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Recap: Thursday, March 3, 2016


The cams and Livestream feeds

LAPS is currently having some technical issues with their computer and their Internet/WiFi and so they’re unable to broadcast a full-time live stream at this time. Their current intermittent streams are:

  • A Day in the Life At LAPS: This is the main general event for LAPS. It’s the stream where intakes are usually streamed along with other shelter residents/rooms.
  • Puddles, Season, Blossom, and Shiver: This stream is the new event for the communal room where the four tame cats from the feral colony are being kept while they are socialized and while LAPS waits to see if the three females are pregnant.


  • LAPS posted an update about the ISOasis. They hope to be breaking ground on the construction in late spring.


  • Rio is hanging out at Hotel Jules with Foster Mom Jules.

Season, Shiver, Puddles, and Blossom

  • Season and Shiver are the daughters of Kestrel, who is currently a resident at TinyKittens HQ. They come from the other side of the property where the feral colony is, from a neighbour’s of the Property Owner. They are tame but aren’t pets. Puddles and Blossom are also from that same area and situation.
  • All four cats are now together in one of the communal rooms at LAPS. Puddles has been neutered, but needs some socialization before he’s adoptable. The three girls are possibly pregnant so are being held at LAPS for a week or two until it’s determined if they are. (If they are, they will be fostered and then they and their kittens will be spayed/neutered and adopted. If they aren’t pregnant, they will be spayed and adopted.)


  • ❤️❤️❤️ Mattie had her appointment with Dr. Ferguson yesterday. She’s been eating ravenously but losing weight, and despite all of the fluids they’ve been giving her, she’s still dehydrated. The results of the vet visit were not good, though not surprising given the state she arrived in — she’s got renal disease, cardiovascular disease, and GI disease along with a likely tumour in her GI tract. LAPS have made the difficult — but very humane — decision to ease her passing now rather than leaving her to suffer longer. They had a Livestream visit with her to say goodbye. ❤️❤️❤️
  • You can view that on their A Day in the Life at LAPS stream at http://livestream.com/accounts/14083503/LAPSlife/videos/114191681; I’ve also uploaded it to YouTube and embedded it below:


Cupcake Kittens

  • Jen from Paws and Claws, who is fostering this litter, posted an update video on the kittens. Their eyes are still closed, but they’re doing great.


  • Shelly received a message from the Property Owner that one of the workers had trapped a male cat that he hoped would be able to get in for a quick snip. (He was spraying and there were concerns he’d try to get inside one of the buildings that has a cat door for its resident cat.) Lorie was on feeding station duty today and she picked the cat up and took him to LAPS….where Lneya noted a distinct lack of manly bits. So, now the male cat who’d been named Hamish appears to be a possibly pregnant, possibly ringworm-infected female cat who looks a lot like Elfie. LAPS later named her Fairy, which is very appropriate if she’s at all related to Elf. 😉
  • Lneya and Amy did a Periscope session with Fairy during intake — they were in one of the iso rooms, I believe, and were using one of their phones (and they were speaking quietly so as to not scare the cat any more than she already was) so the audio is hard to make out on it but the gist is this: she is very skittish (she was hiding behind the cages by the end of the Periscope) and she has some scabs at the base of her tail that fluoresced very slightly.  (They’ll be doing a PCR test to make sure.)

TinyKittens HQ:


  • Now that Kestrel has been given the pregnancy all-clear, she’ll be able to go in for her spay, after which she’ll be available for adoption. Her spay is scheduled for Monday, March 7, 2016.
  • If you’re interested in adopting her, go to http://www.tinykittens.com/adopt.


  • No updates yet today.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

The cams and Livestream feeds

We currently have two live streaming webcams at TKHQ:

  • The Neelix: Kittenwatch, Feral-style! stream: This is the stream showing the purple room upstairs where Neelix is residing.
  • The TinyKittens VIP cam stream: When there are only two (or fewer) rooms of cats/kittens, this stream is usually showing an alternate view of one of the rooms. Wherever it’s pointing at any given moment, this special stream/feed is only accessible for a monthly or annual fee. (Consider it a way to donate to TinyKittens monthly, with the VIP cam feed as a perk.)

Inactive/intermittent streams:

  • The Feral Recovery Room stream: This, as the name would suggest, is the stream that used to be on the upstairs room with its various residents until they went to their forever homes (or back to the Happy Forest); after Enara left on February 20, the feed was set to show a 23-minute loop of feral colony videos. The feral loop DVR feed went offline just after 10:00 on February 23, just before the World Spay Day feed went live.
  • The Cassidy the Two-Legged #MiracleKitten stream: This occasionally shows videos of Cassidy over at Shelly’s house.

Noelle and Elf

  • The girls have not been viewable on Livestream for a couple of days now. They’re still in their room downstairs, but the computer that ran the cam is not working consistently well (which is why the cam kept going down during the last couple of days that the stream was up and running).
  • In anticipation of the newly trapped feral cat coming to TKHQ, Shelly quickly set up a cam in NoElf’s room and donned iso gear to start removing all of their toys from that room — they were going to moved somewhere else and the new cat was going to go in that room. Part way through that process, she was told to halt as it seems the new cat will be staying at LAPS. So she reversed the process, putting the toys back in, taking off her iso gear. After a chat vote, she left the cam on NoElf for awhile instead of switching it back up to Neelix. (I left for work then so don’t know if the cam was switched back again.)

Feral Recovery Ward

Current Residents

ferals at TKHQ as of 2016-02-29 - Savina and Neelix

  • Savina is currently relaxing (hopefully) in the Decompression Suite of the feral recovery wing (aka the white room upstairs). She’s enjoying fine catio dining, luxurious glamping in her own feral den, quiet, and mood lighting…all designed for a stress-free stay at TinyKittens HQ. Here’s hoping she read the brochure. 😉
  • Neelix is currently in residence in the purple room, generally either on the catio or in the Cabinet of Solitude.


  • The VIP feed is now showing Savina in her room.

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Videos to come as Little Darling uploads them.

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