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Recap: Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Great Catsby Litter

  • Kayla had a Periscope session with Zelda and the kittens this morning.

CallaLily Litter

  • Alicia had her daily Periscope session with Calla Lily and the kittens tonight.

TinyKittens HQ:

MountainView and DreamWorks Litters:

  • Tip had her spay surgery today. Dr. F also did a dental (teeth scaling & polish) on her while she was under. Tip is temporarily recuperating in with Cassidy (as the boys did on Monday), but Cassidy is not happy about the situation. (Lots of hissing and growling from him.)
  • Flower is still getting her antibiotics.
  • Shelly hasn’t gone through any of the adoption applications for Tip or the two litters yet. She and LAPS will do that later this week.
  • Shortly after Shelly left with Tip this morning, the kittens got into some mischief that was very noisy. (The conclusion seems to be that, off-camera, something startled a number of the kittens causing them to bang into the table and the radiator and probably even the food dishes.) There was much poofiness from Tigress. (I’ve included video from both the regular and the VIP camera below — I wanted to show a synced version but I just don’t have the time so individual videos it is.)
    Main camera:

    VIP camera:
  • Shelly stopped in to visit with the kittens (and clean up a bit) at around noon. (Eep is really brave with the vacuum cleaner. The others, not so much.)

    (Little Darling has a recording of this visit as well, but without the initial 12 minutes or so.)
  • Topper’s adoption day is tomorrow. Tiny suitcase-packing (plus the opening of some parcels) will be tomorrow, probably around noon-ish. His new people will be picking him up around 4:30 or 5PM. He’s been spending the last few days having a sleepover with Dawn’s family. Shelly’s not sure when Topper will come back to TKHQ — tonight or tomorrow, obviously, but when specifically depends on what’s easiest for Dawn’s daughter, who’s very attached to Topper. (Too bad they’ve already hit their limit for cats or they’d’ve snapped him up in a heartbeat.) Shelly hasn’t decided if she’ll let Topper and Cassidy meet again — they’ve been apart for several days now and re-introducing them might just make it harder. (And, really, neither one seems to be suffering in the absence of the other.)


  • Cassidy got to spend some cuddle time with the Teens upstairs, resulting in the most adorable pictures and video ever.
    A bed of tuxies 15:40 2015-10-06

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

  • No updates yet today

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Shellys morning visit with Cassidy then upstairs with teens

Tiny Kittens Cassidy Barty and Pants snugglefest

Tiny Kittens Tip is back from spay and with Cassidy

Tiny Kittens Shelly visits Tip after spay and Cassidy isnt too pleased

Tiny Kittens Shellys late night visit with Tip and Cassidy

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