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Recap: Thursday, October 8, 2015


CallaLily Litter:

  • Alicia had her daily Periscope session with Calla and the kittens. The kittens are continuing to eat more real food, though there is still a strong preference in some for milkbar. And she found a kitten-sized poop in the litter box, culprit unknown.

New feral litter:

  • See People For Happier Cats section for information about new feral litter brought in.

TinyKittens HQ:

General Notes:

  • The regular TKHQ cam faded to black shortly after Shelly dropped off Tip and left. Good thing VIP is still an option. (Hint, hint.)

    The cam faded back in on its own about 25 minutes before Shelly stopped in after going to LAPS and then visiting with Cassidy in the late afternoon. So I don’t think she ever realized that it had been out for over 6.5 hours. All she noticed was that it was askew when she walked in.
  • Topper now has his own Facebook page: Topper from Protector to Pampered


  • Shelly took Tip back to TKHQ this morning so Casa Casserole is now free from mama cat cooties.


  • Cassidy had some serious biscuit-making going on early this morning.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

Morning Update

  • They (whoever “they” are) are going to be doing some filming for the LAPS Furry Tail Endings Gala in the Happy Forest today so that’s where Shelly will be most of the day.
  • Shelly will also be picking up the four kittens trapped by the Property Owner. And weather permitting, I believe she said last night that she’ll attempt to trap the three new kittens who have shown up at the feeding station.

New kittens seen at feeding station

  • Shelly did not see the three kittens (the two gingers and a tuxie) at the feeding station today, so was unable to trap and bring them in. She and the TNR team will keep an eye out for them and try again.

Other feral colony news:

  • According to the PO, there are still a couple of pregnant cats over on the other side (his side). He think they still have some time to go. If so — if they don’t give birth before the MountainView and DreamWorks kittens (and Tip) are adopted — then Shelly will likely bring one or two of the pregnant cats back to TKHQ in next couple of weeks. She will have to rely on the PO to trap them as they are on a side of the property that the TNR team doesn’t have access to. She said the PO said that one is sort of friendly.
  • Shelly saw Mila, Sloane, Mr. T, Pinecone, Rhodes and Starling (who are clearly — and unexpectedly — a bonded pair now, perhaps as a result of Henley having been taken inside for that period of time), Rollins, Chekov, a dark tabby kitten who seems to be about 12 weeks old, and Scout and Enara who both have babies and so can’t be trapped. (They’ve both been hard to trap while not pregnant, Scout particularly so.) She did not see Sisko or Henley.
  • Mr. T’s ringworm lesion has healed, but he has some spores on him. (They’re not sure if they are just environmental deposit or signs of an active infection.). Starling appears to still have active ringworm. Pinecone is apparently beginning to look a little portly.

Rolling Stones Litter (new feral kittens)

  • The four kittens that the Property Owner had texted about yesterday have been brought in to LAPS. Shelly uploaded a short video — the kittens seem skittish but not terrified; in fact, one of them is quite bold. Unknown ringworm status notwithstanding, I think that bodes quite well for their chances of being adoptable with a little socializing. ❤️
    Four new feral kittens brought in to LAPS around 15:00 2015-10-08 Four new feral kittens brought in to LAPS around 15:00 2015-10-08 Four new feral kittens brought in to LAPS around 15:00 2015-10-08

  • (Later) The intake wasn’t broadcast, but Shelly started streaming on Cassidy’s stream (with Jayne and Kayla) as the baths were finishing up:
    • There are 3 boys and 1 girl; 3 appear to be brown tabbies (2 classic, 1 mackerel, I think) and the other is a grey tabby (the girl is one of the brown classics).
    • They’re about four weeks old.
    • They are not at all skittish. They snuggled and cuddled and ate from fingers. They are sweet already and will just get more so as they get more socialized.
    • The Property Owner believes that their mother was killed by a coyote. (She wasn’t one of the cats that has been catalogued at the main feeding station; she was from the same side of the site as Calla Lily and Lilypad.) He found them not doing well. A neighbour took them in (Shelly thinks about a week or so ago) and bottle fed them.
    • They were covered in fleas when brought in to LAPS, probably anemic, very hungry, and likely very wormy. They also have mild URI symptoms. They were given Capstar for the fleas and Shelly et al picked and combed a TON of fleas off them even after the bathing.
    • There was no fluorescing to the blacklight so they are believed to be ringworm-free.
    • Lorie N. (who is part of the feral colony team) and her husband Dave will be fostering them.
    • Possible name themes: Fantastic Four and Downton Tabby. (I’m partial to the Downton play on words, but I suspect that it will be the FF.)
    • I’ve uploaded the video from the Livestream: LAPS has variable WiFi quality so the video is moderate quality (standard, not HD) for most of it, but that feed started getting skippy so I had to switch down to low quality, which means the last 5 to 10 minutes are frequently pixelated. (Video of this intake is also available on the Livestream page for Cassidy and on Little Darling’s YouTube page.)
    • Kayla also Periscoped during that time and I’ve uploaded that video as well:
  • (Added on October 17) The litter has been given a theme — the Rolling Stones with special guest Grace (Slick). The brown mackerel tabby is Mick, the grey tabby is Keith, and the classic tabby twins are Ronnie & Grace.

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Shellys afternoon visit with Cassidy and updates

Tiny Kittens Shellys evening visit with kittens and updates

Tiny Kittens Shellys late night visit with kittens

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