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Recap: Sunday, September 27, 2015


CallaLily Litter

  • Because she couldn’t have a Periscope session last night, Alicia held one this afternoon in addition to the usual evening one. Calla was particularly playful — she’s going to have so much fun with them as they get bigger. Captain finally managed to climb up on Alicia all on his own.
  • By the evening Periscope session, the kittens’ nest area had been changed up a little — gone is the puffy purple blanket and in is a cushy cat bed that Calla had been sleeping in. They all looked very comfy. Captain continues to climb Mt. Alicia (preferring it over the cat cubby), and even Calla Lily managed to summit Mt. Alicia. (These guys are going to be so much fun over the coming weeks.)

Patti & Dale

  • Patti and Dale are still looking for a forever home, preferably together. (The LAPS Facebook post embedded below has a number of lovely comments by their original foster mom as well as the staff members and volunteers who cared for them throughout the gruelling ringworm protocol.)

Full House Family

  • Stephanie, DJ and Michelle were found abandoned in crates on the side of the road in rural Langley last Monday.

TinyKittens HQ:

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

  • See Kimsies’ videos below.

Today’s Happy Forest videos & photos from Kimsies:

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Teens get into Cassidys fudz and arent in a playful mood kinda funny at parts

Tiny Kittens Shellys morning visit with Cassidy remember to be nice with comments

Tiny Kittens Shelly visits Tip and kittens Kimsies stops by

Tiny Kittens Shellys afternoon visit with Cassidy sorry LS was choppy today

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