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Recap: Friday, February 12, 2016


Feral Colony Cats

ferals currently being socialized at/through LAPS as of 2016-01-29 - Tellar, Eaton, and Rio

Note: Tellar is temporarily residing with Foster Mom Jules so that he can get used to being in a home environment. Eaton and Rio are still together at the shelter.


  • Jules will be at LAPS with Tellar (and Rio and Eaton) tomorrow from 12:00 to 15:00 PST, to help people get to know the three former ferals better and hopefully apply to adopt one or more of them.

Rio and Eaton

  • As mentioned above, they’ll be hanging out with Tellar and Jules for part of the afternoon tomorrow.


  • The kittens — Luke, Leia, Obi Wan, Han Solo, and Chewie — have all gone on to their forever homes (Chewie yesterday and the others on Wednesday) and the Star Wars litter Livestream feed ended a few days ago. But it was started up again yesterday at some point to show the mama of the litter, Queen Amidala, in Jayne’s office. Amidala’s adoption has fallen through and so she finds herself looking for a new forever home. She spent the day in Jayne’s office and headed to the LAPS Satellite Adoption Centre at the Abbotsford Petsmart, where they will be having a big adoption drive event this weekend.

TinyKittens HQ:


  • Cassidy will be starting his Botox treatment. Shelly isn’t sure if Dr. Ferguson will be doing the injections or not — Cassidy is only the second cat that this has ever been tried on.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

The cams and Livestream feeds

On Thursday, February 4, Shelly set up a new Livestream event for the Feral Recovery Room. This was so that she could set up a new cam on Noelle and Elf downstairs at TKHQ.

So we now have three live streaming webcams at TKHQ. The various room cams (currently the feral recovery room, the romper room, and NoElf’s room) get swapped around among the three feeds so at any given point, you really have to check the feed to see what room it’s showing:

Feral Recovery Ward

Current residents:

ferals currently recuperating at TKHQ 2016-01-27 - Satine, Enara, and Tiger

  • Tiger went in for his neuter surgery today. When Shelly went to pick him up afterward, she brought Satine and Enara in for their vaccinations and Comet in to get his swollen lymph node checked over.
  • Kimsies brought four ferns to TKHQ that she harvested (roots and all) from the Happy Forest (aka the feral colony) and put into their own pots. This way, a little piece of the forest can be put in the feral recovery room with the residents. (By potting them, the ferns can hopefully be kept alive — and hopefully the pots are small enough that the cats won’t use them as litter boxes.) I will say that between the comfy blue chair and the fern, the feral recovery room is starting to look really homey.
  • Shelly posted a cute video of Satine getting petted on the catio. (I’m not sure which visit this was, hence putting it here.)
  • The Visits:
    • Gwen stopped in shortly after 08:00 to pack up Tiger to take him to his neuter surgery at Mountain View today.
    • Suzanne visited.
    • Shelly visited.
    • Kimsies visited.
    • Shelly came and packed up the girls to take them to Mountain View for their vaccinations.
    • Shelly returned from the vet’s with all three cats.

Formerly-Feral Mega Romper Room

This is the room where Comet, Mistletoe, Jingle, and Nicholas are currently residing until they head to their forever homes. This room was on the VIP stream until around 13:00, when it switched places with NoElf’s room so that the suitcase packing could be on a regular feed.

  • All four of the cats are headed to their new forever homes tomorrow between 10:00 and 11:00 PST. (Shelly doesn’t know how many, if any, of the new adopters will agree to be on cam so that may not be broadcast.) So today was tiny suitcase packing day.
  • The Visits:
    • Suzanne visited. (I didn’t watch, and there’s no YouTube video because it was on VIP.)
    • Shelly visited. (I didn’t watch, and there’s no YouTube video because it was on VIP.)
    • Kimsies visited. (I didn’t watch, and there’s no video because it was on VIP. Kimsies’ *did* post a number of pictures and videos from her visits, though. Thankfully.) Shelly reset/switched the cams at the tail-end of Kimsies’ visit so that this room was back on its own feed for the suitcase packing and NoElf’s room was on VIP.
    • Shelly (with Kimsies staying as guest after her visit) packed the four tiny suitcases. Nicholas was all ready to go and lying in one of the carriers. Everyone was pretty scampy. Jingles took an intense liking to the paper bags used for the suitcase overflow.
    • Shelly popped in briefly to pack up Comet to take him to Mountain View to have his swollen lymph node checked out.
    • Alicia visited. This was an extra visit to say goodbye to Jingles and the others since her visit tomorrow will be after they’ve gone to their new homes.

NoElf Room

This is the room downstairs where Noelle and Elf are currently residing, on their own while Noelle’s ringworm status is still positive. This room was on the regular stream until around 13:00, when it switched places with the romper room so that the suitcase packing upstairs could be on a regular feed; after that time, it was on the VIP stream.

  • The Visits:
    • Shelly visited briefly in the morning. She put out more food, tidied up a little (when did that doll-size, claw-foot bathtub arrive in the room?), turned on the laser toy, turned the room lights on.
    • Suzanne visited. More food and lots of playing, snuggles, and talking to the kittens.
    • Kimsies visited. (I didn’t watch, and there’s no YouTube video because it was on VIP.)(See her section below for video and pictures from that visit.)
    • Alicia visited. I only know this because she said she was heading down. (I didn’t watch, and there’s no YouTube video because it was on VIP.)

Kimsies’ videos and pictures at TKHQ:


Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Play time with NoElf

Tiny Kittens Suzanne visits NoElf

Tiny Kittens Tiny suitcases for MT Comet Nick & Jingle

Tiny Kittens Alicia visits Jingle & Co his last night at TKHQ

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