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Recap: Saturday, September 12, 2015


  • Calla Lily‘s kittens are 12 days old today. Treasure’s eyes are opening more and more, but the boys’ are still cooking. Alicia had a Periscope session with them tonight.

TinyKittens HQ:

  • Topper and Cassidy are 10 weeks old today. Hard to believe they’ve only been with Shelly for a week as of this evening.
  • Cassidy had an active night, wandering around a lot. At some point prior to 09:00, he managed to work off one of his bandages. (The new bandages put on at the vet yesterday aren’t taped to his fur so they come off more easily.) Shelly rebandaged it — the bone is exposed again as a result of the walkaround so Shelly is taking him in to Mountain View at noon to have it checked. He is a lot more active and vocal than a few days ago and his weight in general is up from then as well.
  • Dawn stopped by around 09:30 to continue playing with and socializing Topper. (Topper is very rambunctious — at one point during the night, he managed to open the door to Cassidy’s room and then play attacked Cassidy in that rough way hooligan kittens have who haven’t yet learned how to play nice. 😉 Lots of noise, but no damage done.
  • Kimsies, Keith, Bruce, and Sandi stopped by at TKHQ shortly before 14:00 — socializing/playing with kittens and Tip and doing some cleanup. (Angela and Jeff stopped by a bit after the others.)
    The kittens are not sure about all these new people 14:00 PDT 2015-09-12 Kimsies legs and kittens after enclosure cleaned 14:00 2015-09-13
  • 14:30: Shelly is back from Mountain View with Cassidy.
    Back from vet 14:30 PDT 2015-09-12 Back from vet 14:30 PDT 2015-09-12

    • Dr. Henderson said his stumps were looking better than yesterday as far as pus goes (very little accumulation). She restapled the stump with the exposed bone; difficult because the skin at the end of the stumps is necrotic; and there isn’t enough skin on the right stump to cover the stump. So they’re trying a different bandaging technique. Delicate balance of closing up the stump while still allowing drainage. He’s not healthy enough for the surgery needed to properly close up the stumps.
    • Cassidy’s CBC results are in and his blood data looks muich better than it did at the ER — at the ER, he was anemic, no white blood cells, showing that his body not able to fight the infection; now he’s showing normal red blood cells and immature white cells are being produced, showing that his body is ramping up to fight the infection. Dr. H passed on some of the pics Shelly took last night to some experts to get more advice on what can be done or can be changed in his treatment. Shelly can just change bandages once a day, but she has to try to keep Cassidy from pulling the bandages off — she’s considering putting him in a crate to discourage too much movement. She also has some new bandaging material and they bandaged his stumps below the knee this time.
    • She has some oointment for his butt irritation from all the cleanup. She also has doxycycline to add to his medication mix. And she’ll be lowering his pain medication back down again. So his current medication regimen includes Clavamox, doxycycline, buprenorphine, metronidazole, and subcutaneous fluids plus a medicated cream for his butt. (See weight chart “Dosages” tab for schedule/details.)
  • Cassidy’s leg stump had to be rebandaged at aroun 19:00 after he ran through his water bowl and got it wet.
  • 21:00 visit: Cassidy’s bandage fell off just as Shelly got there. temp 38.1 degrees. She gave him more pain meds — on a reduced pain med since morning — will be reduced again tomorrow morning. House Human helped with new bandage.
  • BBQ off the Bypass: Kimsies et al are helping to set things up for the BBQ tomorrow. T-shirts, car stickers, and tote bags will be available for sale there. They will also be available in Shelly’s Etsy store after the BBQ.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

  • No updates yet today

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Cassidy back from vet rebandaged and blood panel came back better

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