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Recap: Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Feral Colony Cats

ferals currently being socialized at/through LAPS as of 2016-02-22 - Rio

  • Rio is still hanging out at Hotel Jules with Foster Mom Jules. There have been no updates today.

New cat intakes from feral colony

Dr. Wakeling from Douglas College was at LAPS today and took part in some of the intake.

  • Six cats were brought in to LAPS by Shelly and Kimsies.
  • Two of them — definite ferals — were trapped at the feeding station today.
    • One of them, tuxie Eliann, doesn’t appear to be pregnant and so will be spayed and returned to the colony as she isn’t showing a lot of interest in moving indoors. They managed to do a fairly full intake on her, giving her Revolution, Profender, vaccines, and cleaned her ears. Dr. Wakeling didn’t hear or feel anything baby-like so doesn’t think she’s pregnant.
    • The other, tortie with an extreme attitude Savina, appears to be pregnant (Dr. Wakeling thinks probably around 28 days or so) and so will be heading to TinyKittens HQ. They were able to do very limited intake-related stuff as she was very fractious. Further information about her will be posted in the Feral ColonyTKHQ sections further down the page.
  • The other four come from the other side of the property — from the neighbour’s property — and were brought to Shelly and Kimsies by the Property Owner. They’ve been socialized a great deal by the humans living there, and have been living indoors and outdoors. So, while they’re from the “feral colony”, they aren’t feral cats; they were essentially free-range pets.
    • Two of them had been secretly at TKHQ for several days — they were given ultrasounds by Dr. Ferguson at Mountain View on Friday and have had a number of other intake tasks performed on them in the intervening time. They are two bonded (probable) sisters who may be in the very early stages of pregnancy. (Their ultrasounds showed nothing but wouldn’t in the very early days.) Dr. Wakeling thinks they’re around a year old (young adults), but Lneya thinks they’re older because of the state of their teeth. (The other two from the same area have great teeth, so this may be a genetic issue specifically with these two.) They are extremely friendly and sweet, Season especially. Someone (several someones, actually) remarked that they both look a lot like Jingle Bell, especially around the eyes. They really do, so perhaps they are related to him in some way.
      Season and Shiver in crate 2016-02-24 Season and Shiver in crate 2016-02-24 Season and Shiver in crate 2016-02-24

      • Season: Female caliby (calico + tabby).
        Intake notes: She’s 3.06 kg. Temperature is 39° C. Her nails were trimmed while she was with Shelly. Lneya saw grooves on her teeth, which makes her question the one-year-old age estimate. Season needs a dental. She also has runny eyes. They cleaned her ears. She’s not dehydrated, though her gums are a little tacky. Got defleaed already, will get Profender in two weeks. Super friendly. She had diarrhea in the crate, all over herself and her sister so they both had to be bathed. No lesions. Nothing showed up on blacklighting.
        Season in crate 2016-02-24 Season in crate 2016-02-24 Season in crate 2016-02-24
      • Shiver: Female brown tabby with white.
        Intake notes: Per Shelly, she has a bit of heart murmur. She’s 3.68 kg. Temperature is 39.4° C. They trimmed her nails. She has soft stool. She’s not dehydrated and her gums are good (slippery and a good colour). No lesions. Nothing showed up on blacklighting.
        Shiver in crate 2016-02-24 Shiver in crate 2016-02-24
    • The other two were brought to Shelly and Kimsies by the Property Owner today. They also seem friendly, though Puddles is very vocal about things he’s not happy about (like baths). They were both given ringworm baths with Pure Oxygen, just as a precaution though nothing showed up on blacklighting. Lneya found live fleas on both of them so they’re going to Capstar them both. Will give them Revolution tomorrow after they’ve completely dried off. They both have probably URI symptoms. Lneya estimates their ages at about two years. Don’t know how much they weigh as they did that off cam.
      • Puddles: Male tabby, intact. Really gunky ears. So gunky, he shook his head and splattered ear gunk all over Kayla and the wall.
      • Blossom: Female brown tabby. Quieter than her brother. Nice teeth, little bit dehydrated, temperature 39° C, soft stool. Was very good about her nail, except for the last foot for some reason.
    • Puddles, Blossom, and Eliann will be going for their spay/neuter operations tomorrow. Eliann is being kept in a crate overnight. Puddles and Blossom are being kept in separate cages in the same room overnight and will be put into the same communal room as Season and Shiver when they return from their surgeries.
    • LAPS has set up Livestream in that communal room — overnight it’s using the Day in the Life at LAPS stream, but they’ll set it up on its own in the morning. (The stream is finicky and resets a lot so be patient.) While Kayla was getting Season and Shiver settled in, Jules stopped in to talk about bringing Rio in to LAPS on the weekend and got to meet the two sweet girls.
  • You can watch the intake videos on the LAPS “Day in the Life at LAPS” Livestream feed in three parts: part 1part 2part 3. You can also watch the whole thing combined in the YouTube recording embedded below.


