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Recap: Thursday, February 9, 2017

TinyKittens HQ

General Notes

  • The next fix-a-thon is scheduled for the weekend of February 18 and 19, 2017. As of today, 32 cats are listed on the fix-a-thon page as potential targets for the event. Most of them are from Nano’s farm colony (or other smaller area colonies), rather than the Happy Forest. While most of the cats are on the list for TNR, there are a couple (including Quinn aka QuinnBunny from the Happy Forest colony) who are on the list for medical issues and/or possible socialization/adoption. (Here’s hoping Macey at least turns in her feral card that weekend.)

The cams and Livestream feeds

Recently, Shelly has been switching cams and feeds around fairly randomly so I am just going to note what cams were viewable when. Generally there is a VIP stream and a public stream.

  • The VIP stream was on Calvin all day (when it was up). It reset a couple of times earlier today and went out completely at 6:30 PM. The VIP stream came back online after Shelly’s late evening visit, at around 9:47 PM.
  • The regular stream showed Finster and Boo all day (when it was up). It went out at around 6:30 PM as well, and didn’t come back up again until 11:07 PM.
  • Nothing was streaming live on YouTube.

The F1 Colony Kitten Brigade

The kitten brigade is now just down to Finster and Boo (aka Foo), the Monkey kittens.

  • Official announcement was made today that Finster and Boo have been adopted together. They go to their new forever home in Washington state this weekend. (Details to come.) Their new Facebook page is Foo Kittens.
  • Gwen presumably visited briefly in the morning.
  • Suzanne visited later in the morning.


Calvin is in the feral recovery room downstairs at TKHQ.

  • As usual, Calvin had some very active play time early in the morning with the dangling Cat Dancer.
  • Gwen presumably visited in the morning.
  • Kathryn Jane had a long visit with Calvin where he played out in the open for a long time. (After she left, he continued to play out in the open with the dangling Cat Dancer.)


Mason is at Shelly’s. He has the run of the house, though Shelly says he mostly hides under the couch.


The cams and Livestream feeds

LAPS is currently having some technical issues with their computer and their Internet/WiFi and so they’re generally unable to broadcast a full-time live stream at this time. Their current intermittent streams are:

  • A Day in the Life At LAPS: This is the main general event for LAPS. It’s the stream where intakes are usually streamed along with other shelter residents/rooms.

Belle and the Beauty and the Beast Litter

  • Belle’s story was featured on Love Meow today.


  • The fundraiser started yesterday for Mavis’s dental work and growth removal exceeded the $850 goal and brought in $1050, enough to also at least partly cover the blood work and what not already done on her.

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Suzanne’s visit w F&B

Tiny Kittens Suzanne’s visit w F&B part 2

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