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Recap: Wednesday, October 21, 2015



  • Douglas (named for Douglas College as Dr. Wakeling and her veterinary tech students were on hand again this week) is a big, black, polydactyl cat who has been living rough outside. Pretty scruffy, but handsome.
  • The first part of the intake video was lost because of the computer crashed (and I wasn’t watching it live) but I believe Dr. Wakeling later said that he had a heart murmur, some kind of wound, and a possible upper respiratory infection (URI).
  • His teeth are in really rough shape. And he has two ulcerous areas on his tongue (possibly from his bad teeth). They took blood for bloodwork to makes sure he can go under anaesthesia for dental surgery. Dr. Wakeling says he needs antibiotics and she really hopes he is FeLV/FIV negative. (They were going to do a SNAP test, but didn’t do it on cam before Kayla shut off the Livestream feed. Don’t know how that turned out.) Dr. Wakeling took a urine specimen.
  • No fluorescing under blacklight. No ear mites. They gave him Revolution.
  • He weighs 5.47 kg (13.13 pounds).
    Douglas polydactyl cat intake 2015-10-21 Douglas polydactyl cat intake 2015-10-21
  • The second part of his and the barn kittens’ intake at LAPS is available on the A Day in the Life at LAPS Livestream page but since they sometimes have issues with their videos, I’ve also uploaded it to YouTube and have embedded that below instead.

Barn Kittens

  • Three feral barn kittens — two girls and a boy, all tabbies and about 6 or 7 weeks old — were brought in. (I don’t know the details of that as I only saw the second part of the intake video.) Very fierce, very ferocious, very vocal about it all.
  • Their temperatures were a bit high. They gave them Revolution and just a quick exam (no claw trims or mouth inspections, for example) because they were so upset and stressed out. They’ll do the remainder of the intake exam stuff in a day or two, after they’ve had a chance to learn that humans aren’t scary predators.


  • Frodo’s PCR test came back negative so he doesn’t have any ringworm.
  • He went to Mountain View for a re-check yesterday — he needs surgery on his mouth in the next couple of days (he definitely has a bone infection in his jaw). Drs. F and H say, given his bloodwork, that it’s a miracle he’s alive. He may need a specialist. LAPS is getting cost information. (If you’d like to donate towards his medical bills, check out http://www.lapsbc.ca/get-involved/donate/.)

Anthos and Thorny

  • The last two of Rose’s marvelous kittens are still available for adoption. They’re hanging out at the LAPS Satellite Adoption Centre at the PetSmart in Abbotsford.

CallaLily Litter

  • Alicia had her daily Periscope session with Calla  Lily and the kittens.

TinyKittens HQ:

  • Shelly finished scrubbing down the kittten room.

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:


  • Kimsies posted some pictures (from yesterday, I believe) of a little stowaway who came in from the Happy Forest on Shelly’s phone.

Nova’s Weather Kittens

  • Haze is doing well and was getting loads of cuddles at the LAPS Gala meeting. (Kimsies uploaded lots of pictures.)

  • Kim T trapped Haze’s brother Sunny, one of the gingers, today. As with Haze, she brought him to Mountain View right away. Unlike Haze (who was only a little dehydrated), Sunny was dehydrated and his blood sugar was low so they put him on IV fluids and meds. Shelly updated everyone later on that he’d been responding well to treatment and that they were going to be able to reunite him with Haze tonight.
  • Per an update from LAPS late tonight, “[Sunny] and Haze are both in foster care overnight with Kim T and will be going to their long term foster home with Linda B. tomorrow.” ❤️

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Shellys morning breakfast visit with Cassid

Tiny Kittens Shellys cleaning Tip’s area and kittens playing pretty funny around 22 mins

Tiny Kittens Shellys late night visit with Tip and kittens

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