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Recap: Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feral Colony Notes

General Notes

  • The next fix-a-thon is scheduled for the weekend of February 17 to 19, 2017.
  • Shelly posted an update on the upcoming fix-a-thon events, including the news that the firefighters of the Township of Langley Firefighters’ Charities will be taking part in the events on Saturday.
  • She also updated the database and pages for the feral cats so that there are now separate fields for fix-a-thon number and colony. Accessing the fix-a-thon page now requires people to register first.
  • As a result of that additional information, I can confirm/update the information I’d posted on February 11 — of the 36 cats on the hit list, 12 are from the new Lion Colony (The Great Pumpkin, The Middle Pumpkin, The Wee Pumpkin, Thurston, Tate, Riva, Enrico, Roy, Romeo, Ringo, Theo, and The Great Catermelon), 10 are from the Happy Forest (Cato, Elwood, Harley, Macey, Mabel, Milo, Mitch, Morrow, Quinn, and Rusty), and 14 are from Nano’s Farm (Addison, Aviva, Emory, Macrofloof, Maddox, Mali, Marcel, Marley, Marlowe, Merrit, Mitt, Nala, Owen, and Racer).
    — I still don’t know about Dana, Deacon, Floyd, Muppet, Nell, Osborn, Rupert, or Rafferty, who were not trapped during the last fix-a-thon and are presumably still intact —

TinyKittens HQ

The cams and Livestream feeds

Recently, Shelly has been switching cams and feeds around fairly randomly so I am just going to note what cams were viewable when. Generally there is a VIP stream and a public stream.

  • The VIP stream was on Calvin all day.
  • The regular stream showed highlights of past litters.
  • Nothing was streaming live on YouTube.


Calvin is in the feral recovery room downstairs at TKHQ.

  • Suzanne visited with Calvin around noon. She hasn’t been one of the regular Calvin snugglers (she’s been kept more than busy enough up to now with the upstairs kittens), so she’s taking things slowly and letting him get used to her.
    Suzanne visits with Calvin 2017-02-14


Mason is at Shelly’s. He has the run of the house, though Shelly says he mostly hides under the couch.


The cams and Livestream feeds

LAPS is currently having some technical issues with their computer and their Internet/WiFi and so they’re generally unable to broadcast a full-time live stream at this time. Their current intermittent streams are:

  • A Day in the Life At LAPS: This is the main general event for LAPS. It’s the stream where intakes are usually streamed along with other shelter residents/rooms.

General Notes

  • There were no social media updates today.

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