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Recap: Tuesday, September 1, 2015


  • The two boys of the Potato Litter, Russet and Fry, are scheduled to have their neuters today.
  • Rose’s kittens Anthos, Thorny, Violet, and Sage:
    — Several of the kittens got out of their nest area and had some fun playtime with Mama on the cat trees. So they will now have full access to the whole room.
    — Rose’s spay will be scheduled for next week some time. The plan is to put her upstairs with James Bond once she is permanently separated from the kittens.
    — Lneya had a morning snuggle/food session with Rose’s kittens Anthos, Thorny, Violet, and Sage (with special guest Arnie Armadillo). Kayla and Becky (who is going on maternity leave on September 23) popped in for part of the visit. Lots of discussion of the weekend power outage.
    morning breakfast with Rose's kittens 2015-09-01 morning breakfast with Rose's kittens 2015-09-01 morning snuggle session with Rose's kittens, Lneya, Kayla, Becky, and Emily 2015-09-01 Violet eating 2015-09-01 Take us with you! 2015-09-01
  • Calla Lily had four kittens tonight via emergency C-section. (Thanks, Dr. F and Dr. H at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital.) She had her spay at the same time. She isn’t producing milk yet, but is on medication to help that start up and Alicia is supplementing the kittens with formula. The kittens haven’t been named yet. They want to keep the names in the same pond-like theme as Lilypad, Tadpole, and Pollywog — if you have any suggestions, send Alicia a message.

    Alicia’s Perscope session with Calla Lily and the babies after they got home from the vet, part 1:

    Alicia’s Perscope session with Calla Lily and the babies after they got home from the vet, part 2:

TinyKittens HQ:

  • The kittens experienced their first vacuum this morning. They handled it like champs, though Flower and Bluebelle popcorned towards the vacuum and were put out with Tip for the short duration of the vacuuming.
  • Ms. Tyler from Holly Elementary School in Delta, BC, stopped by for a visit at 11:00.
  • Wet food introductions continued.
  • Treatment continued for Thumper, Bluebelle, and Flower. Shelly took all three with her to Mountain View. Dr. F collected a urine specimen from Bluebelle. Shelly picked up more Clavamox and some phenobarbital to give Sisko before her spay on Thursday.
  • First poops happened as well, as expected after the introduction of solid food.
  • Some of the floorlayers came back to finish the work on the floors. Kimsies also stopped by around the same time for a visit.
  • Someone is coming at 07:00 tomorrow to help with painting.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

  • Shelly was on feeding duty today. It’s still rainy but the new tarp Kimsies put up on the weekend (along with the tarps already there) are helping to keep the food dry, and the cats all have little caves and cubby holes around the property to hunker down in to wait out the rain.

    (The video is also available on Little Darling’s YouTube channel.)

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Shellys morning visit vakoom weigh ins fudz

Tiny Kittens Shellys brief visit and updates

Tiny Kittens Floor man’s kitten break

Tiny Kittens Kim’s brief visit with Tip & kittens

Tiny Kittens Shellys brief visit Tip likes the kittens fudz

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