the property where the colony is and who subsequently went on to be adopted into forever homes.

  • Evolene – Approximately six years old, skinny, and pregnant with severe dental issues when she was trapped on March 10, 2017. She gave birth to a litter of five very underdeveloped and struggling ginger kittens on April 7, 2017. All five kittens passed away within a couple of days of birth. Evolene could concentrate on getting herself better without kittens to feed. She unexpectedly went back into heat about two weeks after giving birth and was spayed shortly after that. Several teeth were removed at the same time. She stayed in the care of TinyKittens (first at Shelly’s, then in foster care with Kimsies, and finally back at Shelly’s) until she finally went to her forever home on May 28, 2017. [See The Princess and the E.]
  • Corsica – Approximately four years old and pregnant when she was trapped on March 18, 2017. She gave birth to five very robust kittens on April 8, 2017. She began fostering Evolene’s kittens quite happily as of early April 9, 2017, but it wasn’t enough and they unfortunately didn’t survive. She was adopted with one of her kittens, Fabergé [See Greener Pastures – Corsica & her Fabergé Egg]

Pending Furry Tail Endings

  • N/A

Sort of Furry Tail Endings

  • N/A

Kittens Born at TinyKittens HQ to Mothers From the Colony

All surviving kittens from these litters were adopted into loving homes. Because they were all born and raised in the care of humans, these kittens wouldn’t technically be considered ferals…but they are products of the feral colony and thus the happily ever afters for the kittens who survived qualify for listing here.

Temporary Guests of TinyKittens HQ

These are cats/kittens who stayed at TKHQ for a time while they recovered or while socialization was attempted with them but who subsequently returned to the forest. (This list does not include cats who just stayed overnight at TKHQ while awaiting their spay/neuter surgeries or while briefly recovering from their spay/neuter surgeries with no attempts at socialization.)

  • Red – Red is a lovely ginger boy; he, like Evolene, is thought to be about six years old and is fairly friendly with people. (It isn’t something that can be known for sure, but I wonder if perhaps he and Evolene were litter mates who were dumped together at the farm.) He was brought in for his neuter and to get his bad teeth worked on. (He had four teeth pulled.) He hung out at TKHQ for awhile (off-cam) while he recovered and then returned to his colony.

❤️ RIPs ❤️

  • Evolene’s first born boy, Benedict — he was born breach and his birth was long and rough; at some point during that difficult birth (or possibly due to a congenital issue), his tail at birth was degloved (i.e. missing the top layer of skin and hair). He was taken in to Mountain View late on April 8, 2017, where they removed the injured portion of his tail. However, he still failed to thrive and passed away on April 9, 2017.
  • Evolene’s last born girl, Easter — she was the second smallest of Evolene’s kittens and just failed to thrive; she passed away on April 9, 2017.
  • Evolene’s remaining kittens — boy Tamago, smallest girl Peep , and finally Cadbury — also failed to thrive and one-by-one also passed away during the early morning hours of April 10, 2017.

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