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Recap: Sunday, September 13, 2015


  • Calla Lily’s kittens are 12 days old today. Captain’s eyes are almost completely open now, too. That just leaves Galaxy and Picasso. Alicia’s Periscope video for today includes a cute little story about Calla.
  • A new litter of four-week-old kittens was brought into LAPS today. They are the Starbuck’s litter: Macchiato (F), Latte (F), Cappuccino (M), and Java (M). The man who found them is still trying to trap the mama. They are being fostered with foster mom Daniela until they are ready for adoption.

TinyKittens HQ:

  • Early morning: Cassidy broke 600 grams for the first time after late evening feeding last night and was still above 600 after his midnight feeding. Shelly decided to leave him on his own a little longer overnight to see if he’ll eat on his own, and he did; he at at around 04:20 and again at 07:45. Unfortunately, even though he was in a crate overnight in the hopes that he wouldn’t move around so much and knock off his bandages, one of the bandages came off before 07:45. Topper spent large portions of the night sleeping on top of the crate Cassidy was in.
    Cassidy eating at around 04:20 2015-09-13 Cassidy eating at around 07:45 2015-09-13
  • 07:55 visit: Shelly put the AWOL bandage back on Cassidy’s leg and bandaged it a little higher up on his leg in the hopes that it will stay put. Cassidy ate some food, had a poop, and nipped Shelly before having a good pee. (Good job holding it in all night, buddy.) His pre-eating weight was 585, which is still good for having not eaten a lot overnight. He seems perkier.
  • Dawn showed up for her visit with Topper at around 08:35, while Shelly was having her visit. Shelly gave Cassidy more pain meds. Cassidy was agitated about something — she took him on a couple of little walkabouts off cam and those seem to have calmed him down some. (He got to meet the teens and was very brave during at least one of the walks.) He got his usual meds, including fluids. (See weight chart “Dosages” tab for schedule/details.) There was much woe after she put him back in the crate so she could finally get ready to head to the BBQ Off the Bypass. (She was definitely running late at that point, but Kimsies and Meghan and others were holding the fort at the BBQ for her.)
  • BBQ Off the Bypass was on today, with Shelly and a number of TK supporters in attendance to take donations and sell swag. Donation totals aren’t in yet, but the event went well.

    Foster Mom Jules’ Periscope session:

    (You can also view this Periscope on Little Darling’s YouTube channel)
    Foster Mom Alicia’s Periscope video at the end of the event (it’s cut off at the end, but includes Shelly giving her speech up on stage)

    (You can also view this Periscope on Little Darling’s YouTube channel)

  • Shelly came home for a quick visit during the BBQ — Cassidy ate standing up by himself for a few seconds and is demonstrably getting stronger, though he is still half the weight he should be for his age.
  • When Shelly came home from the BBQ at the end of the event, she took Cassidy for a couple of walkabouts using an improvised sling (upside down harness and scarf) to support his back end. He and Topper met the teens again, though the teens aren’t really interested. He’s going to be a terror when he’s finally healthy and strong enough to get around on his own.

  • Once you take the boy off the farm, you can’t take him back again. After all this freedom, Cassidy is not happy to be put in the crate unless he’s really, really tired. And he’s very vocal about it. Unfortunately, he gets too scampy while out and pulls his bandage off. So Shelly had to replace his bandage and then set up a kitten enclosure instead of putting him in the crate.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

  • Updates to come

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Shellys visit with Cassidy practice walking and teens visit too

Tiny Kittens Cassidy walking about highlights for today and teens make appearances 9-13-2015

Tiny Kittens Shellys late night visit with Tip and kittens

Tiny Kittens Shellys visit with Cassidy whos amazing and worth it

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