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Recap: Saturday, September 5, 2015


  • Alicia had two Periscope sessions with Calla Lily and her babies today, once in the afternoon and once in the late evening. The babies are growing like weeds, mama is producing milk and getting better at cleaning them.

  • Two of Calla Lily’s kittens now have names (the theme is now varieties of calla lilies): Treasure (the little girl) and Picasso (the little white-faced boy with the grey soul patch).

TinyKittens HQ:

  • Daisy and Walt got the all clear — their PCR test was negative — so they were returned to be with the other kittens and Tip. Daisy still has some crustiness happening on her face so Shelly is washing her face with Hibitane (an antibacterial cleanser). Thumper, Bluebelle, and Flower are still getting their medications; Flower still has pus and is still getting fluids when she gets her medication.
  • Shelly picked up two kittens that the feral colony Property Owner had trapped. He’d noticed two little kittens, who he thinks are from Sigma’s July 4th litter; one of the kittens is missing both his back feet. At Shelly’s request, he trapped the sibling as well — he trapped him first, in fact, and used him to lure the two-legged kitten in. He’d watched for the two days that it took to trap them both and had seen no other kittens so these two may be the only two to survive of their litter. He’d named the two-legged kitten Cassidy (after Hopalong Cassidy) and the other kitten Cisco, but Cisco’s name will be changed to avoid confusion with Sisko. (The new name chosen is Topper, after Hopalong Cassidy’s horse.)
    Cassidy the two-legged kitten 2015-09-05 Topper 2015-09-05 Shelly with Cassidy 2015-09-05 Topper is not a fan of humans 2015-09-05 Topper 2015-09-05 Blacklighting Topper to check for ringworm fluorescing 2015-09-05 Blacklighting Topper to check for ringworm fluorescing 2015-09-05 Cassidy and Topper 2015-09-05 21:30 PDT Cassidy and Topper 2015-09-05 21:30 PDT

People for Happier Cats/TNR site:

  • Foster Mom Jules had a Periscope session from the feral colony feeding station. All the regulars were there; she didn’t mention Sisko. (See video below.)

Today’s video caps courtesy of Sara (Little Darling):

Tiny Kittens Julia Periscope at happy cat forest

Tiny Kittens Intro to Cassidy and sibling rescued from feral cat colony

(Other video links to be added)

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