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Recap: Wednesday, August 19, 2015


  • Trouble and Austin (from the Taylor Swift litter) were at LAPS for the day, hoping to find their forever humans.

TinyKittens HQ:

  • Sisko’s babies Thumper, Flower, and Bluebell are still in with Tip and her babies. Shelly and Dr. F are waiting on viral tests and bacterial cultures to determine what the specific problem is. No test results back yet except to confirm that they have urinary tract infections. All three are receiving Clavamox (an antibiotic) and warm compresses. Bluebell has gained 11 grams since yesterday, Thumper and Flower have each gained 2 grams. This pussiness has been seen in 100% of the kittens that have come from the colony, so they’re curious to see what the culprit might be.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

  • Shelly and Kimsies trapped Sigma and Quarren at the TNR site. Both have been hard to trap in the past because they were either pregnant or nursing. But both of their litters should be old enough to be alone for 24 hours or so while their mamas are at the spa having their lovely uteri removed. The two mamas will stay at LAPS overnight and have their spays and be released tomorrow.
  • They also trapped Henley, one of the kittens (along with Starling) who had started showing up at the feeding station a few weeks ago. Surprise, surprise: Henley is a girl. Henley is about 5 months old. She will be going into foster with Dawn (the kitten whisperer hooman of Panther of the Jungle Kittens) to see if there’s a chance of socializing her enough for eventual adoption. Starling was there and was in a trap at one point, but the trap malfunctioned and they did not get her.


  • Approximate time of live visit: 7:00 PM local time, length 43:13 (uploaded at ~11:34 my time)v

Livestream video captures by Little Darling

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