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Recap: Thursday, August 20, 2015


  • Taylor Swift and all her kittens were at LAPS. Finlay and Austin and Mama T and McGraw all went to their forever homes. (Mama Taylor and McGraw are now known as Maya and Marley.)
  • Two kittens were brought in to LAPS in the morning. They are about 4 months old and were given the names Mabel (tortie girl, 3 lbs 9 oz) and Marbles (ginger boy, 5 lbs 3.5 oz).
    mabel and marbles intake 01 2015-08-20 marbles intake 01 2015-08-20
    mabel intake 03 2015-08-20
    mabel intake 01 2015-08-20 mabel intake 02 2015-08-20

    Their sibling, a ginger boy, was captured and brought in to LAPS after lunch. He was given the name Marvin and is 4 lbs 3 oz.
    Marvin intake 2015-08-20 Marvin intake 02 2015-08-20

    All three kittens are staying at LAPS awaiting a foster home. (Mama is considered not handleable by the woman who captured the kittens.)

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

  • Shelly released Sigma and Quarren back to the colony after their spays.
  • She briefly spotted Mila back at the feeding station.
  • She also noticed a new cat at the feeding station, sex unknown and so named Scar(lett). This cat has clearly been injured, possibly by a coyote. (I unfortunately didn’t get to watch the full Periscope video before it expired so I missed out on some of the details and on getting a screencap of the cat.)
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