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Recap: Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Feral Colony Cats

ferals currently being socialized at/through LAPS as of 2016-01-29 - Tellar, Eaton, and Rio

Note: Tellar is temporarily residing with Foster Mom Jules so that he can get used to being in a home environment. Eaton and Rio are still together at the shelter.


  • Foster Mom Jules posted a video of Tellar, who is now considered suitable for adoption.

Rio and Eaton

  • No updates on Rio or Eaton.

Star Wars Litter

LAPS staff and volunteers have been easing up on posting videos of the kittens as we head towards adoption day, but you can go to http://livestream.com/accounts/14083503/starwars to watch the Livestream of this litter live. (Note: It’s not always easy to tell what day a video is from — Livestream uses relative time, i.e. “xx days ago”, for posts and Zulu Time, which is currently eight hours ahead of PST, for comments — but they are in reverse chronological order on the page.)

  • Weight chart
  • Today’s visits/videos on Livestream (in chronological order, titles from actual posts):
    • (There were no saved videos today.)

TinyKittens HQ:


  • No updates yet today.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

General Notes

The TinyKittens VIP cam gets swapped around periodically. The VIP feed (wherever it’s pointing at any given moment) can be accessed for a monthly or annual fee. (Consider it a way to donate to TinyKittens monthly, with the VIP cam feed as a perk.)

Today, the VIP feed was switched to the Romper Room (i.e. the room with purple walls) so that the new Feral Recovery Ward could be on the regular cam.

Feral Recovery Ward

Current residents:

ferals currently recuperating at TKHQ 2016-01-27 - Satine, Enara, and Tiger

  • Shelly moved the ferals from the downstairs room to the white room upstairs.
  • The Visits:
    • Shelly visited to move the cats.
    • Lawana visited.

Formerly-Feral Mega Romper Room

  • The Visits:
    • Shelly visited very briefly before she headed to the feral colony feeding station. She put out some more food, and gave everyone their ringworm meds. She also cleaned Comet’s ears. She thinks Nick’s lip swelling is going down (which makes sense if it was indeed caused by the fall the other day). Comet’s neck cyst is the same as yesterday.
    • Lawana visited.

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Shelly switches Satine’s room and updates on everyone

Tiny Kittens Um oops [this is a short clip from the above video of Satine trying to reach the window]

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