  • Alicia had a short Periscope again at LAPS today before Linda B. arrived to take Decker from there to the LAPS Satellite Adoption Centre at the Abbotsford Petsmart, where his new humans will be picking him up at around 14:00. His new family includes a three-year-old cat that the family adopted from LAPS who is apparently also very scampy. Have a great life, little man. ♥

TinyKittens HQ:


  • No updates yet today.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

General Notes

  • Today is Shelly’s usual feeding station duty day. They’re planning to do some general TNR trapping today (as opposed to yesterday’s concentration on bringing in pregnant targets).
  • Soooo close to getting Neelix, if only the other already-fixed cats would move their butts out of the primed traps…Horizon, we’re looking at you.


  • Six cats (as noted at the top of the page) were brought into LAPS today by Shelly and Kimsies. The initial hope was that all of them could remain in the care of LAPS and its foster system as needed. However, the lovely Savina — in all her grand tortitude — turned out to be extremely unhappy with any arrangements that didn’t involve being in the Happy Forest. Fractious. (That’s not a trait exclusive to ferals — my own boy freaked out so much at the vet that he essentially turned feral and they had to sedate him to examine him, for his safety and theirs.) Shelly even said she was the most aggressive she’d encountered. She’s a charger. Kayla suggested that TinyKittens HQ might be a better place for her and after some thought, Shelly decided to take Savina back with her to TKHQ.
  • Because Shelly’s plan has always been to have two pregnant ferals who are at around the same pregnancy stage to keep each other company, she decided to go back to the colony (even though it was getting late and dark) to see if she could trap anyone else. She gave up and came back to TKHQ.
  • She switched the VIP cam over to the purple room upstairs, where she was planning to release Savina. She opened up the catio window and put some blankets, a tent, some dirt, and some food because she was pretty sure that was where Savina would head. (Shelly even pointed the crate door there so she’d head straight there, and she pretty much did after a bit of circling around.) It’s a complicated situation but Shelly’s making the best of it. Savina is very hissy and aggressive, so Shelly needs time to figure out exactly how she’s going to handle it. Then she’ll announce everything properly and officially.
    Shelly and her plastic shield release Savina 2016-02-24 Savina's first steps outside of the crate 2016-02-24 Savina heading for the safety of the catio 2016-02-24


  • Kestrel was 1/3 of the secret that Shelly’s been keeping. (The other 2/3 were Season and Shiver.) All three cats had been residents at TKHQ since at least Friday. Shelly revealed her to the VIP cam viewers when she switched the VIP feed over from NoElf to the room where she was going to release Savina. She’s a caliby, like Season.
  • Kestrel is believed to be in the early stages of pregnancy. She is also believed to be the mother of Season and Shiver. (They were all happily together and very social with each other at TKHQ — Season and Shiver were transferred to LAPS because Shelly can’t keep all three at TKHQ and the two of them are truly bonded.)
  • She is super friendly — she looooooves people — and has access to the full range of the house upstairs. Shelly tried to see if she and Savina might get along — Kestrel was willing and interested but Savina was not having any of it, and so Shelly ultimately took Kestrel out of the room.
    Kestrel belly up 2016-02-24 Kestrel loves people 2016-02-24 Kestrel loves pets 2016-02-24

The cams and Livestream feeds

We currently have two live streaming webcams at TKHQ:

  • The Jingle Bell’s Romper Room of Delight stream: Despite the name, this is the stream that is on Noelle and Elf in their dormitory downstairs.
  • The TinyKittens VIP cam stream: When there are only two (or fewer) rooms of cats/kittens, this stream is usually showing an alternate view of one of the rooms. Wherever it’s pointing at any given moment, this special stream/feed is only accessible for a monthly or annual fee. (Consider it a way to donate to TinyKittens monthly, with the VIP cam feed as a perk.)

Inactive streams:

  • The Feral Recovery Room stream: This, as the name would suggest, is the stream that used to be on the upstairs room with its various residents until they went to their forever homes (or back to the Happy Forest); after Enara left on February 20, the feed was set to show a 23-minute loop of feral colony videos. The feral loop DVR feed went offline just after 10:00 on February 23, just before the World Spay Day feed went live.

NoElf Room

This is the room downstairs where Noelle and Elf are currently residing.

  • The regular feed went down again today (in the early afternoon). Shelly brought it back up after she came back from the colony. (The computer is having technical troubles.)
  • The Visits:
    • Shelly visited very briefly in the morning. She put out more food, opened up the catio, replaced the bedding on top of the upturned black nest bin on top of the shelves (where the VIP cam is usually pointed), and sat for a couple of minutes with the girls (and the cam viewers) before heading off to the colony.
    • As far as I know, no one other than Shelly visited them today. Not sure why the visits have dried up this week. It’s a good thing the girls can entertain themselves. 😉

Feral Recovery Ward

The feral recovery ward is currently empty and awaiting new residents. (Technically, I suppose you could consider Savina to be in the Feral Recovery Ward, but since there’s no regular cam on her at the moment, I’ve left her as a separate entry above.)

Kimsies’ videos and photos from the colony:

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Shellys morning visit with NoElf

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