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Recap: Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Note: This page is still being updated — I haven’t had a chance to view all of the videos yet.
Last update was September 17, 2015, at 13:15 PDT.


It’s been a busy day at LAPS.

  • A member of the public brought in a litter of six kittens who are estimated to be about a day old. (They still have their umbilical stumps.) Their mother was observed abandoning them for an extended period of time for an older litter of hers so the woman took them in, gave them some Whiskas cat milk after consulting with Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA), and then brought them in to LAPS. (She has taken a spay certificate and a trap back with her in the hopes of trapping the near-feral mama and getting her spayed so she doesn’t produce more litters.) There are no bottle feeder fosters available at the moment so LAPS staff will take turns bottle feeding unless they get a nursing mother. (Added later: LAPS will try to integrate these kittens in with the litter born just a few hours later at LAPS; they’ll bottle feed to supplement or take over bottle feeding entirely if they are unable to integrate. )

    • Baby #1 is an all-black female — she was not a fan of the bottle and didn’t eat at first
      baby 1 all black female baby 1 all black female 2
    • Baby #2 is a black female with splotches of white on her belly and throat; she was a champ eating from the bottle
      baby 2 all black female baby 2 all black female 2
    • Baby #3 is a black female with a tiny spot of white on chest; she was not a fan of the bottle at first, but a champ once she got the hang of it
      baby 3 all black female baby 3 all black female 2
    • Baby #4 is a black and white cow kitty female who ate like a champ right off the bat
      baby 4 black and white female baby 4 black and white female 2
    • Baby #5 is a black and white cow kitty female with a little more black on her head and body than baby #4
      baby 5 black and white female baby 5 black and white female 2
    • Baby #6 is another black and white cow kitty, the only boy in the litter; he wanted nothing to do with the bottle
      baby 6 black and white male baby 6 black and white male 2
  • A stray 15-year-old male cat was brought in (right after the bottle feeders were brought in) in really bad condition, he weighed 4 lbs 9 oz and was extremely skinny, he was missing his hair from his chin to his belly, behind his ear, and on his whole tail; his teeth are in bad shape and will require numerous extractions. His name is Lance. He has a tattoo, but they haven’t been able to track his owners. 

  • A pregnant mama cat was brought in, in full labour, shortly after the intake of the senior cat and the six kittens. She’d had one baby before leaving the house where she was and one in the car on the way. (An older, ill woman had taken her in as a stray but was unable to cope with the labour/delivery. Tina, who went to pick the mama up, had actually driven away with mom when they discovered the one she’d already given birth to so Tina had to go back to pick it up). She gave birth to a total of four tabby kittens.
    Pregnant mama cat in labour at LAPS early afternoon 2015-09-16 Pregnant mama cat in labour at LAPS early afternoon 2015-09-16
    They have some hope of merging the six one-day-old kittens in with these ones, with some supplemental bottle feeding — Kayla will stay at LAPS overnight to try to add the six bottle kittens to this litter; Lneya will be in tomorrow. The combined litter will have the theme “The Great Catsby“, which fits with the LAPS gala theme this year as well. Individual names to come.
    || Mama giving birth:

    || After the births + merging of the litters:
  • Attempts to give Rose a ringworm treatment bath did not go well. She is going to be spayed today and kept at LAPS for a few days to make sure that she doesn’t develop mastitis. (Because of the ringworm diagnosis in Sage, they can’t wean the kittens the way they normally would before spaying a mama so they want to be careful that she doesn’t have any complications.) Once she has the all-clear, she will be returned to the feral colony, like Ocean was, and the kittens will continue to be cared for at LAPS until they are ringworm-free and ready for adoption.
  • Calla Lily Litter: Treasure’s and Captain’s eye are fully open; Picasso’s are mostly open; and Galaxy is still holding out. All four kittens can hear. Alicia changed out their nest and made a larger one for them

TinyKittens HQ:

  • Cassidy and Topper:
    • Cassidy had play time and adventure time, with the occasional re-bandaging and a whole lot of outrage. Shelly has set up a camera at the far corner of the hallway from Cassidy’s room so that she can easily point the camera along Cassidy’s entire walking route downstairs.
    • Cassidy’s temperature is up a bit today and he’s a little low energy, but Shelly will be starting him on the new antibiotic (Veraflox, generic name pradofloxacin) this evening and that should help. (Per the information available online, it’s approved for kittens 12 weeks of age and older, which is why Flower and Bluebelle are too young for it.)
    • Handicapped Pets Canada posted about Cassidy on their site today.
    • Sondra Graham created a lovely tribute video for Cassidy and Topper from Livestream footage and screencaps.
  • DreamWorks and MountainView kittens:
    • Flower still has pus. She and Bluebelle are still receiving meds.
    • The kittens have been moved into one of the upstairs room so now they have an expanded play area while being more easily contained than they were in the living room enclosure.
    • Lorie and Lawana came by to visit with the kittens in advance of their kitten sitting on the weekend.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

  • Kimsies was on feeding duty today. (See her videos and pictures at the bottom of this page.)

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Shelly’s morning visit with Tip and kittens

Tiny Kittens Shelly’s morning visit with Cassidy

Tiny Kittens Shelly’s afternoon walkabout with Cassidy and teens

Tiny Kittens Cassidy re-bandaged tantrums and woes

Tiny Kittens Shellys evening visit with Cassidy & Topper

Tiny Kittens Lawana Lori and Shelly with Tip and kittens

Tiny Kittens Cassidy walks a little then bunny infatuation and rebandaging

Tiny Kittens Shelly’s late night visit with Tip and kittens

Today’s Happy Forest videos and pictures Kimsies:



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