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Recap: Sunday, November 29, 2015


Calla Lily

Zelda (of the Great Catsby Litter)

  • Zelda was also adopted today.


  • Foster Mom Jules had a Periscope session with Shiraz while Shelly was doing intake on the two feral kittens. Shiraz is back on her pain meds (Gabapentin and Buprenorphine) and is doing pretty well. (She’d been pooping strangely, probably because of discomfort, and is pooping fine now that she’s getting the pain meds again.) Jules had taken Shiraz in to see Dr. Ferguson last week — Shiraz has gained two pounds in a couple of weeks (too much, the equivalent of a human gaining 40 pounds) so they’ve put her on a better food for her. Dr. F did a pinch test of Shiraz’s tail and confirmed that there is no feeling in it until right up near the base; it’s dead. Her best guess, based on the injuries, is that Shiraz was hit by a car and her back end went under and around the wheel. Shiraz’s leg wounds are healing really well but she still has another five weeks or so of rest for her pelvis/hip to heal.

TinyKittens HQ:


  • Shelly posted the Livestream video (about six hours worth) from today.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

General Notes

Feral Colony

  • Willow Sarin’s humans were out at the feeding station today, tweaking/winterizing the feeding shelters. Foster Mom Jules was on feeding station duty today around the same time.


Two new feral kittens from colony (Holly Belle and Jingle Bell)

  • The Proper Owner called Shelly about a kitten he’d found with an injured foot (she’d told him to keep an eye open for any injured or pregnant cats). She had him trap another kitten for company and she went to pick them both up.

    (The video above is on my YouTube channel. It’s missing the first minute or so of the livestream where Shelly mentioned the power outage, but it should be in HD. Little Darling has also uploaded a recording of this intake video in a lower resolution. See her section at the bottom of this page.)

  • Kitten #1 is a tabby female. (Given name Holly Belle on Monday.) She’s around 4 or 5 months old — she has her adult teeth already — and is 1.78 kg (3.9 lbs). She was very quiet during most of the examination.
    Feral female kitten 2015-11-29 Feral female kitten 2015-11-29

    • She has a very big belly — Shelly isn’t sure if it’s worm bloat or that the kitten is pregnant.
    • She is snuffling and wheezing and clearly has a URI. She also has a lot of gunk in her eyes, a sign of an eye infection of some kind. Her temperature is up a bit at 39.6 C.
    • One of her front feet has an open wound on the bottom and across the “wrist”. Both front feet are very swollen, but nothing appears to be missing. (The PO thought maybe some part of the injured foot was gone.) From the looks of the pictures Shelly posted on Facebook, something like wire or line may have gotten wrapped around the kitten’s injured front paw. Her back feet look OK.
    • There is some patchiness on her nose — hopefully no ringworm, but Shelly can’t blacklight either kitten with the power out. No mouth ulcers.
    • Shelly gave her Revolution and Clavamox (Dr. Ferguson stepped out of Disney on Ice to phone Shelly to work out a care plan), but didn’t give pain meds in case she is pregnant. Shelly will take her in to Mountain View tomorrow.
  • Kitten #2 is a very floofy tabby and white male. (Given name Jingle Bell on Monday.) He’s not related to the first kitten, he was just easy to catch to be her “friend” at TKHQ. He’s younger than she is — his adult teeth are still coming in (he has a mix of baby and adult teeth). He’s very friendly and inquisitive and purrs constantly.
    Totally ferocious feral male kitten 2015-11-29 Totally ferocious feral male kitten 2015-11-29 Totally ferocious feral male kitten 2015-11-29

    • Shelly didn’t get around to weighing him.
    • He pooped and vomited in the carrier and so is in need of a bath — later.
    • He’s sneezing and itchy and shaking his ears a lot.
    • Shelly thinks she knows who his daddy is, but she didn’t say who that was. (Perhaps she’s talking about Borg, the now-AWOL fluffy pet cat with the lion cut seen only on trail cam, who they think is Topper’s daddy.)
    • Shelly also gave him Revolution plus the terrible-tasting stuff.
  • Shelly will monitor them, especially the girl kitten, throughout the night.
  • Late evening visit (around 22:30 PST):

    (The video above is on my YouTube channel. It starts with Shelly’s visit, but also includes the girl kitten eating after Shelly leaves. Little Darling has also uploaded a recording of this intake video in a slightly lower resolution and without the kitten eating on her own at the end — see LD’s  section at the bottom of this page.)

    • Shelly blacklit both kittens. She saw something suspicious about the boy kitten — possible ringworm.
      blacklighting kittens 2015-11-29
    • Girl kitten’s temperature was 40.1 C, which is up from earlier, so Shelly gave her some fluids. Shelly also cleaned out her eye gunk again and gave her more eye drops. Shelly noticed that it looks as though the girl’s ear had been bitten — there’s a notch out of it
    • Though she was reluctant at first, the girl kitten eventually ate some food from Shelly’s fingers. Shelly left a plate of food in the nesting bin and the girl kitten ate more food as soon as Shelly left and then again later on. (She seemed pretty hungry.) The boy kitten hasn’t eaten at all so far, as far as I can tell
      finger snacks 2015-11-29 late night snack 2015-11-29
    • Shelly confirmed that she’ll be taking the girl kitten in to Mountain View tomorrow. If she’s not pregnant, they’ll have to put her under in order to clean out her wounds.
    • Both kittens are very dirty (and stinky) and definitely in need of a bath.

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens One injured kitten and another kitten for company come to TKHQ

Tiny Kittens Shellys late night visit blacklight doesnt look good but not definitive

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