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Recap: Saturday, January 23, 2016

Note: Page is still being updated.


Feral Colony Cats

ferals currently being socialized at LAPS as of 2016-01-23

  • Tellar, Caden, and Henrietta are still at LAPS and attempts are still being made to socialize them. Tellar has come around a great deal since his arrival — Foster Mom Jules Periscoped from LAPS today and said he’d actually let her clean his ears. Caden and Henrietta are not acclimating well to captivity and it seems likely they’ll end up being returned to the colony, where the TNR team would continue to work on socializing them.

Star Wars Litter

LAPS staff and volunteers have been very good about posting the videos of the various visits with Queen Amidala and the kittens to their Livestream page, so if you miss any visit, you can go to http://livestream.com/accounts/14083503/starwars to watch them. (Note: It’s not always easy to tell what day a video is from — Livestream uses relative time, i.e. “xx days ago”, for posts and Zulu Time, which is currently eight hours ahead of PST, for comments — but they are in reverse chronological order on the page.)

  • Weight chart
  • Today’s visits/videos on Livestream (in chronological order, titles from actual posts):
    • (Links to come)

Christmas Decoration Kittens

Alicia tries to broadcast a Periscope with the kittens every night at around 20:00 PST. Because Periscope videos are only viewable on/in Periscope for 24 hours, I record the videos and upload them to YouTube.

  • Alicia had her nightly Periscope with Star (and Miss Vickie). Miss Vickie was particular cute and scampy, which was fun to watch. (video to come – I’ve recorded it but just haven’t uploaded it to YouTube yet)

TinyKittens HQ:


  • Cassidy, Shelly, and Dr. Ferguson head off to North Carolina this weekend to see Dr. Marcellin-Little about possible future implants. (The trip may or may not be affected by the east coast snow storm.) Gwen will be taking care of things at TKHQ while Shelly is gone.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

General Notes

The TinyKittens VIP cam gets swapped around periodically.  (Since the feral recovery room was implemented, it’s been mostly on the upstairs “formerly feral” romper room instead.) The feed (wherever it’s pointing at any given moment) can be accessed for a monthly or annual fee. (Consider it a way to donate to TinyKittens monthly, with the VIP cam feed as a perk.)

Feral Recovery Ward

Current residents:

ferals currently recuperating at TKHQ 2016-01-21

  • The Visits:
    • Shelly visited in the morning, primarily to give Raven, Enara, and Pansy their pain meds (last day, I believe). She got some really great, extensive snuggle time in with Enara.
    • I believe Amanda visited, but the cam had reset by the time I went to look.
    • Alicia and Gwen visited in the afternoon. Gwen got some extensive cuddle time in with Enara while Alicia visited with the others in the room.

Formerly-Feral Mega Romper Room

  • Joy’s, Nicholas’, and Mistletoe/Comet’s adopters have been confirmed. Joy will be moving to a wonderful home in Seattle towards the end of next week. She will have a Facebook page.
  • Noelle’s urinalysis shows some crystals — may be normal or may be signs of an infection. Her kidney function is normal. Nick’s results should be here later today. It’ll take five to seven days for their culture results to come back to determine the nature of the bacterial infection.
  • The Visits:
    • Shelly stopped in quickly in the morning, to fix the camera, give Nicholas his meds, and put out some more food.
    • Amanda visited in the morning as well. She cleaned the litter boxes and played and snuggled with the kittens. Mistletoe is still pretty sure that everyone is planning more baths, so she’s taking no chances by coming out of her cubby hole.
    • Alicia and Gwen visited in the early afternoon.
    • Gwen was in and out a couple of times in the evening.

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Shellys visit in feral room

Tiny Kittens Alicia & others visit feral room

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