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My first visit to LAPS

I’ve been in the Vancouver area for a couple of months now, and I finally had a chance to go to LAPS yesterday for a brief visit. (I’m such a nerd — it was exciting to finally see the place after years of seeing it just in photos and videos. LOL)
LAPS lobby 2017-01-28

2017 Calendars

While I was there, I picked up a copy of the two LAPS 2017 calendars. They still have copies available and are willing to ship. (Hint, hint.)

The artwork in the 2017 LAPS Furry Tail Endings calendar — by Chrstine Savella of Savvy Studios — is gorgeous. (I particularly adore the cover image, of Mrs. Hudson.)
2017 LAPS Furry Tail Endings Calendar (front and back)
The Township of Langley Firefighters’ Charitable Society/LAPS calendar (featuring photography by Trav+Ash) is, as expected, not too shabby either. (You can’t go wrong with handsome firemen hanging out with kittens and dogs.)
2017 LAPS and Langley Firefighters Calendar (front and back)

You can watch the Periscopes from the July 24, 2016, photo shoot here:

Visiting Some Cats

I also had a chance to visit with some of the cats/kittens.

Molson and McCoy

I stopped in to check out these two very skittish kittens, who are hanging out in the small communal room. (Their brother Murphy was already adopted.) They are both pretty scared. When I came in, both were hanging out, scrunched up  under the Kuranda. I was able to give long-distance chin scritches to one of them using a feather wand toy. (I’m not sure which of them it was, except to say that he was the less fierce of the two. LOL) His brother was not happy to see me in the slightest, so I left them in peace after a short visit. (I do agree that they’d probably do better in a home environment, especially one where there is another cat or two to help ease them into this whole human thing, much like Bowie helped Finster and Boo adjust at Kimsies when they were still very fierce little raggamuffins.)

Newt Scamander

Newt was hanging out in the cat condos when I arrived so we had a lovely visit. (His neighbours, Cat and Tempest, were sleeping so I didn’t bother them.) I recorded a little bit of my visit with him. (My apologies up front for the sniffing — allergies, you know how it is — and for the inconsistent recording — it’s my first time recording while trying to pet a cat at the same time.)

Newt is such a sweetheart. Judging by the comments on the LAPS post, he won’t have long to wait for a new forever home.


I stopped in to visit with Nash briefly as I was leaving. (He’s hanging out in the big communal room near the lobby.) He is sweet…and he (like Newt) really is so soft. It’s a shame that his heart condition will make his journey to a forever home take a little longer than it would be otherwise. (His siblings have already all been adopted.) I didn’t take any pictures of him, but I’ll be back for another visit at another time, I’m sure.

If I was living somewhere that I could have cats, the two ginger boys might have come home with me right then and there.

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