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Background Information and Lists

If you trip over this page (which isn’t currently accessible via the menu or sidebar links), most of the “pages” below are currently under construction or considered for possible addition.


  • The Rooms: Shelly initially started fostering in her own home, which changed periodically. I really only started watching when Calypso was still very pregnant and temporarily staying by herself with her older kitten Tango near where Shelly had recently moved. (Note: The “barn house” is called that by me because it is shaped like a barn. It is not an official name.)
    • Pre-barn house
    • The barn house
    • TinyKittens HQ (TKHQ 1.0)
    • TinyTuxies HQ (TKHQ 2.0, aka Shelly’s house)
  • The catios
  • Nests and walls
  • Toys, toys, toys!

Cat Information

  • This will eventually link to pages for (or brief information about) each litter/cat.

Feral Pages

Recaps and Timelines

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